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  1. help - very painful trapped wind - cant see straight for it - advice greatfuly recieved , please kind people !!
  2. having exactly the same here - how did you resolve the wind and fever(just extremely hot) no temperature as such, sweating profusely. Been using peppermint tea and walking - tell me how you got on please @tkk54915
  3. 5days out and feeling terrible - wind pain - I look like im 10mnths pregnant.  So hot and my pulse is 111 per min some of the time - when i lay down i  can feel mynheart palpitating. so getting about 1 hour sleep in 24. last night they gave me zopiclone and I managed 2 hours, total.


    All so gross - discharged this morning and so distract4ed by these physical sensations Im looking to you gguys for ideas.    Using peppermint tea. water, sippig milk (surgeons regime for first few days/weeks.  Reaching out to you lovely people  - many thanks

    1. CZJ


      Please help, Im feeling freaked!

    2. Jen581791


      Hi! So sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. I'm assuming your doctor knows how you feel and it's nothing serious?

      Hot tea was helpful to me. Gas X strips as well. My stomach was poofy for some time. 

      The milk you mentioned made me think of my first few days out - I was suffering from lots of intestinal distress until I quit liquid milk. I developed lactose intolerance from the surgery which has since resolved itself. My intestines were immediately thankful and calmed down a lot. You might want to experiment and make sure that's not the case for you. 

    3. like_rain_to_sea


      CZJ, I have to mirror what Jen said above. Keep trying different things till you find what works for you. I found walking was about the only thing that helped with my gas pain. If all else fells keep nagging your surgical team.

  4. CZJ


    you have all been so very kind and I want to thank you for your wise words and support. This means so much to me and has helped me enormously in my final decision to go ahead with such a life/body altering experience. This is a huge deal for me and my decision to go ahead after many thoughtful years has not been taken lightly. That I have chosen to keep this all to myself (apart from 2 people) has put me in a particularly lonely position, together with all the other madness that surrounds my life, which I wont go into here. Being able to share with you all and receive the most wonderful support and read the intelligent, informed, personally experienced words of wisdom has made the world of difference to me. Bless you all so very much. Have fun, stay safe and continue to enjoy the freedom your wls has afforded you. Much love, Cath x
  5. CZJ


    thanks BurgundyBoy - be on my way very soon..........................
  6. hope all goes well for you darling - your surgery is the day after mine!!
  7. CZJ


    thanks so much - I go in at 6pm and have surgery on the morning of 27th - hoping my email does something positive
  8. CZJ


    Ive actually just sent an email to my surgeons secretary to explain my anxiety about walking to OR and being strapped to the apparatus without sedation - fingers crossed for a positive response. Its a reality for me, and though I can be rational about it, Im still anxious
  9. CZJ


    yes, indeed!!!!!!! Finished my work schedule today, now a little time to relax before the big day - starting to feel apprehensive - here in the UK surgeons prefer not to give pre-meds so I will have to walk into the OR completely 'sober' and full of nerves - not looking forward to that bit. Advice needed please lovely people!!!!
  10. so it sounds like things are improving? What sort of stuff are you eating/drinking Jennyfer? Iam hoping that when I go for my pre-op appointment on monday that they will give me a list of what Ill need to get in stock for this time and that they will have recommendations for vitamins etc. Being in UK we have different stuff to you in the States, so eagerly await this info. How are you doing today Jennyfer? Are you managing much physical movement, housework etc. I guess chores such as vacuuming will be restricted a bit at first?
  11. Hey Jennyfer - hopefully by now, you will have tooted all that gas away . Just think, this is the beginning of a wonderful new phase of your life, a time when you are going to claim back all the good stuff!!! Keep up the great work and stay on track - this time in a few weeks (27th June) I will be 'tooting at county level' and will remember all the advise you guys have passed on. I think Im going to give the pre-biotics a go @BurgundyBoy - I have my eye on something called Inulin - has anyone tried this? Rooting for you Jennyfer!!! x
  12. Looking forward to hearing how you went on Jennyfer!!!!!! Prayers for you!!
  13. CZJ


    CZJ RNY - Getting excited/nervous!
  14. CZJ


    \hi Alice - welcome!!! and I notice that we are both in UK!!! You have done outstandingly well already - good job girl
  15. sounds great - very impressed that you were back in the gym at 1 week!!!! What sort of laxative are we allowed to prevent/deal with bowel probs?
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