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    LIVING life to the fullest - Trying new things, things I would of never done at my prior weight! Having as much fun as I can!
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    Dr. Pohl
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    Roger Williams
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    Gastric Bypass
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    Dr. Deiter Phol

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    WOW! Great visual! Great job!
  2. Hello, don't be to hard on your self. Being Sober is a job in itself - CONGRATS!. How about the 5 day pouch test? Get that pouch working again.
  3. Hello, I pop in once and awhile. I will be 10 years out this coming Jan and have maintained my weight loss. Loving life BUT not loving 2020
  4. DOING GREAT! I am going to be honest - it is not always easy. 9 years out, I am able to eat a lot more now and can tolerate a lot more foods. I really have to pay attention to my pouch or the weight comes on FAST. I have learned a lot over the last 9 years about myself and my "triggers". I choose not to go back to the person I was 9 years ago. I work hard at maintaining my weight loss and am DOING it! 130-135 lbs. is my range - started 240 lbs. Some advise to the "newbies" TAKE advantage of the "Honeymoon" period it will not last forever. By sticking to the rules/plan from your doctor will only help you in the long run. This is a lifetime commitment to a new way of eating. YOU CAN DO IT!
  5. I still try to exercise three times a week...pretty much eat same things mon - fri lunch...weekends I pretty much eat anything but still very limited portions...stay active!!!
  6. Loving life - I am going to say not easy but VERY doable - still using my "tool" and keeping the rules in mind EVERYDAY!
  7. Hi all, Just stopping in to share.. I am still doing great. I am maintaining my weight 130-133.
  8. I am 7 1/2 years out (gastric bypass) and weight has stabilized 125-130 the last 2 years or so (my start weight was 240 - my lowest was108 - way too low did not look good!). 130 is the highest I feel comfortable at, I know what to do to get those 5 pounds off again. It is much harder maintaining now BUT so doable. I go up and down the same 5 lbs and I am ok with that. I now have different eating habits - what I hoped for when having the surgery. Following the rules so strictly for the first 3 years or so after my surgery has imbedded better eating habits in my every day life. I do not think of them as rules anymore, I don't even think about the rules anymore to tell you the truth, I just know what needs to be done. Now don't get me wrong sometimes I still "battle" with myself and have those days where I do over eat a bit BUT I move on and get right back on tract! I still do not eat white bread, pasta, or rice and no fried foods (except French fries). I can pretty much can eat anything now (just because you can does not mean you should !) but portion control is key and I can still say NO!. Mon-Fri, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack stays pretty much the same every day. Weekends (or vacations) is where I go off "tract". If I want ice cream I have ice cream BUT the difference now is I can have a serving size and be satisfied, also I will get a no sugar added or low fat. Before surgery I would eat a whole pint in one sitting. I might have a few French fries when I go out to eat, I also have low fat chips and so on but again only on the weekends and wil be a sat or a sun NOT both days. The key is the change in eating habits - have a bite to satisfy you and STOP! I also still exercise - I never thought that after 7 year I would still be gong to the gym. I just do 35 mins of cardio 2-3 times a week and strength training 1-2 times a week. Here's to still going strong!
  9. Lori88

    I did it!

    So happy for you! Congratulations! You look stunning and what a great location!
  10. Live Like you were Dying - Tim McGraw! (yum)
  11. I am 6 & 1/2 years out -NO Regrets - I got down to 108 lbs 1year out and now stay 125-130. I went to CA in May here are some pics. I was so insecure prior to surgery I would have never taken this trip - RI to CA by myself - to see a friend that moved there about 10 years ago. I am so Happy I went had so much fun!. You can check out my profile for some before pic - my highest weight was 240 lbs!
  12. I posted about my teeth problems a while back...I too now have a partial denture on the top. I am 6 & 1/2years out and teeth problems starting about 3 years out. Still NO regrets about surgery (gastric bypass) just saying for the newbies that might be reading this thread.
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