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  1. Hi Ciwi, You are so right, my biggest concern is the "what if" scenario. I was on to Aviva and they state they will only cover someone with a BMI of 45.2 or more for five yrs+ and the others are looking for
  2. Hi there, I'm still looking into having the lap band done in Ireland, but it seems to take a while to get any answers, unless I'm willing to fork out
  3. Hi Sas, Thanks a million for your reply, thats exactly what I needed to hear. Ih my God, you have come a long, long way. You look amazing! I have about 6 stone to lose, I have a current BMI of 39.4 (but its often 40) and have family history of health problems associated with obesity. My biggest reason for wanting it is 11 years of failed diets, I'm bigger now than when I started dieting 11 years ago! I don't know how to live normally without dieting, I seem to be either dieting or cheating! If I can find a way to cheat I will somehow allow it even though the day before I would have had fantastic willpower. Its so disheartening. Fingers crossed that this wil be the last action I have to take to lose the weight! I can't face another fad diet with all its ups and downs. Thanks again for all the info, it really is so helpful and inspiring!
  4. Hi Ciwi, Thanks a million for your reply. I'm being referred to Dr McAnena in the Galway Clinic, still waiting on the appt so really haven't a clue what to expect. My BMI is 39.4 (and hits 40 regularly!) and I've been taking ad's since I became overweight about 11 years ago. I also have family history of high blood pressure and stroke caused by obesity. I am hoping to God I can get covered by insurance, did you look into going public at all? I don't even know if I would qualify but I believe the waiting lists are long. Its tough going because when you decide to do it you just want it done and over with so you can start your new life, this limbo land is tough (and I'm very impatient!!)
  5. Hi Sas, Thanks for the welcome, you actually have already helped me this evening, just reading your story was inspiring. I really appreciate your honest replies. More than ever now I know this is no miracle cure, but requires real dedication. Can I ask you if you had tried diets before deciding to get banded? And if so, what was it about the banding that made you soo dedicated. You mentioned somewhere that you have hadd little slips but the guilt wasn't worth it. I think I've felt like that so many times on other diets, usually just before a giant lapse that lead to ultimate failure and weight re-gain. How do I know I won't do that again - what is it about the banding that makes people more likely to succeed than any other diet? I would love your opinion on this.
  6. Hi there, I'm new to the site and new to the world of LB. Am waiting on an appt with a Galway surgeon to discuss options and was wondering if anyone can help me? I have private medical insurance but find it hard to know if they will cover as its a grey area, has anyone been through a similar scenario and can they advise? Any advice would be much appreciated...
  7. Hi Big, How are you? i hope all went well with the op? I'm in Ireland too and considering the OP and just wondered why you decided on Belgium and how it all went. Did you try getting cover on Insurance here? I'd really appreciate any info you could give me, its all a bit of a minefield!!