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  1. Back to sf jello,sf puddin pops,Broth and protien shakes and lots of water .. Yeah I know I can do it and willing to do anything to get me all fixed up
  2. Well I got my leak and bleeding fixed . I am back to liquids for the next 10 days ...YAY ..How I remember those days One great thing to find out is is my pouch hasn't stretched at all and I am over 2 years .. You always hear about us folks that are a few or more years out pouches being stretched. That was good news
  3. OH I am sorry Its on wed March 18th .. was the 26th of March and moved up because darlin hubby is deployed and trying to get him home .. Sorry for the typo
  4. Hey Guys Its been a long time since I posted , I still lurk when I get a chance but my son was diagnosed with severe Autism and other health problems last year so that has been my focus .. I started swelling really bad about 6 months ago and passing blood on occassion and now vomiting blood with my stomach swelling so bad almost daily looking like I am about to give birth. The pain is sharp and unbearable at times. I went to the ER about 6 months ago and they told me I had bleeding ulcers , gave me some meds and sent me on my way . I had my surgery in San Diego and now live in VA Beach a
  5. Some before and after pics... Still evolving ! :)
  6. Congrats Val !!!! Your almost there, just a few weeks !
  7. Thanks guys ! Your replies have been helpful and I am feeling a little better about it . He just got so nosey about my marriage and ask me what my husbands hobbies were and then when I told him he plays computer games he staring putting him down saying he wasnt a good husband because he spends more than a hour a day playing games ,so thats why when I left his office I was uneasy feeling. I kinda thought this was about me and not my hubby . I never once complained about hubby or anything. Oh well I go back on the 11th to finish up so he can send in my report. He gave me a book to read and it h
  8. I had my psych eval today and I felt a little uneasy when I left .. long story. I have a follow up on the 11th so we will see.Am I being paranoid or is this common to feel this way? You guys are so awesome about answering any questions and have never made me feel silly for asking it so... Thanks ..
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