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  1. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and went back to work the following Monday with no problems. It really just depends on the individual.
  2. I had surgery on a Wed. and was back to work on the following Monday with no problem. Everyone is different but I would think you could probably play the week after barring any complications. Two weeks would be more than enough time.
  3. Me too. I see a fat women (like the one in my pic) not the me 100 lbs lighter when I look in the mirror. I keep wondering did I not see myself for the truly fat person I was before. Will I ever see a thin person in the mirror? Everyone else says I have lost enough and will look bad if I lose more. I still see fat stomach, legs, and arms.
  4. I must be the only one whose feet haven't changed size. I'm down 97 lbs. and the only thing that changes is I no longer need wide shoes. The size remained the same. : ( I had hoped mine would drop from an 11 to a 10 so that I could find the really cute shoes but no luck.
  5. Annette, I feel just like you. Everyone tells me I have lost enough but when I look in the mirror I still see the fat stomach and no waist. It really is a head game that I can't get a handle on. I have lost 95 lbs but still have aprox 25 to go according to my surgeon. My primary care doctor says 15 would be better. I am only losing about a pound a week. I still eat right most days but have found I can eat sweets again which is my downfall. I would really like to hit the 100 lbs lost by my surgeversery but don't know if it will happen. I am trying to get in the exercise to make that happen. I always feel better when I hear others having the same issues I do. My husband just doesn't understand the mind issues that go with the weight loss. On the good side, I am having a ball shopping for size 10 clothes. I don't think I ever in my life wore a size 10 so it is a great experience. There sure are a lot more options for regular sizes than for plus sizes. : ) Dennis, I had the vein closure surgery at the beginning of Dec. on both legs. It has been really effective to relieve the swelling in the feet and getting rid of the ugly veins and it was totally painless. Good luck with it.
  6. I had surgery in Feb. of last year and went on an extended vacation in June.At that point I had lost about 60 pounds. I found I had tons of energy. I did take a supply of protein shakes with me so I could ensure I received my protein for the day and drank lots of water. The surgery was not an issue. Go for it and enjoy!
  7. I'm impressed!! an hour of spinning class burns me out.
  8. I went to the doctor yesterday to review blood work. My nutritionist wanted a whole battery of tests of vitamin and mineral levels done after 6 months. I am glad to say everything was in the normal range. It is a relief knowing I am getting enough of everything because I forget to take at least one vitamin daily - usually the second multi vitamin. I am still losing weight very slowly, only 18 lbs. in the last 3 months but at lest it is still going down. Still have 40 to go even though I can't really imagine what 40 less lbs. will look like. I have finally joined a gym and am having a good time with a spin legs are killing me but after 4 weeks I can finally do the whole class without totally dying. Hope everyone else is doing well.
  9. I always feel better after checking in. I am having the same problem.....slooooooow weight loss. I am down to about 5 lbs a month. I did finally join a gym and went to my first spin class on Sat. and will be going again tomorrow so maybe that will make a difference. I sure hope so. I still have 40 lbs to go.
  10. I sag everywhere too. I know if I were to really exercise instead of just walking I would probably tone up quite a bit but I am like you. It is really hard to get motivated to truely exercise. I too can only eat small amounts of food and have slowed waaaay done on the weight loss. I think I am down to about 5 lbs per month which is depressing since I still have about 45 lbs to go. At least the scale is still going down and I feel great. Hopefully we are all just in a stall not the end of the losing time.
  11. Just had to post. I finally made Onederland!!! I haven't weighed in the 100's since I was in college many many many years ago. Still 50 lbs to go but I know it will happen.
  12. I understand the feeling of being starved but it is just a vague memory now. I'm sure it is hard for someone that hasn't had the surgery yet to really understand but after the surgery I had to remind myself to eat/drink. Once you start really trying to get at least 60 grams of protein in daily plus 64 oz. of liquid, you really don't have time or energy to eat extra things. Then once you have finally got the hang of getting everything you need in, the old habits are broken. I am 5 months out and can truly say I am very seldom "hungry". I have to remind myself to eat if I get busy at work because I don't get hungry. It is all worth it and believe me it works out.
  13. I'm hanging in there, still dropping weight but not as much as some of the rest of you. I still drink the protein shakes to make sure I get in all my protein. I am able to eat just about anything but haven't gone much beyond protein and fruit. I went on a cruise to Alaska and was able to enjoy the buffet....just tasting the fish, shrimp and salmon. I also need to get into an exercise routine now that I am home from vacation. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I am 10 pounds from doesn't really seem possible but it is coming. : )
  14. I ran out of clothes too. I haven't been this size in so long I no longer have clothes in the back closet. i got a couple pair of pants from my daughters "fat" clothes that I will be able to wear in about a week I hope. Right now i just look tacky wearing baggy clothes. But baggy is better than my old clothes that were 3 sizes bigger than I am right now.