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  1. AMAZING is absolutely right!
  2. WOW! You look amazing! I bet ur friend didnt even recognize you!
  3. Lookin great! You look a LOT smaller than 338!
  4. Sending prayers up for you!

  5. Looking good! You've really shrank!
  6. OMG! Amazing! I know people arent recognizing you now......Keep up the good work!
  7. Praying for you Serena! You WILL be ok..............((((((HUGS))))))
  8. Thanx every1 for the info...I sure am hoping for the best.....And Sending Summer ((((((HUGS))))) hope u feel better soon
  9. hey chick...beaumont, near houston

  10. hey chick...beaumont, near houston

  11. hey fellow texan! just noticed ur from TX as well

  12. hey Serena! Hope all is well!

  13. finnadothis


    I'm going to be 5 months postoon May 20th...and thus far I'm proud of my weight loss and inches lost. My concern now is my tummy. I've been working hard to get it flat and as tight as possible, but I dont know if its possible. Is there anyone out there who's tummy looked ok enough not to have to get a tummy tuck? I sure dont wanna have to get one if I dont have to. And if so, do u mind sharing advice and a pic? Thanx
  14. No need to leave here...we're all accepting of everyone here. While Ive only been a member for a few months now, I absolutely love this site....I dont often hear anything from anyone unless I reply to a thread or post...so dont feel bad! And btw u have lost a bunch....and u seem so toned (no saggy skin????)...whats the secret!?
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