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  1. berna79

    Gym Dilemma

    I would continue to workout and not worry about the scale. You should measure your weight loss by the inches and try upping your protein calorie intake by 200 calories and see what happens. On days when you don't workout go back to your normal calorie routine. Good luck on your journey
  2. berna79

    Just found out I'm expecting

    Thanks very thrilled about this pregnancy and making sure everything in my mouth is good for me. Jeanie my PCM is referring out to ob risk just to be on the safe side especially with our bodies not absorbing vitamins.
  3. berna79

    Just found out I'm expecting

    Thank you ladies really appreciate it!
  4. berna79

    Just found out I'm expecting

    So the last couple weeks I have been so exhausted and my body wasn't functioning. I thought maybe due to my vitamins or just over working. Well took a pregnancy test about 4 of them and its positive. I'm in the process of meeting with my dr. Really soon will I be categorized as high risk pregnancy due to my surgery and I am 2 years post op
  5. berna79

    Moving to Germany-WLS 4.5 mos ago

    Don't stress out overseas have top notch military facilities and also on the economy. I was there for 3 years and all my family health needs were taken care. Good luck on your travels
  6. berna79


    I had wide fat feet size 10 now I wear 8 or 8 1/2 I think I shrunk I have to check that next time I go to the dr office my coworkers keep telling me I'm getting shorter
  7. berna79

    How much time did you need off work after surgery?

    I took about six weeks off to adjust to my new routine and feeding schedule
  8. Welcome to TT and you are in good hands at Madigan. I had my surgery there last year and know quite a few people who went through the same process.
  9. berna79

    dizzy after eating

    I get this when I have eaten some type of carbs or something with sugar. I'm fine after I eat then about 30 mins later I am paying for it. I would log everything you eat and how it made you feel and then take that to your dr. I try to minimize my carbs I still eat it but a bite or two is all I need and mainly meat and veggies is what I do. Good luck on your journey
  10. My favorite for now is salmon or tuna in the single packs, firm tofu, cheddar cheese slices with crackers, steamed mung beans, green tea, mackerel fish with steamed spinach
  11. berna79

    Im the new HUNGRY GIRL!

    I have those days when my meals are not filled with protein. So I mainly eat tuna,fish,chicken, and lots of veggies that keeps me full for hours
  12. I hope you are feeling better. When it comes to surgery everyone is an individual I think like others mentioned try to stay hydrated. I started my soft foods at around 5 weeks and it was the worst feeling I had to adjust to what my body could handle. It can be frustrating but a year out I still know what to avoid. Good luck on your journey and it will get better with trial and error
  13. berna79

    Extending active weight loss period

    I know I trick my metabolism and change up my routine. I try to get in at least 1200 calories if I fall under that I notice I am at a stall. I eat all quality food such as seafood, veggies, lean meats, and minimum fruits. Try that see if it works I know it does for me
  14. berna79

    Time off from work?

    I did 6 weeks that was what my dr recommended and I needed every day of it to help my body adjust back to sleep schedule and routines.
  15. I love Seattle I live in Tacoma but when I visit Seattle you will get plenty of exercise walking everywhere. I went from pike market all the way to space needle. When I'm there I usually eat at the crab pot but there are so many choices. My next visit I. Going to make sure I visit china town. Have fun on your trip