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  1. I got pregnant at 5 1/2 months post op while I was on the nuva ring. pregnancy post-wls isn't easy at all! But take it easy.. I am 53 days away until I havemy lil guy. I've had to re-think eating and allow myself to eat more than I was comfortable with. but our bodies have a weird way with working and your stomach will expand and you'll get enough nutrition for your baby. Start with liquid calories for now. namely: milk (if you can tolerate it) and juices. Orange juice was my go-to drink the entire first trimester
  2. Carbs - up to 100 grams a day. It might be hard but think of things that give you carbs.. Juices, fruit, cheese and milk. It doesn't just have to be in the form of grains! !
  3. Wanted to share. And for those of you considering having babies after WLS, just remember the weight WILL come off. I'm having a tough time with this BUT I know that I just need to stick to making sure baby is doing well before I can focus back on me. I got pregnant 5.5 months post op RNY while on birth control. Anyway.. here I am [side note - The belly isn't too cute because I STILL have brusing from my larger incision on my left side. Seems like it'll never go away! Also I still have some sagging skin down below :/ One of the things we've gotta deal with but on a positive note, most of
  4. bugdocmom! It's been way too long, and look at you! You look amazing Hopefully we can catch up! Thanks and thanks <3 Bypassingme619, the good news is that WLS is more common now-a-days and the doctors i'm working with have seen a few WLS patients.. BUT it doesn't mean they know what they're talking about anymore than the research I've dug up myself. In fact they wanted to lower my vitamins to one pre-natal a day, whereas I am taking one multi and one pre-natal. We butt heads a bit because I also ask for more lab checks whereas they want to treat me like a normal pregnant woman. I went
  5. I'm doing pretty good, i'm healthy and have a healthy baby on the way (due dec 24th). I posted my 1 year post-op pics today in the member photos. I had a nuva ring fail for birth control, and got pregnant a little after 5 months post op. not ideal by any means, but like I said, we're healthy! Would love to see 1 year post-op pics from ya'll!
  6. Just posted my 1 year post-op photos. Lots have changed, but I've managed to take it all in stride.

    1. Bypassingme619


      I know we don't know each other I am proud of you

  7. Hi there everybody. I know i'm not active at all, life kinda got in the way. I had my surgery sept 27th, 2011. I was doing AMAZING and following every direction. At my 6 month post-op appointment I was at 174lbs. Little did I know, I was PREGNANT. Yes, I got pregnant about 5 months and one week post op. it's bee crazy since I was using protection (Was on the Nuva ring) and still managed to get pregnant. I had a few choices but of course I considered this part of God's bigger plan that I couldn't yet understand.. But i'm happy to say I am 7 months pregnant and doing well. I got as low in
  8. Because I am down over 100 lbs, I wanted to see a comparison of how my face changed. It's shocking to me!!! Anyone that may be looking to see if this works, I'm proof! it's been 4 months and a week.. Stick to what your doctors tell you and never look back. F' the PIZZA LoL
  9. SO pretty Your face looks much smaller, I know it's hard to tell sometimes!
  10. I open up the photo in paint shop (I know, it's old school) and then I go to the top list of commands and click on "image" and then, "resize/skew" . The smaller the number, the smaller the picture will go. Try 75% at first and then you can just keeping going at 75% until your satisfied.
  11. Ate out for breakfast for the first time since surgery (over 3 months) and went to Denny's. It was awful! Everything .. the eggs, turkey bacon. I give up!! I would much rather make my own breakfast thankyouverymuch ;)

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    2. Nana60


      Hey Buttercup, how do you scale down your photos. My picasa program won't let me.

    3. MaraJayne


      My daughter and I go to Dennys every Sunday for breakfast. I usually get the eggwhites scrambled with turkey bacon, and the fruit cup. I love it!

    4. buttercup


      I open up the photo in paint shop (I know, it's old school) and then I go to the top list of commands and click on "image" and then, "resize/skew" . The smaller the number, the smaller the picture will go.

      Try 75% at first and then you can just keeping going at 75% until your satisfied.

      Hope that helps!

  12. No way!!!! You look SO GOOD!!!!!! And 220 lbs.. that's insane. You should be oh so proud! Look at your calves!!
  13. Aw well i'm at 3 months, 1 week and 2 days atm and here's current pictures from today. First with Hubby and then just a vanity shot I guess? Lol we were taking my mom to the airport. and can I also add, I'm finally under 200lbs!!!!! Will never go back there again
  14. Happy New Year all :) I'll celebrate with eating toppings off of a slice of Pizza. :) Oh the little indulgences I miss sometimes!!!! :) Be safe and don't 'drink and eat' ;) hahah

  15. I had a great surgeon, Dr Symmons, and it all went well without complications. DO you live on fort hood?
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