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    Thank u guys!

    So, i posted in the member photos section, but wanted to pop in this section as well. HOW IS EVERYONE?! Omg I haven't been on here forever!! I'm doing well . I got new leg braces and I've been riding my bike!! The scale wasn't moving for a while, then it was, then it wasn't - now it is again! Hope I can keep it up . Hope everyone else is doing awesome! :wub:Oh yeah, story behind this pic. I took it yesterday and couldn't believe I could wear it! I had bought it online, and when I first got it, it didn't fit well and looked bad but now I can wear it. my mind was blown!

    So, omg. I haven't been on here in forever!!! Just thought I'd post real quick and show you guys the latest picture of me that I took today. I got new leg braces and started riding my bike again. The scale's moving again! So excited. I'm still losing - and wanna get to goal... hopefully it won't be long. Hope everyone else is doing well!! <3 XoXo
  4. Well, hello there, 180 pounds not on my body anymore.

    Thanks all . And aww Icee, I'm sure you'll start losing again soon. SO many times in the last few months I thought I was done but I'm still losing. You will get there.. Also, I think it's just something about the 220 - 230's. They're EVIL. Lol. I swear I was in the 230's forever and thought that's just where my body wanted to be. And it's been slow - but I'm getting there!
  5. Well, hello there, 180 pounds not on my body anymore.

    Thanks everyone!! . I thought I'd add this new pic I had taken this weekend (I wanted to show off my new XL tanktop ). I think it's a bit better than the other one... I got alot of compliments on it on facebook
  6. Well, hello there, 180 pounds not on my body anymore.

    Lol, GOD NO. 180 pounds in like 18 months haha. I didn't lose any weight pre op cuz it wasn't required and I was lazy . I've been a slow loser but it aint over til the skinny lady sings!
  7. When I'm on my period. The first day or two I'm not very hungry and will actually eat less... but then, I become insatiable. Literally haha. But I mostly snack on fruit, nuts and stuff like that so it aint so bad.
  8. Well, hello there, 180 pounds not on my body anymore.

    Aww Paula... hug away! <3
  9. Well, hello there, 180 pounds not on my body anymore.

    Thank you all..
  10. Well, hello there, 180 pounds not on my body anymore.

    I do have a more updated pic.. I'll post it on here since I apparently can't change my profile pic.. lol
  11. LOL. Ok, that title was a little wordy. But yeah. Today I weighed myself and exactly 180 pounds lost! So happy.
  12. Making progress...

    HOLY MOLY!!! YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE! That's all I can really say. I'm speechless
  13. My Transfer Addiction

    OMG I tried the cinnamon flavor not too long ago, I didn't even know it existed. Now I just make my own at home . Strong @*# coffee + ice + tbsp of half and half + cinnamon = Magic.
  14. My Transfer Addiction

    HAHA yes! Oh man, I'd die without coffee now. At first it was just an occasional cup here and there, then one warm day a few weeks ago I had the idea to take the old coffee from the pot, and mix it in a cup with splenda and half and half. I was done for. Like I said, now if I don't have it, don't frickin talk to me. When I do have it, you can proceed with caution, LOL. But I don't go too crazy, I track all the creamer and whatnot and it hasn't been a problem as far as my weight goes. Although, even if it was, I wouldn't change it - it's the one thing in my life I refuse to give up. NO ONE WILL TAKE MY COFFEE AWAY FROM MEEEEEE! Lol. *sips iced coffee vigorously.