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  1. Hello to all my old friends and the new people since me. It has been over 2 years I think since I have posted. Life with me has been tough. I have gained weight back and I drive truck cross country. My son died a year ago and I got a divorce last year as well. The good thing is, I am feeling stronger every day. That is my report. I am interested in getting into contact with my old friends. Mike:p
  2. Nope, I moved to Oceanside. So now I do it in Oceanside.
  3. thanks for all of the good words. I will see if I can make it to a support group. I just have to wake up at 3am every morning.
  4. I guess no one can get my posts, something must be wrong here. No one is replying. Oh well.
  5. Hi all, Been a real strugle with me gaining alot of weight back and drinking too much alcohol. But one thing is good, I got married and too a wonderful woman. She is very supportive too me and I am very happy to have her. I just wish I could lose all of the weight I gained!!! Talk too you soon!!! Mike
  6. Hi all, Well, seems like I was doing well and now I have gained back 40 lbs again. I am an emoitional eater. What the hell is wrong with me? OK, well, I dont know what way to turn. I would hate to gain back all of my weight again? Mike
  7. ok Bridgette, Send me the 411 to and Michelle, yes we can walk. Send me the info as well on how to get a hold of you. Mike
  8. Welcome, I know your fears, we all have been there. It is a long and winding road, but I can say I had pain in knees every before surgery and now, I am free of pain. It is a wonderful life, challenging at times, but this is why we are all here for each other. We are here for you and the support you need. You will be fine and live a longer life because of it. It is a rough road, but very rewarding. Just stay close with support groups and on here. Voice your fears and we will be here to comfort you and also tell it like it is as well. You have nothing to worry about, Dr. Callery and Dr. Potts are a very good team and the staff iss excellent so are all of their patients. So remember, we are here for you, go for it, get ready for a new life and a wonderful one with your kids. This is a gift for you and them. Take care and hugs!!!!! Mike
  9. Hi there, Well, I am back again to see if anyone in the East would like to go walk, hang out or whatever? It is always nice to meet people who share a comon thing as we do. So, I am also looking for new friends as well. So let me know if you are interested in this. Please, write back. Mike
  10. Hi everyone, I tell you, it is still a strugle for me with weight. I do well, then I go up again. I seem to be an emoitional eater sometimes, but yet, I still eat better than I did when I weighed over 400 lbs. Even though I have a struggle, emoitionally, I have never felt better. My self esteam is much better. I would never thought I would approuch women, but I do. They seem to find me more atractive, But I also think that feeling better about my self is atractive and people can see the self confidence. It is still a strugle, but i feel almost like I am in my younger years again. Thank you everyone who was there in the beginining and is still here. Mike
  11. Hi everyone, Starting Friday April 29, and every Friday there after, I will be DJaying at the Valley House Resturaunt and Lounge in Santee. Starting at 9pm, come dance to your favorite songs. Everything goes. It will be alot of fun. E-mail me for info. Mike
  12. Hi everyone, I myself am an emoitional wreck. I am basically out of work. Can't drive truck until my driving record clears up, the end of may. The good thing, I have lost some weight, the bad thing is, I need a job. If anyone knows of somewhere close to Santee as an entry level position, I could use the help. I have no money and my bills are do. So any info would help. Thanks! Mike
  13. Hey, it was my 2 year re-birthday on March 12, go
  14. Thank you for the Birthday wish!!!!!
  15. Thanks all, It is nice to have such kind words and encourgement. I tell you. It is a wake call to me everyday. I also think stress is involed as well and being anxious. There is alot of emotions running wild in me and things I need to deal with and I do know one thing that will help with all of this, Eatting right and exercise, number one thing that will help and talking about what is going on as well. Well, thanks again and I will continue to let you know more about me lol