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  1. Valentine's Challenge

    Im in my goal would be 170 by christmas!!! Ive been stalled for 2 1/2 months and I just cant seem to shake it!!! Gotta get on track and get the rest of these pounds off!!!! 20 # by christmas should in reality be SOOOO doable!!!
  2. I'm Done! Depressing As That Is!:(

    GIRL IM RIGHT WITH YOU HHAHAHA as you can see I had my surgery 1 month after you! I h ave only lost 67 # and for the last 2 months I havent lost anything!! Ive gained and relost the same three darn pounds!!!! I dont know what to do either and think my body is also "done" UGHHHHHHH
  3. seriously im done the stalls are makingme crazy!!! I think that my body has stopped losing completely...I know everyone says dont worry it will happen!!! But let me tell you I follow my plan and do everything but let me tell you ive been 189-193 for over 2 MONTHS now!!!! I loose and gain the SAME FOUR POUNDS!!! Im very very frusterated 67# in 7 months is not good at all to me!!!thats not even 10# a mnth and seriously ive probably...

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    2. CandyJ


      I know exactly what you mean. It's been the most frustrating thing in the world!

    3. Junotopia


      I feel your pain! LOL. Sometimes I think "What the crap? Really? I'm done?" Surely we aren't finished losing yet....

    4. TimeForMe


      Ditto...keep playing with the same 1-2 lbs....ready to pull my hair out..certainly this is not it...have a ways to go..people who eat more than me probably would lose more weight!! REALLY!!

  4. Losing Toooo Much?

    Me either really I go through the motions, but nothing ever comes up, its kinda like a dry heave with alot of saliva, or something...but never any food...Not that Im complaing because I totally HATE VOMITTING, but if I have to go through all that pain something should "come up" I always thought it was weird too, ive often told my friends its like I how do you explain it...I mean i know we dont have a "stomache" anymore, but its like we really dont have one and where the heck is all the food when im pukeing lol...
  5. What Was The Worst Part Of The Surgery For You?

    I threw up for 3 days straight, the nurses, doctors and staff stayed away from me because i dont think they knew what to do besides pump me full of anti naseaus meds...They took me down for that awful swallow stuff, I had to wait because i threw up there so they had to call the doctor to get me anti naseus stuff again lol....I was miserable and in tons of pain from all the heaving!!!! I had to stay 4 days. Then one IV they had in me starting burning like HECK the nurse pretty much told me I was a baby and tried to leave it in until i burst into tears and said it hurt soooo bad..she finally removed it ( now Im not a cryer!!!! but darn that hurt..) they still dont know why.... we had a "gastric bypass wing" and I swear the nurses must have all been on vacation, because noone seemed to know what to do with us hahahaha....after i came home I had one dumping episode that lasted 4 hours I literally thought I was going to die!!!! But after all that nonscense Im GOOD>>>> and Id do it again..thats the big thing, would you do it again...the answer is and always will be YES even if I threw up for a moonth and had to stay in the hospital for weeks !!! ID DO IT AGAIN!!!!!
  6. Why Is It Called The Losers Bench?

    Because we r all LOSING weight...medical conditions etc....therefore the "losers bench" fits perfectly!!! No that we r all literally losers bahahaha but that we r losing
  7. New Picture

    LOOK AT YOU HOTTIE!!! your as hot as your daughters lol...doesnt it feel great? Im 6 months out and stalling every time I turn was your journey? did it take you a long time to get to your goal? where you faithful to your program,or did you "cheat" just curious because we started at about the same weight and height etc... and Ive only lost 67 so far (which I know is great) but seems like if i eat all my calories I stall then if i ad more protein I stall hahaha I cant win!!!!
  8. New To Forum - 4 Weeks Post-Op

    you have to add a picture to your "avitar" that will make it show up when you post...go to the same place where you added to your profile and you will see where it says add avitar :-) hope that helped
  9. Anyone Use Myfitnesspal App?

    I use it and LOVE IT!!!!!! I exspecially love that they have added the scanner to it now! Makes tracking sooooo much easier!!! My profile name is chrystal76
  10. Net Carb Business

    my doctor told me I should have no more then 100 carbs a day but everyone is different and every doctor is different I have some people that say NO WAY thats too many and some that are eating more lol this is such a confusing process isnt it lol
  11. Question For You Post Op Guys And Gals

    WOW I too didnt know we werent suppose to have it as a matter of fact I just ate a 1/2 ear for my "snack" just now lol....I tolerate it fine and Im only 6 months out!!! I LOVE CORN..and was never told to not eat it hahaha it just goes to show how each program is so so very different lol...HMMMMMMM
  12. Milestones & Even Better Things!

    I giggled when I read this because I am soooo guilty of taking the picture of my scale when I hit Onederland lol....
  13. Couponing

    okay since my last post I have couponing like crazy...I have a binder and everything and the family CRINGES when i grab it out of the car to shop lol.....Ive saved so much in the last three weeks and have actually started a small stock pile lol My goal is to get TONS of stuff for free and send it to the troops!!! Just gotta get alot better at it !!! lol
  14. Poll: How Long Was Your Longest Stall?

    this topic was made for me i am a constant staller!!!! I gain and lose the same pounds for many many weeks!! Then Ill drop a couple and then stttaaaaallllllll uggghhhh seriously I have only lost probably 7 pounds in 2 months!!! It makes me crazzzzyyyy!!! There is no rhym or reason for longest was 5 they average 2 weeks at a time! Ive stalled more weeks then Ive lost lets put it that way!!! Wish there where answers on what to do!! Cuz I could use some help toooo!!!! lol
  15. New To Forums And Just Beginning Journey

    Hi there Im just a hop skip and jump away from you!! I was going to have Graber do my surgery( but my luck it was canceled twice due to a pregnancy and a insurance issue!!! lol) so went to cooperstown instead!!! Glad you have found this place!!!