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  1. I'm about 15 up from my lowest weight too all while running from 10 I now up to 25 30 miles a week. I am running a full marathon in 5 weeks and have gained 5pounds or so since starting my training. Normal regain it muscle or whatever it makes me mad! But I I eat less I can't perform on my runs and that has become like breathing for me. Nice I know I'm not alone!
  2. Cutting carbs isn't really an option. I feel like deadweight on the road eating any less than I am now although I will cop to needing to focus more on getting complex carbs. In all honesty I would rather gain a little and still be able to perform athletically. It is just so disheartening and scary to see that number moving up. So whole wheat and beans will be on the menu more for sure.
  3. Hey folks!! I'm training for my first marathon which incidentally is falling on my 3 year surgiversiary on May 10th. Definitely not something I would ever imagine doing 3 years ago at this time. I've fallen in love with running, done a couple halfs and about a million 5ks and halve the tshirt collection to prove it!! That being said I'm struggling with some weight gain. I've gained a total of about 15 lbs from my lowest weight about 2 years ago, some of which I think is typical rebound gain, but the last 5 has been specifically since I started marathon training. I tried doing about 1500 cals a day with about 80g protein but would wipe out and my legs felt like lead. Upped it to about 2000 cals which means I am l am literally eating 8 times a day and I feel better but am tying real hard not to freak out about the scale. From what I've read it's not entirely unusual to gain while training wih the increase in glycogen stores and muscle mass and all the calculators online indicate I need 2500 roughly a day to lose one pound a week when running about 25 miles a week. But nothing is happening and I'm even noticing more chub through the middle. I have my annual follow up in a few weeks and am so embarssed to know I'll be 10 lbs up from last year. I find info on endurance running and I find info on weight loss surgery but not much online about both combined and I feel like I'm running my butt off just to gain my gut back. Running for me is not about weight loss per se, I is a true pleasure for me. But dang. Running a marathon and gaining weight. Just my luck.
  4. Hey everyone. I've not been on I a while but I am being plagued by my arch nemesis the scale! I'm training for my second half marathon and am running about 20 miles a week. In feeling great and my times are getting better and better, about a 9 minute mile 5k 10k pace and 11 for distance. I am 2 and a half years out and have been maintaining at about 165 170 until about 2 months ago, about the same time I started ramping up my training this summer. Now im up to about 178 which is just unacceptable in my brain. I'm eating about 1500-1800 calories and getting adequate protein. Clothes fit about the same and from what I'm reading its fairly common with retaining water from the muscle repair, taking in more water, muscle gain, etc. but a big part of me is FREAKING out and wants to go back to liquids or restrict calories to 1200 or so. Any experience athletes want to advise or put my mind at ease that I'm not on a slippery path to weight loss surgery failure?
  5. Hello all! I have been doing very well post op, maintaining above goal but focusing on fitness goals instead of the scale...I actually ran a half-marathon 3 weeks ago! Tuesday afternoon my hubby rushed me to the ER with severe abdominal pain and vomiting after eating lunch. I had never had anything like it before. They did a cat scan, my surgeon happened to be on call and took a look and within 8 hours I was in surgery having an internal hernia repaired!!!! I am feeling ok, nowhere near as sore as after bypass, but I have to say I am very very concerned that this is just the beginning of complications. From what I have ready people deal with this for a long time before getting diagnosed and having this surgery, so I think I was VERY lucky that it was caught during the first attack. I have NEVER felt pain like that before and I hope to never experience it again. I am a bit afraid to eat, alhtough I have been cleared for a regualr diet. NO BM yet either. Am I paranoid??? I am just scared to death this is only the begining of me wasting away slowly.
  6. I haven't been on here in a while but early on his forum was a lifesaver! I just wanted to share that last weekend I ran my first half marathon...13.1miles! For those of you jst starting this process ... don't lose heart cuz if I can do this...anyone can!!
  7. We get so afraid of carbs but for those of us who are very athletic it is a necessity. training for a half marathon means I HAVE to eat carbs or I feel horrible! I do TRY to stick to whole grains but alas..sometimes I am imperfect. Glad you found a system that works..it is similar to what I do on long trainng runs.
  8. I pulled scar tissue in the lower left abdomen about a month out. It was like recovering from surgery all over again! Tooka couple weeks to heal, and wearing my binder helped to stabilize it. If you can eat and drink OK it is not likely a problem with your surgery, or at least this is what my surgeon told me. As far as the eating goes..I am also a nom-dumper and also wish I had never found this out! The best advice I can give youis to track every bite that crosses your lips. I have to do this evena year plus out or I go overboard. Hang in there! You are doing great!
  9. Hello all! I haven't been on here in MONTHS, but things are going well. I am maintaiing just above goal and training for a half mrathon in october! I have had some strange stuff since I have been hard core training though, and I think I have diagnosed myself s the hypochondriac I am..but I am seeing the doc in the AM. Ok so here goes with the weirdness.. My legs have started twitching. Not cramping, just twitching in my calves, like I ma hooked up to electrodes I cant POOP! I have tried miralax, ex lax, even drank some magnesium citrate (think the lovely bowel prep drinks)...nothing. Just one small BM like skinny snakes I get dizzy when I stand up esp after working out. I get "hot flashes" like cold sweat, shaky and a little nauseus in the evenings if my calories are too low. this is usually relieved by scarfing down some caarbs and fruit. So.....I think my potassium or some other electrolytes are out of whack. My legs did this right after my RNY and I was low potassium then. I know the electrolytes being off can cause the tummy trouble, and the dizziness could be from a low heart rate which can also be from low potassium. The only wild card is the hot flash stuff (I am only 35) which seems to be low blood sugar. I am running anywhere from 15-20 miles a week and sweating like a pig the whole time. I drink powerade 0 and have tried to add in bananas, canteloupe, prunes, etc. I struggle to get to 1500 calories a day, which sounds like a lot but remember the workouts..I fall out if I stick to 1200. Oh and I have actually GAINED weight...a little over 4 pounds but I am thinking either muscle or the poop. OK so...smart people out there...what do you think? Am I crazy?
  10. 8.5 miles in 85 degree heat yesterday......Feels great to know what my new body iscapable of!!!

  11. Hello 160's...It is nice to FINALLY meet you!

  12. 7.5 mile run yesterday!

    1. RogaDanar


      Wow, you are rocking it Ally!

  13. mmmmKashi vanilla oatmeal with 1/2 tbs of peanut butter and 4 sliced strawberries. 12g protein 220 calories and a little bowl of HEAVEN

    1. Caffe


      I love that too! Try adding a tablespoon of craisins before cooking it. Yum!

  14. has injured my tailbone andis out of commission for running for a few days. ugh!

    1. Nana60


      My tailbone is so sore because I've lost so much weight and my rear is so flat, I'm sitting on it all the time. It hurts like heck.

  15. Girl scout overnight "sleepover" which entail NO sleep at our local mall tonight...going to be a junk food minefiield!! MUST STAY STRONG!!!!!

    1. Nana60


      Oh, that will be hard. My grand daughters are having a girl scout camping trip. Their leader is a health freak though (she's my daughter) so I doubt there will be too much junk. Stay strong!

  16. ok so I have allowed myself 1 week of eating crap and being lazy. Back on it today no excuses!!!! I got a half marathon to get ready for!

  17. ok so I have allowed myself 1 week of eating crap and being lazy. Back on it today no excuses!!!! I got a half marathon to get ready for!

  18. going to try to get back on the straight and narrow today..in the hopes that I can become just a lil bit narrower!!!!

  19. One week mark....hope you are starting to feel human again!

    1. Healthier Mom

      Healthier Mom

      Oh god yes! I was miserable last week!

  20. just finished my first 10k. Who would have thout???

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    2. RogaDanar


      Woo Hoo, a great accomplishment!

    3. Nana60


      Don't you feel incredibly proud? You should, I would be.

    4. Nana60


      Don't you feel incredibly proud? You should, I would be.

  21. Dumpin all the sudden from somehting I eat all the time?????? PLEASE NO DON'T TAKE MY KASHI CEREAL AWAY!!!!!

  22. tornado warnings out. I soooooo want to stress eat but I am NOT!

  23. I REALLY gotta stay away from the food porn on Pintrest!

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    2. Flooter


      How much time can I waste on Pinterest? Even though I'm not hungry, if I were even a little inclined, Pinterest would send me over the edge! Everything looks delicious!

    3. gnaed


      I hear you, but I love Pinterest. It's a visual favorites bar.

    4. mistymee


      That's it exactly... I love the visual aspect of it all- food porn, but even just anything you like... so much easier than traditional book marks to be sure, when it comes to looking for what it was.. Fun. But the food porn is #1 lol

  24. anyone else have to remind yourself that you are not fat anymore????

    1. gnaed


      all the time. I probably look ridiculous turning sideways to pass through things that are a lot wider than I am.

    2. blank


      Funny! Well, I'm still fat, just not as fat as before and I do often forget.

    3. Junotopia


      Yup. I keep trying to get shirts on the Plus side of the store... And they gently guide me away. Then I suddenly remember I wear regular clothes now!

  25. someone please save me from cookies......

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    2. AboutTime
    3. RogaDanar


      if I get stuff like that I give it to my coworkers and make them eat the bad stuff

    4. Chelsealynn


      I just had to buy cookies for my daycare kids tomorrow (special treat)....it sometimes gets soooooo hard!!! I feel ya girl!!!

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