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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one I have broken down crying before because I feel like a failure sinc ei never reached my goal I need to lose 50 pounds for that. The closes I got to my goal was 32 pounds away but the past 2 years and a half I gained 20-22 pounds (I have lost some in the past month) We should all help each other out and share what is working for them ;-; this is so frustrating. I am currently counting calories and attempting to eat clean (it's so hard) I pretty much started eating anything and everything at my 8th month mark. I also started insanity I am on my 3rd week but I decided I will just do the first month and change to turbo fire because I don't like the second month of the insanity program...
  2. Hello my name is Steph back in January I reached my 3rd year post op! I don't regret doing the surgery but what I do regret is having lost control and I started eating bad again. The surgery is just a tool to help us lose weight but you still need to learn how to eat and control yourself and that was my problem and still is. I was 275 when I did the surgery. My lowest weight was 162 and I never reached my goal (130) I am 5'1 and that's what I should weight... To make it short: in my 8th month out I started eating bad now it's 3 years later and I have gained 18 pounds (lost 4ish the past month) I am sooo dissappointed with myself but at least I am working on it now, I even wonder if I messed up the surgery / pouch. So I am here for help. What do you guys eat after 3 years out? Do you still follow a diet? Do you take protein shakes? This would be rlly helpful. I think I need a diet plan based on ppl who had done the surgery. I been counting calories and exercising for a month and its so slow idk if I'm doing it right. I drink nectar syntrax after my work outs because I find it that it keeps me full for a long time (I'm constantly head hunger it sucks)
  3. hmm weird he was probably eatings things he shouldnt. BUT then again I eat everything and anthing and doesnt rlly happen to me on the contrary im usually constipated... /:
  4. im glad to know im not the only one.. /:
  5. what kind of protein do you take? I need to get some. I constantly feel hungry and I can relate to you alot. I still need to lose 40 pounds and its so hard IM ALWAYS HUNGRY or at least i think so IDK :/ I mean i can eat little but i dont feel satisfied/full it sucks. I think I had stretched my pouch. I bet protein will help me fill full BUT i dont know which to buy i have tried whey protein that wallmart sells and its nasty. I was thinking herbalife protein shakes but i dont know if we can take those
  6. have you tried milk of magnesium? thats what my doc said to take for constipation..
  7. hello thanks for all the replies. I been more aware of what I eat now I haven't been drinking sodas it's hard though I mean before I would drink and EAT at the same time an prob around 4 ounces of Pepsi sometimes more sometimes less. There hasn't been Pepsi around but coke and other yes I try not to drink ANYTHING a all while eating but it's hard so I usually end up drinking sips. I admit is still bad but in a way It makes me feel like I'm in control somehow. I find it crazy how I would drink so much and eat at the same time before /: Also with straws too >_< water... I can't seem to get it in. I'm going to buy a 64 ounces bottle and carry it with me everywhere. >_< I will do what I read here "focus on protein and liquids first" that should keep me full too. I haven't eaten any chips (that's a big progress!) I do crave them though. Yesterday I messed up by eating some chocolate cereal (without milk) And today I ate an apple with caramel (I don't think it's bad at least is a better choice in a way) BUT tonite I was craving doughnuts /: So I read that is good to fink before eating that way you feel "full" and I try it out, I know I'm suppose to wait at least 10 minutes before eating but this is what I don't get: everyone says one time and others some other time! I'm sticking to 30 mins before eating and an hour or 2 after eating (Workin on it) Anyway I drank a small cappuccino (i don't think that's good to drink? Too much sugar but sugar has never been a problem for me... My heart might start beating fast (sometimes) or I might get sick to my stomach but never rlly sopped me from eating/drinking certain foods. Back to the story well yeah I drank that and ate 1 sprinkles doughnut like 10 minutes later And wow it does work! I would eat 2 doughnuts before WHILE drinking coffee. I know it's still a bad choice, I'm working on it little by little. I'm just watching what I eat trying to eat non fried food, fast food, chips, candy/chocolates. So far all I had stopped eating is candy, chocolates and chips. Sodas I still take some sips... Oh yeah almost forgot there was a phase I was drinking so much after the surgery because it felt good. I wasn't eating and I replaced that with alcohol I guess you could say (the whole eating when bored/upset or just because - i will drink to somehow replace that habit and somehow feel better" but that stopped. I find it useless to drink now. Bad calories. Doesn't taste good. Is just not worth it. I know I have codependent issues and sometimes alcohol puts me in a bad mood so I even avoid going to clubs now. I'm not so much of a social person to begin with and if I go clubbing I know i will drink. Why? Just so that I can fit it and let go and have fun without alcohol I'm just so boring... And can't be myself. /: so I avoid it. Yesterday was a good day. Only messed up by eating cereal Today I think I ate way too much. Ugh. I love food is so hard not to give in and yeah I I do give in is so hard to stop i don't know when to, BUT now that I'm aware I noticed that my stomach starts hurting on the left side and I figure I'm full so I stop and also I don't have to fill full in order to stop I now see it as I need to eat not indulge myself "eat to live not live to eat" Let's see how tomorrow goes. I have to weight myself because I'm hoping I have at least lost something I will update soon!
  8. So in January 11 it will be two years after my surgery. I was doing rlly good the first year but then i started to slack off... and ended up eating everything and anything. Also drink sodas... and eat at the same time. I FEEL HORRIBLE as if i failed and im scare I sabotaged everything. I been reading about the 5dpt tool online and im planning on doing it. Yesterday i was on liquid all day until night i ended up eating because i figured wait all I have to do is watch what I eat...but who am i kidding! I mean its so hard especially when i feel i can EAT SO MUCH. Today for breakfast i ate more than half a sandwhich! which had turkey ham, cheese, and an egg. then an hour or more later i drank milk like 5 or 6 ounces. and right now which is like 2 hours later maybe... i just ate lunch. Chicken, salad, and like 5 spoons of rice and i dont even feel full. BUT i stopped. I dont know if people 2 years out are suppose to eat this much (which is what a normal person will probably eat) well less than that... then for the rest of the day i plan on drinking water once an hour or so has pass... and for a snack before dinner ill have a salad or more liquid >_< for dinner I dont even know what to eat. Not only am i scare that i can eat so much but food is so limited as in i dont know what should i be eating... i been drinking sodas for so long now but quitting is not a hard thing for me I mean is my 2nd day not drinking any sodas... and i been eating candy and chips nonstop as well soups, cereal with milk... UGH!! I just dont know how long until i fall back into the same routine. I never reached my 130 weight goal. Im at 168 i weighted myself today. the lowest weight was 164-165 and id lose, get it back back and forth. HOPEFULLY now that I notice what a mess I am i start losing weight again... Any suggestions? Ideas? What im concerned the most is I never know when im full and im ALWAYS or at least i think.. hungry. head hungers i get them a lot and the fact that i can eat so much is the worse because well i have give in on eating anything and everything and i can feed on bigger quantities Its ridiculous i did this surgery to get SKINNY and im not even that. i dont know what to do the past days i been depressed because i had realize i messed up big time and eating everything i been eating is a BIG NONO i cant seem to be able to process the whole never eating this or that.. but it gets easier well thats what you guys will probably say
  9. I understand your pain i can relate a lot... I feel really lost like a failure nd sonupset i never followed any rules whatsoever i never got to my ideal weight which is 130 im 22 years and 5'1 im scare i think i sabotaged the surgery :.( I eat so much i can fit a lot of food whenever i eat... Today has been my first day doing the 5dpt and w/3 i feel rlly depressed jt comes and goes. Yesterday i cried a lot and today i did too i guessim addicted to food i totslly forgot why i did this and took it for granted. I dont even know how i feel at themoment i think i need to get help but $ is an issue. Im constantly thinking about food and knowing i shouldnt / cant eat certain foods is depressing...
  10. Hey there! Im back too and im doing the 5 day thingy too i never reached my goal to begin with i was stuck at the same weight and then gained weight kept losing and gaining so i decided to try this out
  11. I have eaten many doughnuts and what not and never got sick well at least not to the point i dont wanna eat them again. Thats crzy to think no one here eats foods that they shouldnt at least once... Its unrealistic. Well atm im doing the 5 days pouch test because obviously i lost track and havent been taking care of myself whatsoever. :.(
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