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  1. So I had to go back and re-read where I left off... Some things have come to light in the last couple years... #1 - my wife and I are in a much better place - we have had some very candid conversations around some of the things that were going on in our lives from before this whole process started - seems that we were a hair away from getting divorced...little did I know. I was so focused on the process I was going through that I failed to realize that my wife was angry at me for how I treated her in the past in regards to her well being following a hospital scare (she was in the hospital with DKA and nearly went into a diabetic coma - when she came home, she rushed things and went back to work but quickly grew weak and wasn't ready to resume a normal schedule - I went on a work trip (understandable) but then came home and immediately proceeded to go to the beach for a bachelor's party for my brother after her urging that I not go. I thought she was being dramatic about the guy's weekend...she was really sick. Plus, her mother pumped shtuff into her head all week too. She couldn't forgive me and felt that once I righted myself post surgery, she would leave me with my life in a "better" state. Thankfully, we have overcome these issues and are closer today than we ever have. #2 - A LOT of people (family included) only seem to want you around when they want something - they don't ask you how you are doing or ask you how your wife is but they sure ask you to come to their house and put their hand out when you walk in the door - no, we won't invite you to Thanksgiving but we will invite you to your nephew's birthday... #3 - If something doesn't bring you joy, don't do it! Who cares what people think of you and the decisions you make. We spend so much time trying to impress people we don't like and buy things we don't need to impress them that we don't truly realize what we want that will enable us to be happy. If people are too short-sighted to realize that, then they don't belong in your life. Also - things I have learned - I don't dump...well, most of the time I won't dump. Cheesecake (even a bite) and rich ice cream will put me in a tizzy. Anything else, no issues. This takes strong will to overcome. Tailbone...Jezzz...lose weight and your tailbone gets more exposure than you ever thought it would. 6.5 hours on a flight from PHL to LAX is not fun period...add a guy playing golf on his iPad with deliberate arm motions for 4.5 hours, it becomes WAY less fun. Throw a painful tailbone in and we have the miserable trifecta! a Traeger grill makes the most pouch tolerable, moist chicken and turkey - I LOVE my Traeger Liquid adult acetometiphine from CVS rocks! If you have a headache, take a shot and that thing is gone in 15 minutes (unless it is a migraine). Walmart Juniors melt-away acetometiphine tabs are a 2nd place but very serviceable. 1 drink can knock you on your butt...but the recovery is very quick. Never have I been sober, drunk and sober in the same hour. I look good in a tux (and a beard)! I can build a deck... And do a boat load of gardening work: Plus, I was able to run around the Univ. of Florida Ben Hill Griffin stadium at the end of August without feeling like I was exhausted or drained: Am I where I wanted to be at this point in time coming up on 3 years past surgery? NOPE Am I happy with how my life is and how much I am able to accomplish at this point in my life? HE77 YEAH!!
  2. Swizzly - cortisone shots are likely the next step - what is most frustrating is when it hurts when I haven't done anything just because I am putting it at a bad angle in the car. The foot rest on the left side of left side drive cars is not the ideal position apparently...neither is leg up and foot flat on the floor.
  3. I get pain when I am doing nothing...I have iced it and elevated it, even sleep with that funny sock that pulls your foot back. I wear a compression sleeve but the leg issues I have with swelling and needing compression socks makes wearing one about a 5-6 hour deal when I should be able to wear it all day on the other leg... Funny thing is when I was a bigger guy, never had an issue...lose a person and then all kinds of things start popping up. Age...its inevitable...
  4. I will have to give it a try...its a bit too cold and snowy around here to get out on the bike now but perhaps I can hook up a trainer to give it a road bike is so lonely hanging up in the basement...
  5. Hey guys - I am here! For a while I wasn't getting any notifications and then all of a sudden, they started popping up. Anyone deal with Plantar Fasciitis? Pray you don't ever get it - physical activity is dreadfully painful and you wish your foot was not there instead of dealing with that pain. I've had it for over a year and there isn't much they can do to resolve comes and goes and sometimes is nothing, sometimes is a a result, I am not getting as much physical activity as I should. I have been told to stay away from the protein drinks and that I should be only eating my protein at this point...know how hard it is to eat 90g of protein a day and not get bored with the choices that are good for you and tolerable to your pouch? Still hanging has kept me very busy. Funny how that happens. Not doing as well with my weight as I would like but I am making the right choices and staying on the straight and narrow - if I could get some more walking in I know I will start losing again instead of stagnating...
  6. How are folks doing with their surgiversaries being this month?
  7. I love Dr Wynn! She does my follow-up appts (I go in on Fridays generally) and is VERY supportive
  8. I'm still hanging in...had my 1 yr. check up on Friday (well, 11 month check-up) and the doctor has said I am doing great...feels that ~1lb a week at this stage is good and with continued exercise, should allow 4-6 more months of weight loss. Havering in the 290 range...not really moving too much but little bit here and there and definitely a LOT better than the 500+ lbs I was 2 yrs ago! Waist is down 24 inches...that still boggles the mind and I actually bought 2XL gym shorts that I needed to return. Bought XL instead Also bought my bathing suits for the upcoming summer...XL there too! Exercise isn't as aggressive as I would like it...between work and being cold all the time, if it isn't walking around in general, I am having problems getting motivated to do it. Need a kick in the @*# to get to the gym because it is simply too cold to bike right now. A couple of things on the health front... My Venous stasis dermatitis hasn't cleared as much as we'd like so I have made appts. w/ the vascular surgeon to look at it. We are doing an ultrasound at the end of the month and possibly a "closure" of the saphenous vein in both legs. Should resolve the stasis and the other varicose veins in my thighs that have decided to make their presence known via weight loss. Looks like worms under the skin...that bad (but doesn't hurt). Also went to the Urologist to get a check up on the health of the plums...the diagnostics were, um, interesting to say the least. Ultra-sound, physical inspection and sample "collection" with a blood draw to boot. Thinks I have a Varicocele (vericose veins in the plums). So I find out the findings at the end of the month from all that. Might be why my wife has never been pregnant despite my best efforts. In December, I had a lipoma removed. Nice little in-office procedure to cut out a non-cancerous fatty tumor. Again, weight loss allowed this to be seen to the point where it bothered me when sitting in the car for long periods of time. Some numbing, a little pain from the margins during cuttings and three stitches. All gone! Compliments continue to come my way and now they are along the lines of "how young" I look. Finding that I can eat more in one sitting that I would expect to...but then again, I'm not eating the 6 times per day like I'm supposed to. Fluid intake continues to be fine and the blood levels are all good aside from B12 being a bit high (Powerade Zero is amazingly efficient in delviering B3, B6 and B12 in 15% increments per 12 oz serving).
  9. Hit Walmart for the under $20 a pair for Wranglers, it just makes sense (and they carry them in store up to 46")
  10. yup, I'm still alive and kickin... Still losing weight (but I had so much more than you ladies to lose) doc told me in October, expect another 10-14 months of slow weight loss before stabilizing. I thought I was in a end of loss period there for a while because my weight was hovering around 300 lbs but I reanalyzed what I was eating, getting in the extra protein and biking when I could and it moved again. Now that it is cold and getting dark early, no excuses to go to the gym!
  11. Look what this guy broke <<< Broke the 300 lb mark! WOOO HOOOO!!! Here is an updated pic - got this from the bike ride I did a little over a week ago...look who isn't the biggest guy in any given picture!
  12. My legs hurt me all night long - so much so that the sleep was so negligible that I called out of work today! I need a road bike...simple as that - the wife won't be happy but I am saving my pennies for it - more clothes to ebay and more money to make to save up the 1k$ for a decent road bike. The guys were impressed that I was able to keep up with them for the whole ride (they had mercy on me) but the last climb killed me - if it weren't for that, I don't think I would have hurt so bad. This weekend will be a lighter ride into Newark, DE and on some of the trails around there - should be a good 20 mile trip (and give me a chance to get to the bike stores in town without my wife nitpicking about me looking at other bikes!
  13. sure, will do Did a 28.5 mile bike ride today... My legs still burn and it was quite the workout over such a long period of time - looking forward to more of them but I need a road bike!
  14. Did my bike ride today...28.5 miles Wow, my legs burned for hours once we were done - I didn't want to eat at all after the ride but made sure I still did eat something and got my protein in all day. They want to ride 32 miles next weekend, not sure I can do that one (starts in Medford, NJ - Annette, close to you at all?) - not sure I can do that and then do the 1hr ride home burning like I did today
  15. I hear you on the cold...I am wearing shorts (its in the 60's still, right?) but I am wearing long sleeves and jackets when I go outside as opposed to short sleeves. I am doing a 20-30 mile bike ride @ 9AM tomorrow - I am afraid I will be too cold in the beginning of the ride - it will be tough and I will need to bring a back pack (maybe I'll break out the camel pack) - I have my Under Armour cold gear but it still might not be enough - hooded sweatshirt or windbreaker jacket might be needed to start with As far as weight loss, it should continue for 12-18 months post surgery - you may be in one of the dreaded plateaus Are the clothes fitting looser?