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  1. Me too ladies......I can't get any weight off here getting frustrated!!!!! keep me posted and in touch...this helps knowing im not the only one with these problems.
  2. Worried About Stretching Pouch

    I worry also eating a little more than before...that scares me!!!!! I m just getting frustrated! !!!
  3. Hi guys I'm curious about how much post wls patients eat??? Just wondering if I'm example can you you an entire Lean Cuisine meal or just half of it? I'm 13 months out and can eat and entire McDonalds McDouble w/cheese hamburger patty with out the bun and I used to eat half and about an hour later I can I've moved up to eating the whole patty maybe in 2 shifts 30 minutes apart. Whats up with everyone else? Should I worry I'm eating too much now?

    Thank you guys.....I worry my pouch is gone! As a matter of fact can't wait for gall bladder to be removed so he can see if its the same....I will go back to the basics....what is the purpose of the 5 day pouch test? Just curious....
  5. Starting the 5 DPT today!

    I started mine too. I am frustrated.....I feel like ive failed at my gift of having RNY....ugh!!!!

    I feel like I have failed!!! I've been stalled for at least 2 months, and in the last 3 weeks I've gained @8lbs!!!! I consider my RNY a gift now I feel like ive failed....I can also eat a little more than usual....I HATE it!!! I want the vomiting feeling again. I think thats the honeymoon period. Can someone help?? Also how can I change this and whats the pouch test???
  7. Stretching Pouch

    Thank you!!!!! I needed that!!!! I know I need to up my excercise....MS summers are too hot to even swim!!! I really want to jog...maybe that'll break the plateau!!!!!
  8. Stretching Pouch

    Oh My GOODNESS!!!! How easy isit to stretch your pouch???? That has me scared!!! I'm not hungry I just munch....yes I can eat a little more than in the beginning....I'm not liking that...I want to be back like the first few months.....I'm currently 9 months out.....I'm just worried!!!! HELP!!!!
  9. Am I doomed already

    Sky....I've got the same problem!!! I'm so afraid i've done something terrible....I guess we're used to such before surgery....I'm 6 months out and have been stuck for 3 weeks....I was so discouraged but this website is AWESOME!!!! You always have an ear!!!
  10. UGH! Stumped!

    Thanks you guys!!! I need all the help I can I get!!!
  11. UGH! Stumped!

    I am 5 months out and I've stalled!!! WHAT?? Isn't it tooo early for this??? What do I do??? I need all the suggestions....PLEASE ASAP!!!!
  12. I NEED HELP!

    Thank you CINWA!!! What suggestions do you have to replace what I can now tolerate???
  13. I NEED HELP!

    I am almost 4 months out and I've lost 62 lbs.....I need to have my gallbladder removed therefore I have been on a diet of ramen noodles (yes high in NA) popcicles, and popcorn are the only things I can eat and keep down...My surgeon says I should be able to eat almost anything by now....I got on the scales today and it seems I gained 9 lbs....I could cry....I held down mashed potatoes last night and a little gumbo (liquid) I doing something wrong??? If my gallbladder comes out and I am able to eat geez what happens next??? I'm afraid to ask.....(sigh)....I can't fail this early out can I???
  14. Dear Dr. Callery Ive been having some issues with my gall ultrasound has confirmed that it needs to come out....Im just wondering, I live 2 and 1/2 hours away from my surgeon....would it be ok to have a surgeon closer to me help deal with it?? I just love my surgeon its just so far away for a consult/checkup, pre-op then surgery the next day. I'm really feeling miserable and need to do something quickly....any suggestions???
  15. should check out Advocare. ..they have awesome products which I use and my surgeon has blessed my use....I bought in to the company just for a discounts available...I chose to work my business and now I get my products at 40% off...multivitamins are chewable and's 3 is also a multivitamin that helps with elasticity and metabolism effects.....any questions you can call or text 601.433.4245 or check the web site