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  1. Happy New Year and Happy New You!!!! Miss you much my friend!! <3

  2. Happy New Year and Happy New You!!!! Miss you much my friend!! <3

  3. Thanks Cinwa...I will be back online to update everything soon...just so busy! Hugs everyone!

  4. Thanks Cinwa...I will be back online to update everything soon...just so busy! Hugs everyone!

  5. Sorry, I haven't any idea what the problem is.. John has a support ticket out with the software marker on the photo issues but so far, no luck in repeating the problem and if they cannot repeat the problem, it appears deemed 'user error'.

  6. Hi, any suggestions? I am trying to upload new avatar and personal photo and there is no place to "save" after i chose a photo?

  7. Post Op

    These pictures are post op up to three months (August 2011)
  8. Hey everyone! well I'm doing great. I learned that I hate protien drinks, love shopping, but hate my flat butt, got a new hair cut, but my hair is still falling out. get leg cramps really easy when i am dehydrated, and my fav I fit in a coach seat yesterday between two strangers and didnt touch either one of them!

    1. magsdatter


      That is the best -- isn't it? The airplane seat thing.

  9. Hey hello you. I had the liver biopsy last week so just waiting for results to determine if I have cancer there as well as the pancreas. The pain some days is outrageous but the codeine helps some. I should know next week if there is anything worth trying to treat it.

    You're doing great honey I love your latest facebook pictures. I'll PM you my address but really you don't hav...

  10. Hello my friend!! You look amazing chick!!

  11. hey there my friend! i hope you are doing well today! I am sorry I have been MIA...I have been so busy, working 6 days a week and playing momma and dad to my daughter! I think of you often. shoot me your addy in email so i can send you a post card! I thought I had the hospital one, since I was giving it out to peps, but I dont know if I had it right! And now your home! ...

  12. Okay I am still around! I have just been so busy that I cant see straight! I am still losing and am coming up on my third month post op. I just had all my labs done and I am doing great! My hair is thinner but that is to be expected. I asked my doctor when was I going to start feeling all the energy that I hear everyone talk about and then I looked at what I accomplish in a weekend and think "wow no wonder yours so tired you kicked butt this weekend!" So, I have had...

    1. magsdatter


      You've shed almost 50 pounds since the beginning of MAY? Wow! Maybe you're using up a big portion of your energy just sloughing off all that weight!

    2. Val


      Love the comment by magsdatter! Chris you look great! Awesome job........and I never say the overused 'awesome' word!

  13. Hello my Island friend, I'm at the Oncologists today to find out if they can do anything for me so wish me luck honey x

  14. Hi there friend! Hope you're doing well.