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  1. That's awesome! Took me a week to loose 5 lbs. so happy for you! Keep me posted on your loss.
  2. It's worth a shot. I just lost 14 lbs in one month. I was stuck too. I had stop eating the little bit of carbs I was having. Worked out and weight crawled off. I think this is a good jump start diet. The book it called the 17 day diet. It has 3 phases each phase lasts 17 days. If you still need to loose more weight, after the 3 rd phase is done you start from the 1st phase again. If you want e-mail me and I will send you snap shot of the first phase if you want to try it. Michscala@aol.com.
  3. I'm on the 2 nd cycle and keep loosing. I think this might be a good tool for post op yr and half or longer... You are still in your honeymoon pd so you should be fine
  4. Hi everyone. So since July I had only lost 10 lbs. I had started working out in Sept on and off around 4 times a week 30 min of cardio on my bow flex climber. I thought I was still eating healthy to. Hardly any carbs. Well I got discouraged by people telling me I lost all I could....I knew it was bull because in my early 20s I held my weight at around 160. So anyway ever hear of the 17 day diet? So many people in my office are on it and they were loosing an average of 10 lbs in the first 17 days. So I said what the hell and bought it. Well to my surprise it worked! I lost 10 lbs in 17
  5. Thanks for sharing. I don't have any side effects either. I'm pretty bummed out about the whole thing. I tried searching for answers and can't find anything on clomid after gbs When I go back next month ill see if the dr will change me to Amy's 3 to 7 and up the dosage. I have a feeling what's 50 mg to a normal person is only 25 mg for me..if that... I'll say some prayers for both of us
  6. Hello ladies. Has anyone taken clomid after gbs and got pregnant? I'm on day 2 of 5-9. My dr only prescribed me 50 mg. wondering if that is a high enough dosage because of my malabsorption ?
  7. I was looking into femara also because it has less side effects. Just not sure if I will need a higher dosage than average since I has gbs.
  8. Hi ladies. Wondering if anyone has needed to take either of these products after have gbs. Do our bodies need a higher dosage after gbs? I want to try fertileaide first, just not sure of the 3 pills a day will do the job. Thank you for any info you can provide
  9. Thank you for the feedback . I'm thinking my honeymoon is over. I started keeping track of what I'm eating. Trying to stay around 800 cal a day. Trying not too eat too many carbs either. Good news is the 800 calories is satisfying and I'm not starving. I think I started to fall back into making unhealthy choices. I need to get focused again so I can come close to my goal. From what my doctor told me, I expected another 7 months of the weight just falling off... Oh well, was nice while it lasted
  10. August 16th was my 1 yr anniversary since gbs. I have not lost any thing since July 4th week. I keep going up and down between 3-4 lbs. I started working out for the first time since surgery. Been exercising the last 3 weeks 3-4 time a week 30 min of cardio. I do wonder if I stretched my pouch. I am guilty of over eati g sometimes on the weekend. I'm starting to get discouraged and depressed. I still have a ways to go in my weight loss journey. Did any one else experience the same only 1 yr out? Thank you
  11. Hi all. In 5 months from now my husband and I want to start trying to get pregnant. I would like to start taking prenatal vitamins now. There are chewables by belly bar. I was wondering if I can just switch to 2 daily chewables by belly bar and just my daily calcium chewables. Not sure if that will be enough vitamins for me. I had gbs 10 months ago. Here is a link to belly bar as I was unable to post the ingredients. bar-prenatal-chewable-vitamin Thanks for reading and any advice you can offer.
  12. Hey all! So, since my surgery I've had a tough time taking my vitamins. I'm supposed to take 2 multis and 3 calciums a day. In reality, I maybe whind up taking 2 or 3 multi and 2 or 3 calciums a week. The side effects of not doing the right thing will most likely catch up with me soon. I have a hard time eating them plus they make me queezy. Was wondering if anyone found an alternative liquid or pill form that I can take once a day and equals the daily amount needed?
  13. I'm taking liquid Tylenol cold and flu an hr after eating. It working so far. Good luck !
  14. I'm around 40 days out. 2 weeks or more ago I started with being sick all day long. Got worse with meals. My doc gave me pills that help move the food though the intestines. The pills help just not100 percent. I had a follow up with my doc and he tells me it's a good thing I get a little sick this way I'll eat less. Yea nice answer doc. I am not happy with him right now.
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