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  1. calligas


    Hi not been on for a couple of months as i have moved and changed jobs etc, my life has been in such a turmoil. But hey i am back and can;t wait to join in again with and for support of you banders. I have a question to ask, i know carbs are bad for us and i know we should not indulge in them, but i won;t be the 1st to admit or the last to say i have the odd meat pie. When i had the band fitted i know i have to work with it and i do most of the time, but i can honestly say i could still eat for england. My question is when u reach that sweet spot even if you are eating carbs such as a meat pie, should you feel full sooner rather than eat the full pie. As i thought it would give me portion control. I am not saying i do this all the time but i want to know should i not be able to eat stodgy foods without feeling full. Or have i just not reached that spot, i have 5. put into my band so far but still don;t feel satisified. i hope you know what i am trying to say, as at the moment i am comfort eating due to all the stress i have had, i just can;t wait for my body to feel full and tell me to stop eating, does this come? thanks shilrey
  2. u n abby look amazing, take care x
  3. well you are nearly there and byu the look of you you have almost halved, well done you must be so proud x
  4. so is 10cc same as 10ml in the uk, i am guessing it is. I am to have my 1st fill in 2 weeks and i can;t wait, as i know by eating mashed foods i have no restriction, and have not lost anything for 2 weeks. So who decides what fill goes in? can we not ask for a bigger fill at 1st because i know 1 will not be enough and by reading other posts people only feel the sweet spot after approx 4. Or correct me if i am wrong has any1 had restriction on small fills. Just curious as i would like to jump straight in a a minimum of 3. any advice would be helpfull. shirley
  5. all u have gone through and you are mentioning not being any help at the moment on the forum for support. Well my dear it is time we all supported you, i have not known you long but i can see you are a valued member of the forum and it is time like this when u really know how much u mean to people. Just look at the support and replies you have had, this must be warming to you at this difficult time. And this is what sites like this are about support. I am so glad your daughter is also being supported at school and do hope things will work out for you very soon. So good luck and my thoughts are with you all and feel all the love around you from all your followers. shirley x
  6. i have started eating mashed foods and i can honestly say i could still eat and eat, i just hope my fill banishes this, because this is what i want to avoid overeating. do u feel like this? still can eat lots> i hope after fills this stops.
  7. hello! how has your progress been so far? im not losing as I had hoped, but I havent started exercising either. I am starting to be more strict tomorrow and start exercising regularly.

  8. my 1st fill is in 3 weeks time and i can;t wait, as i need some restriction> what i am asking is will they fill with more than 1cc for the 1st fill, as i hear many have no benefit on the 1st fill, so seeems a waste of time, and it is already hard taking time off work to travel. So i was wondering will they put more in if u ask. Thanks shirley
  9. at the moment i have no restriction and i am just controlling myself. had a couple of slips but nothing major. Even though my weight has stalled everyone at work see me losing as my uniform is looser. So i am chuft with this as this gives me a tad more confidence. I just want my fill now to start losing some serious weight and to get that full feeeling. well done to all x
  10. Martha I am 101kg and my bmi 37 so yes am in the range for wls.
  11. you are not alone, i also do not feel full now 2 weeeks post op. I am now eating soft foods, bit can say i have to stop myself as i could eat and eat. I have my 1st fill in 3 weeks time and the sooner the better otherwise i feel i may have wasted my money. I have already eaten some poor foods and disgusted with myself, my only hope is i hope i reach this sweet spot very soon, otherwise i feel i have failed. i just hope this journey gets better for all of us x
  12. not been here for a while sas, and just read your post, hope u r ok x my thoughts are with you x
  13. hi ruelou, i know the feeeling, i know we are pretty similar as we have talked before. I too is slipping to old habits, i have my 1st fill in 3 weeks and i do hope they will stop these cravings, i am not hungry but my obsession with food gets the better of me. i have just started eating mushy food, but i do not feel any restriction and can eat and eat without the full feeling. I am however not bingeing to big extents but boy is it hard, but i am eating the wrong stuff sometimes. So you are not the 1st, i just hope we have done no damage and the band has slipped or anything. And like u, i ma kicking myself, as i paid too. if only we had the answers, good luck and keep positive x
  14. well done, you have obviously found the sweet spot as they call it, i have not had my 1st fill yet as i am only 2 weeks post op, but already i know i can;t wait for a fill, as i have my protein drinks and yoghuts etc but still don;t get that full effect. I hope u reach your goal sooner good luck x