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  1. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    I'm definitely going to join in on the 5 day... My goal was to just not gain weight... I'll be at my husbands tomorrow & can weigh myself. It's a lot of emotion & some emotional eating of carbs, being gone... We'll see!
  2. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Yay!!!! 126 is amazing!!!! Congratulations Julie!!!!
  3. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Woo hoo Julie!!!!!!
  4. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Julie: Good luck & congratulations!!!! I haven't posted in a LONG time. Started a new state job, & finally decided after 6 years in an emotionally abusive relationship that I am worth more. Needless to say, I've been a bit distracted lol My goal for Christmas is to not gain weight!!! I'm an emotional eater & drinker, so if I can just gret through all of this I'll be okay!!!
  5. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    And it continues Kathy... We are still side by side! Can you believe it's almost been 10 months!?
  6. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    I did get to 148 on Wednesday. My goal was 145 for Thursday, but it took me three months to go from 159 to 150, so I'll take it! Or so I thought I would. Two days later, I was right back at 150 again and it hasn't moved since :-(
  7. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Thank you Marie!!! AND EVERYONE!!! Marie - I do workout quite a bit which is why I am working on upping my calories to 1200. I actually do P90X in the mornings before work, walk 3 miles with my co-worker at lunch, and do yoga in the evenings. Once I was taking all of that into consideration, I was only eating like 100 calories per day!!! On non-workout days, I keep it at 800 calories :-) EDIT: OH and the extra calories I am adding are in protein shakes so I am mostly just adding protein :-)
  8. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Thank you! I do love that photo, I tts been a long time since that's happened! Congrats Beth!!! You are doing fabulous!
  9. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    I love Eggface! Used a ton of her recipes earlier out & totally forgot about her site! Going there ASAP! I changed my avatar! Better?! Yes, 145! One week 2 days to go and 5 lbs to go when I've been averaging 3/month seems dim, but what I'm doing is I upped my protein. I'm doing a Quest bar for breakfast and shakes 2x/day. I allow myself an ounce of cashews with a baby bel light for a smack and then a baby bel and some fat free turkey for another snack... I wonder if that gets me enough calories, but the last fre days I've allowed myself to eat what I want for one carb per day to see if I can get closer to 1200 calories. I've gotten between 1100-1200 Mon/Tues this week!
  10. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    7 days = a stall, them I stall every week and a half lol I regularly go about 10 days between losses! I average 3lbs/month, so I use one month as a stall period! Some of you might think you'd go crazy, & I do lol! But after 3 months of this I've had to just come to terms with the fact that this is going to be what my body does... I've fine down to weighing once per month too, which is SUPER HARD! So far I've still weighed twice this week, but that's down from EVERY SINGLE I'm making progress!!!
  11. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    I was 159 @ my August 6 mo appt. I am at 150 now, so I guess about 3lb/month. I guess i'd I continue at that rate I'll be 141 by my surgiversary. I really wanted to be at 100 down by then, but I was thinking 100 from surgery (216). 100 total is at 132, so if I could at l least get there, Is be ecstatic! I was talking to someone the other day who just keeps on losing. We had surgery at the same time and approximately the same weight, and she is in the 120's now. She reviewed my MFP diary and suggested it may be scary, but I should try eating more calories. I'm going to .starting Monday, really try to get to 1000-1200. It's going to ve difficult since I'm at about 800 now... We'll see what happens, I guess!!!
  12. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    I buy the Quest Bars on I get 10% off since I have them auto-shipped
  13. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Oh my gosh, yes! everyone should try these if they are going to eat a bar. I have a variety pack auto-shipped twice a month and eat them for breakfast and carry one in my car, my husband's car and keep one at work and in my purse for just in case moments. The apple pie is especially tasty warmed slightly!
  14. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Ditto what Kathy said! You are kicking our butts! Fantastic job!
  15. Anyone Up For A Valentines Day Challenge?

    Kathy, i'm totally stuck with you at 150-152... Just can't break it... I think this week I'll focus on protein shales and bars and see what I can do I'm good worth Turkey Day or Christmas... This will be my first holiday season and I really just wasnt to get through it quickly and successfully!!!