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  1. Loose skin....need some insight!!!!!

    1. Lady G

      Lady G

      when you find it share it with all of us bc I'm still trying to figure it out :-\

    2. Aznmama
  2. Thanks! You're doing great too!
  3. Feelin' good, and continuously moving forward!!! Here's my current pic, 7 months post op!!!! Down 87lbs since May '11
  4. Post-Op Current Pics 2011

    Some pics from this summer post-op 2011
  5. Hey from a fellow NC-er! Just wanted to say congrats!! You seem like you're doing great (from the numbers at least :) it's inspiring to see others doing so well.

  6. Hi there! You had Dr Ng/Sharp too? That is awesome! :) How was your experience and how have things changed after the few first initial weeks are done?

  7. Previous and Current Pics PreOP

    Some oldies and PreOp Pics
  8. Hello out there! Anyone have surgery around May 2011?? Would love to chat!

  9. Need Recommendations For Variation On Foods .

    One of my first meals was white fish that was baked with just salt and pepper and lemon, and then 2 small spoonfulls of instant mashed potatoes to help out with the consistancy. I pureed that together and it was great. I was not looking forward to the pureed meat stage, but I found other things that ended up being great. I also like tuna or chicken salad with the olive oil based mayo. It's not as sour as the light mayo and only has like 5g fat per serving (and a lot of the time I didn't even use a serving). Baked Chicken with artichokes pureed was good. Lean Ground Beef with a little skim ricotta and spoonful of low carb marinara sauce and parmesan cheese was good. Pot roast using Top Round (lower fat) and cooking it longer so that it's soft and then puree it with the carrots, celery, and again little instant mash for binding was really good. That's all I can think of right now, but if you need some more, message me! Jenn
  10. 17 Days Out

    Hi Tracy, I'm not a huge fan of protein shakes either, but I finally found one that I could stand. Myoplex Lite in the READY TO DRINK 11oz containers. It's 20g of protein and low in sugar but make sure you get the lite version. I can't stand really thick protein shakes and Myoplex Lite RTD cans are great. I would not buy the powder mix. I made that mistake and the powder mix tasted different from the already canned one. And the consistancy was really really thick the long it sat there. I found Myoplex Lite at a few grocery stores, GNC, and online. You can try a 4-pack first. They also sell larger quantities at Sam's Club (not sure if you have those). Good luck!
  11. Looking to meet new people

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    2. Tiffany54880


      Hi!! I had surgery on 7-11. How is everything going for you so far?? : )

    3. Aznmama


      Hi All,

      Had my surgery 5/6 and I'm down about 70+lbs right now (next weigh is the 30th). How about you guys??

    4. kamster


      Had my surgery 11-14 and I am down 130 lbs

  12. 4 1/2 Months And Down 118Lbs!

    Great Job!! Inspiring
  13. Hi All, I am 11 week post-op Gastric Bypass patient. I am looking for people who are recently post op and would be interested in chatting and sharing experiences thus far. I am also interested in meeting more people on here. So, check out my page and friend me!
  14. I am getting ready to transition from liquids to soft/pureed foods. The thought of pureed meat makes me gag (minus chili). I'm a little nervous. I'm not a picky eater by any means. Does anyone of you have any recipies to suggest? I have gotten a couple that I will try out first, but would welcome any suggestions.
  15. Hi All! I started my process back in January 2011 and just got my surgery date yesterday. I've only met a few people on here but looking to meet much more!!! I've been going to support groups in town, but I'm also looking for some support on here as well. Friend me and let's chat! Jenn