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  1. Kohls- flexees shapers help a lot! I was able to go down a pants size with them and they eliminate the roll of fat over the top of my jeans. They don't feel very restrictive either. Love them!!
  2. Read the book why we get fat by Gary Taubes. It was a life changer for me, just wish I had read it before I had surgery.
  3. Why are you throwing up at 3 years post-op? That's not normal.
  4. My doc doesn't do barium tests. There are other signs they can look for for a leak. Good luck.
  5. Probably a female hormone shift that you don't have any control over.
  6. My pee sometimes sprays out, it's so strange. Don't have a saggy mons (plenty of other saggy things though).
  7. I started swallowing pills a couple of weeks post-op. I hated the celebrate chewable calcium. I started with citrical petites but now use the regular size.
  8. You should tell them when you are able to start, and I certainly wouldn't tell them specifically what's being done. You absolutely need to let them know that before you take the job. No company is required to allow a new employee time off even if it's for medical purposes. If your not up front with time off needed you'll be wasting everyones time.
  9. I eat low carb and would count it as 7. However, for many people (and those on Atkins) they wouldn't be allowed until on maintenance or the "last" rung of the low carb ladder. I wouldn't eat then myself, that's more carbs than I can handle without cravings, etc.
  10. I had the same experience at Disney world at 9 months post-op. They took a picture on a roller coaster and it didn't look terrible! I even bought it. Congrats!
  11. You do an overnight sleep study to diagnose apnea. If you snore, you're more likely to have it. My husband has it, but I didn't .
  12. Hi, Welcome. Most insurance companies require your BMI to be at least 40 without comorbidities (diabeties, sleep apnea, etc) and 35 if you have comorbidities. At least I've never heard about any that have been approved under 40 without other issues. If you don't have any other health issues (except your weight), your BMI would need to be at least 40 on the initial weigh-in at the bariatric center. Most insurace companies approve based on that initial weight, so be mindful of that. It would be a shame to miss out just because of a few pounds. Good luck!
  13. Wow, what a terrible experience. I hope your recovery goes well. It's a amazing what a vast difference there can be person to person after gastric bypass. We just don't know how our bodies will react. Take care!
  14. I've taken them since about a month out. I've never had any problems swallowing pills post -op. I just put all of my pills in my mouth at once and wash them down. They are the standard capsule size, not big at.
  15. Good luck to you. I'm confused though, you're either having WLS or going vegan? Are you under the impression that by going vegan that you can lose and maintain a normal weight? Do you think it will resolve your diabetes? I understand about the pictue thing, I too was always shocked when I'd see a picture of myself, especially my giant round face. My DL still has my pre-op pic and just yesterday I used it at a casino and the lady, said wow you've really lost weight and look great. The WLS was definately worth it for me.
  16. You'll probably be scared to eat after your surgery, that's what slowed me down. I didn't practice eating slow pre-op. I don't think I really eat slower or chew more at this point than I did pre-op.
  17. I haven't even worn a sleeveless shirt since early childhood, so I can't imagine a 2 piece suit...lol
  18. Depends on your height. My goal has been to get to 149 which is the top of the BMI chart for my height, but I've never gotten lower than 162. My new goal is 100 pounds of putting me at 155. I think the average statistical weight loss is 60-80% of excess weight and you are probably already in that range. My Dr didn't give me a number either. He did say that very few lose 100% of excess, but usually the ones that do start at a lower weight. Although, there are many people on these boards that have lost 100%.
  19. When I saw your post, I thought, o-boy this isn't gonna be good (I don't think many can/should wear a 2 piece after losing a lot of weight). But, I think you look awesome! I wouldn't be caught dead in one, but you can definitely pull it off. Although anyone that's comfortable enough and wants to wear a 2 piece should, it's just often not the most flattering look for them.
  20. That's way too much sugar for a protein drink. There are much better alternatives. Good luck, sounds like a terrible experience.
  21. People are conditioned to eat at movies, but it doesn't have to be. Anyone can go without eating for under 2 hours. Skip the food and enjoy the movie. I agree about the smell of popcorn, it's maddening!! Good luck.
  22. I never regreted it, however, I had a very quick, easy and complication free surgery. I've never had an issues with eating foods either, Good luck!
  23. How exciting! Good luck with your new journey!
  24. I've heard that it's not looked upon favorably if you've had WLS. I've seen people say they were denied life insurance or had to wait a couple of years before getting it. I haven't looked into it myself. I should because I pay quite a bit because I took out a policy pre-op that didn't require a medical check-up. I pay $93/ month for 500k term policy (was a 39 year old non-smoking woman when I took it out).
  25. That is pretty thin for your height, but still within BMI normal limits. As long as you aren't obsessing about losing more weight, I think you're fine. You might want to think about upping your calories so that your weight stabilizes. Congrats on your success, I'm still 14 pounds away from being "normal".
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