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  1. Don't worry what people say, I to was asked twice in meetings before surgery what was I doing here. One even asked when I had my surgery but I knew I needed it and five months later down 82 pounds. Just do it for you and enjoy the rewards after the surgery.
  2. I to am from Alabama, had my surgery at st. Vincent's east with dr miles, I'm 5 months out and have gone from 280 down to 198 in short time. Just remember the difference between habit and hunger, after you get pass this stage will be piece of cake. Just think back and remember why you did this, for you to be in better health.enjoy the weight loss it will come . Stalls are part of weight loss they soon will pass.good luck
  3. I will three months out on sept 6. so far i have lost 64 pds . But for my height at 5'7" i need to weigh around 150 , but just trying to get down to 185 or so.
  4. Just hang in there before you know it you will walking and getting around. Remember your bodyjust went thru a big ordeal the strength and stamina will appear as you loose weight. and as they say its just a tool make yourself get up and move around and get moving. wish you the best.
  5. Gastric bypass is the way to go, had my surgery on june 6th lost 54 pds so far and dont regret it at all. just get dr. that has lots of experience, i had no complications and only thing i would change would to get glue instead of staples
  6. I to was torn between lap band and gastric bypass. I chose gastric bypass because results are better. alot of people have the band and come back later and get the gastric. Either one you have to work at , but i wouldnt trade my surgery for nothing, had surgery june 6th lost 54 pds and if wouldnt for scars never would know i had surgery. just make sure you get a dr. that has plenty of experience and you will wonder what took so long to get surgery done, good luck
  7. From montgomery, had surgery in bham on June 6 2011 with Dr. miles at St. Vincents East. I wouldnt trade it for anything best thing i have ever done, down almost 50 pds and have about 50 more to go.
  8. Well i had my surgery on 6th of june and it went great, i used Dr. miles and to date i have lost 47 pounds since june, either dr at st vincents will do you a good job, just ask for glue instead of staples. good luck.
  9. Try the Muscle Milk shakes, you can get the ready to drink ones at wally world or can get bigger containers at GNC, they do have such a great taste, especially if you add some fruit to make a smoothie.
  10. Yes glue for the cuts in stomach, no question is a dumb question
  11. Well finally hit 30+ days post op. started at 279 at dr visit before surgery. down to 241 as of today, and i feel wonderful if anyone is doubting wether to get surgery or not just read on this site and see how it will change your life. just got done running and walking on treadmill and feel great. only advice i would give is get glue instead of staples and choose dr. wisely.
  12. well eleven days post op and down 23 pounds since dr appt before surgery, surgery went well, only problem is reness on stomach area. I have stopped lovenox and if it doesnt work i guess i will stop whey protein shakes and see if that works, dr says sure allerig reaction to something just have to figure what it is, but wouldnt trade it for anything.
  13. Well im at home today wednesday at 132pm had surgery for gastric bypass on monday all went well , only pain is from air that put into stomach to stretch to be able to work, make sure you follow liquid diet doc said it was a big help in surgery. have to go monday and get staples out, one lady had glue I believe, wish i would have known about it but other wise in good health and ready to start new life and beginning. thnkas to all for the support before and all form here on out.
  14. Thanks for the support, i have to be at hospital at 530 am and im ready as i can be to begin a new journey, results and updates to follow. thanks again.
  15. Well i went for final Dr appt today, did a little blood work and now just have to wait till monday to have surgery. having alot of butterflies now. hoping to get thru surgery without any complications. more to follow after surgery.