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  1. I'm right there with you! I have regained 15lbs and I am determined to get back on track. You can do it! You look awesome and have come so far. I'm going to start the 5 day pouch test tomorrow. How are you doing on it so far?
  2. I have a dreaded UTI and the doctor percribed Cipro. I'm having trouble figuring out when to take my vitamins around the stupid antibiotic. It says "Do not take antacids, iron, vitamins or minerals within 6 hours beforfe or 2 hours after taking this medicine." I take a vit. D, multi, calcium and pepcid at breakfast; calcium at lunch, pepcid, multi and calcium at dinner; iron at bedtime. If anyone has been on Cipro before how did you do your vitamins and the antibiotic? Thanks!
  3. Hey! I'm from Warrensburg. We have the same surgeon. Dr. Price and the staff at St. Lukes are awesome. I'm a little over 2 years out and have had great success. I started out at 250lbs and have maintained at 144 for nearly a year now. Good Luck!
  4. So I'm 2 years post op and my kids got the stomach flu and then I caught what I thought was the same bug, i had naseau and diahrea. That started on Sunday. Here it is Thursday and I still can't hardly eat anything without feeling extremely naseated and still have diahrea. I'm wondering if I should be concerned? I have a call into my surgeon's office but they have yet to contact me, not to mention I have missed TOO much work not feeling well.
  5. I'm going through the same thing right now and I'm completely discusted with myself I've let 8 lbs come back on from poor choices. I'm going to get all the necessary stuff and start on the 5DPT on Sunday. I have to get myself under control because I NEVER want to get back to were I was. Thank you for sharing. We WILL fight these sweets and carbs
  6. I was wondering what your opinion on the Adkin's diet after RNY was. I'm 19 months out and when I went in for my 18 month check up I had gained 8 pounds. I know that it is from poor choices and I'm trying pretty hard to get back on track but the stupid carb monster has a hold of me. Is it safe for me to do Adkin's after bypass?
  7. I was just thinking the same thing about my old friend Diet Coke. I used to go thru the Mcdonald drive through 2 times a day to get diet coke and I haven't had one since January 2011. That's a year and a half and I use to think I couldn't live without the stuff.
  8. So the first day went great and I've started Day 2 out great too! I just have to keep telling myself I can do it.
  9. So far so good today. It has been surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. I did have to have a spoon full of peanut butter when my blood sugar dropped, i nearly passed out trying to walk in after picking my son up from school. I hope that doesn't hurt the test.
  10. I'm starting it tomorrow. I have a horrible case of the carb monster that I can't kick. I have been eating way too many not good carbs. I'm going to get this bad boy under control. Anyone else up for starting it with me. We can keep each other motivated.
  11. I've been completely off track for about a week now, eating cookies and chips. I know that I've not made good choices and I've come here to vent and make myself accountable. It seems like the only place that I can do that because everyone keeps telling me you'll be ok, you're down to 135lbs don't worry. I have to worry or I'm going to end up 250 lbs again. I never ever want to be back there! I started the Couch to 5k program last week and since then I feel like I'm starving constantly and it seems like all I want in carbs. I know that is no excuse to eat crap. I'm am getting myself back on track as of now!! Thanks for letting me vent
  12. Thanks everyone for your advice. I love my husband and I know my husband loves me but I just thought that he would compliment me more and it would make me feel beautiful. I think I do need to really work on my self image and learn to love myself. I'm having a really hard time with that. I still feel like a 250 lb me and I really hated myself at that point. I'm going to work on myself Thanks!
  13. I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right place or if i should even be posting it at all but I'm nearly 1 year out and have reached my goal of 135lbs. I feel like i've hit a wall and nothing is like what I thought it would be 1 year out. I feel like i look pretty good minus the hanging skin but I can't seem to catch my husbands attention. He doesn't really seem to be any more attracted to me than he was before. I don't get any compliments or any extra attention and to be completely honest I'm really depressed. I thought it would be different after I lost 120 lbs. It makes me sad. I read on here about girls getting hit on and it making them feel great. I've never even been hit on I sometimes think maybe if someone told me I looked pretty it would help. Sorry...i think i just need to vent and am probably just being a stupid emotional girl.
  14. I'm getting my eating back on track because it seems I've been being really bad lately. I having chicken and stir fry veggies for lunch. Yummy. I also did Pilates this morning :)

  15. My eating has been horrible lately. I don't know what is wrong with me, I can't believe I let myself eat so horribly. I was down to 133 and this morning i was up to 137. I don't ever want to get back to wear I was. I am just so mad and frustrated with myself. I decided to start the 5 day pouch test to get back on track. I hope that I can make it through and that it helps me not want to snack and eat bad carbs. Sorry, I think i needed to vent to people who understand what I'm going through.