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  1. Hi Judy I also used Dr. Q. Your results are amazing. I am also ready for plastics and was wondering who was your Dr. Thanks Jennifer
  2. Jennifer A


    Just be careful with the Honey the first time you try it. Honey didn't bother me, but, some have said that it made them dump.
  3. Jennifer A


    Thanks to you all I am now addicted to Fage/Greek Yogurt with Honey!!! LOVE IT!!!!! Jennifer
  4. You guys are doing really well!!! Keep up the good work. Couple of things really helped me: 1. Crunch ice. Satisfies the need to chew those first few days. 2. My new favorite soup: Trader Joe's Organic Vegan Black Bean Soup. Super YUMMY! Nutritional facts: 1 cup= 130 cal, 1.5g fat, 0 Cholesterol, 480mg sodium, 25g carbs, 5g fiber, 6g Protein. 50% vit A, 10% vit c, 4% Calcium, 8% iron. Good luck Jennifer
  5. I was just thinking today that my loss has slowed down. I'm about 18 months out. I haven't noticed too much regrowth so far. Jennifer
  6. Hey all I just finished the 5 day pouch test on Sunday. It really works!!! Lost a couple lbs and kicked the carbs and sugar. Day 2 really sucked for me, major headache all day. It does get easier after day 2. Now that it is over I really do feel much better about my eating and totally in control again. Even started running again. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!YOU CAN DO IT and NO EXCUSES!!!!! Jennifer:)
  7. OT (sort of) How do u capitlize each word in your post?? Is there a preset for that on your profile?? Do you really hit the shift key for each word...toooo much work. Need to know.... Jennifer
  8. Size: 2 or 4--Small or Medium Weight: 132 Height: 5'5" Frame: Small Plastics: Maybe someday.
  9. The Santa Barbara Bank & Trust is only used if you selected to have them deducted the cost of the Turbo Tax software from the amount of your refund. They receive the refund from the IRS and then deposit the new amount into your selected direct deposit account. If you have already paid for the software I am not sure why you would receive this email or link.
  10. I think that is probably the same thing. It tests Resting Metabolic rate, VO2Max and one other thing I cant remember. Jennifer
  11. Here is my question. Should I tell the trainer that is doing my test that I have had GBS??? I don't want to be viewed any differently than anyone else who works out. Do trainers have to respect my privacy as a Dr. would?? Would having GBS skew the results??? Jennifer
  12. The sugar you are getting is from the milk. Even non fat milk has sugar in it. Some people do ok with natural sugars.
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