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  1. I am 3 weeks out and have all the energy in the world, however everyone is different. Just want to say how lucky you are over there....wish I could go to Disneyland haha
  2. I find you often to be rude and abrupt GAviv....not even sure how you could have misinterpreted what Jolls said. Grayghost, if you are happy at your weight now such as not having to take meds etc, then just continue on living the healthy way you are, it isn't always about what the scales say but how you feel...and it seems like you are happy, and you have already had a massive loss...good work.
  3. Congratulations on your loss, you look amazing.
  4. I know the site you are talking about Paitynsmama....and it freaked me out too. I too am at 3 weeks and losing nothing, but I see that it is completely normal at this time for it to happen.
  5. Thanks Arieskye....knowing I am not the only person suffering (lol) and that everyone has been through it in one way or another is a great incentive to carry on the healthy path. It is getting easier. And thanks for your advice
  6. Yeah I would say put a scale on the table and lay your skin on it, if you can.
  7. Jenbeats. if you only need a little uppage in your protein, I buy the fatblaster shakes in the tubs (not sachets) and they taste yummy, especially the strawberry milk. I know you can get protein shakes with higher levels of protein in them but if you don't like them then you wont drink them....not sure if fatblaster is available where you are but have a look in your chemist.
  8. Thanks for your reply Nature Mom....makes sense now.
  9. Cranky Pants have you tried putting a pillow between your legs when laying down?
  10. That the nerves in the pouch are still stunned or numb and won't feel fullness yet for a few more weeks?
  11. And I hope you feel better soon, I have heard this shall pass and will be a distant memory..
  12. I have 2 scrambled egg white with either a tiny sprinkle of cheese or a bit of cottage cheese.....but only in the fry pan, microwave eggs are hard and chewy and hurt. Only two more days Lynne.
  13. I made the decision of what surgery I wanted based on the way I ate....I have always been a relatively small eater and but my foods were higher calories. So the sleeve was kind of pointless to me as I didn't need a restriction as such on the amount I ate, where the bypass absorbs lower that is how I made my decision. Hope you make the right choice for you, even if you delay your surgery until you have completely got your head around what you want to do, it is not a surgery to go in to without being 100% sure.
  14. I was on purée diet from day 3.... I don't think I could have handled fluids. I still get quite hungry