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    I'm happy with my band, I wasn't initially as I wanted the wow factor weight loss but I now have it working for me. I've sorted out my expectations and my diet and I am now enjoying a slow and steady weight loss (although a trip to India the other month added a bonus few kilos lost, lol). It's hard work at times but its so worth the effort, especially when you see someone after a while and they are super complimentary about you weight loss.
  2. I don't regret my lapband, I've had it almost a year now. I will admit that sometimes it has been hard work and I've wanted to convert but overall I've been happy with my progress. Remember people tend to only post when they are having problems or feeling low, so sometimes it gives the overall impression of people being unhappy. Do you research and talk to your doctor about it all. Although after seeing the date of this post I realize that you must have already had your surgery. The lapband is not a magic solution and you will need to work with it to get the results you want. Good lu
  3. My weight finally starts with a ONE. thats all I have to say.
  4. It takes awhile to get your head around everything. Even just having a general anesthetic can knock you about for a good few weeks afterwards, let alone the effects of the surgery. You might want to mention the tiredness as you might be low on some vitamins or minerals that you need. Hope all goes well with your first fill, I just had my second fill yesterday.
  5. The heavy-ness you can feel around the large incision site is probably the port. I can feel mine through the skin and it took a while to get used to. For the gas pains, something I found useful when I had a different surgery and was suffering was a hot pack, for some reason a hot pack on the stomach or painful area seems to help the pain, or at least it did for me. Good luck
  6. Thanks Cinwa, I had missed that section of the forum. Of course now I look and its jumping out at me!! opps.
  7. Hi, Has anyone changed from gastric band to gastric bypass? If they have, do they have any advice on what I might need to consider before making this decision. Thank you
  8. Mine has been similar, I have lost several cms from all over but the scales are moving very slowly. Its kinda annoying as everyone looks at the scales and BMI as a guide so when they look at that and see not much change, I almost feel that I have to point out I've lost centimetres. Still got to keep on trying and hopefully the scales will move soon and quicker.
  9. Well done it sounds like you are doing really well. I wish I was doing as well.
  10. The trip itself was a bit of a nightmare, BUT I did really well with the food, just a few small bits regularly and most of it was good choices, only once did I have to pick the "best of the worst". I was pretty pleased with myself, managed to not feel hungry which I think helped loads. Lets hope the return trip in 4 days goes as well food wise and heaps better travel wise!! Thanks for the advise everyone.
  11. 1 to 2 hours I wish, just about to get on a 14 1/2 hour flight
  12. I hate eating whilst travelling, it really throws my routine, esp when you can't take food with you. The next 21 hours of airports and plane food is not an appealing thought.
  13. Well I finally faced going back to my doc after putting on 10lbs and generally feeling like an absolute failure. He was really good, he thinks that the first fill did not fill right (that kinda has me a bit worried as he offered no explanation as to what could have gone wrong, but they could not pull the saline out, so they guessed it was not longer in there. So they put 3cc in and pulled it out and put it in again, and now want to see me again in a month. He was not mad or angry with me or made me feel like a looser like I was dreading. I finally feel that I am ready to give this another go.
  14. I had my surgery on the 12th Jan, I lost well in the 4 weeks that followed (9kgs) then I stopped, I remained stable but that was it. I was getting really down. After several problems I got my first fill today, they put in 3cc, I don't feel any different at the moment. The last few weeks I have gone through a real rough patch fighting off the bad eating habits which were slipping back and Ihave terrible self belief and so was really struggling to stay positive. But today the doc was really happy with everything and offered me excellent advise re problems and just made me feel that I was doin
  15. Finally had my first fill today. It was ok, local hurt a little then I just felt a pit of pressure. I don't feel any different at the moment. Not tried to eat anything yet. Slightly worried as tomorrow I have a 2 hr flight followed by a 14 hr flight, thats a lot to do on liquids only (hmm wonder if that includes gin and tonic!!) Then its how to survive a four week trip back home. So glad that I managed to get my fill in before I go. Feeling a little more positive today Thanks everyone for the support.
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