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  1. My story is the same, haven't beeon the forum in years...but I am also beginning to gain, andit's scaring me. I know someone asked earlier but I didn't see a response, has anyone used the 5 day pouch test? What are the results?
  2. Hi I have searched the site all over and can not find any info on deactivating account and deleting my profile. I have emailed John about 1 or so ago, but no response. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks,
  3. thanks for hoping to be better...goin thru a divorce really is depressing

  4. Perhaps I should have clarified...I was speaking long for myself, I don't want anymore kids...This would not apply to someone that is looking to have kids all, but never-the-less...the point that I was illustrating is for everyone to always do the research on all forms of birth control....
  5. Yes, hopefully I am done with it....I finally feel almost normal..
  6. Unsuccessful at adhering to my water and protein intake today...Got to make tomrrow better!

  7. The term "foreign object" isn't really specific to the nuva ring, its what is normally used to refer to anything that is not a natural part of the human body. So hip replacements, lapbands. nuva rings...they all are considered foreign objects. As you mentioned Cinwa, the foreign object isn't the issue it's the hormones released into the body that impact SOME women. I was considering something called "ESSURE" which I thought to be safe until I read additional reports on the process. Many women use it and have absolutely no problems. While it just doesn't agree with others. Personally, I am not a fan of most birth control, as we have and increase in women suffering from cervical cancer, fibroids and other female related issues, that seems to have significantly increased since the onset of new birth control methods. While the same can be said about all cancers....I am PERSONALLY not comfortable with rings, patches, shots and so forth....(Please don't anyone think that I am criticizing their birth control method) ultimately we have to do what we know and think is right for us. I do encourage everyone to do their own research and not just rely on what your doctor or friends suggest. Read consumer reports medical journals and so forth... Also consider some holistic methods....Just my 2cents.
  8. Hi Mommy, the left side pain doesn't happen to everyone. I had it really bad...This week was the first week, that I didn't have it since 3/7. So it depends. nor rhime or reason who gets it and why. Many people on here expressed limited side pain, but I know carrottop and myself constantly complained of this. It does go away, I feel great today, and my weight loss is slower because it is a challenge for me to get all my water and protein in. I am in the field and on the go,,which makes it extrememly difficult. I had meetings and preso all day....I started getting a migraine which I felt was due to dehydration. Tomorrow I am really going to try, but I am in and all day meeting and preso again...Hope this deal closes soon, I am exhausted.
  9. Hi Carrot, this week was the first week that I didn't have the left side pain...I was miserable especially sleeping at night. I've even gone back to wearing heels.......I had a horrible day today, but tomorrow will be better.
  10. Hi Saprky, of course you can join this thread. Did you have gastric bypass or the band. I only ask because of your original and I do see that you marked it in your profile.
  11. Hi Kelly. I don't know if it's been completely established. This support group forum is farily new. You can post here or try posting under the March 2011 Post op thread....You can also respond in the March 20011 Pre thread if they haveing moved it yet. As for me, I am doing okay, at times. Today was a horrible one...but tomorrow will be better. I haven't been approved to officially exercise yet, but it's coming in 2 weeks.
  12. Saggy, I am going to request now, I wanted to give it at least a day for people to respond with objections. I worked in Manhattan today and I am just getting home...bool , else I wld have done it already...
  13. Sometimes we need a reality check. I was just griping about how my but seems not to be as firm as I husband said babe knock it off, u are an all natural lady, who just underwent surgery to get u back...stop picking at yourself....I love him......