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  1. Great check up! weight down to 167, goal 160. lab work good. protein level 6.1, a little low so I am adding another protein shake a day to the total. Started B12 injections once a month. No Nausea, No vomiting! Love this surgery. Feel great. Very happy with the choice I made to do this.
  2. Are you working out? I am 18lbs away from my goal weight and had surgery in mid January. Work out, get your protein in, and the weight will come off. And I do not work out everyday or hard, just walk or elliptical for calorie burn and cardiovascular health....
  3. The B-12 shots are making me feel better, for awhile I felt great, loads of energy....the last 3 weeks I was feeling tired and weak..Went to my primary care physician and he ran the tests..got my first shot last week, will get 1 a week for 4 weeks and then once a month. I already feel loads better. other than that everything is great. And it is really weird being called skinny, I am so shocked to hear it when other people say it. In my mind I am still a heavy person. If that makes sense. It is so fun to shop now, never thought I would say that!
  4. Today is the day that I can call myself a "skinny person". I am not at my goal weight yet, but today i put on a size 10 in jeans and weighed 175lbs. I am still doing great with this surgery. I am low in b12 and receiving shots now, and had to kick up my Vit D intake but that is the only complication thus far....feeling fit and fab!
  5. Try GNC Total Lean Lean Shake-25gm of protein, 170 cal, 24 vitamins and minerals Best shake I have tasted so far, comes in strawberries and cream, vanilla bean, and swiss chocolate
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  8. Follow the Dr's orders.....I feel that is the reason for my success.
  9. I have had a mix of both. Close family support me but worry the weight is coming off to fast, and that I don't eat enough. Others are a little more, how should I put it, passive aggressive about the comments. Sometimes it sounds like a compliment but not really.......just keep on going, don't listen if you are getting negative vibes from people. Tell them if they are concerned for you to do some research on the surgery like you did and that you have made an important life decision for yourself and for better health.
  10. I had a 10lb weight loss prior to surgery, due to the 2 weeks of liquids prior to the actual date. Thank you all for the kind words...It is very exciting. I love how I feel. I cant believe it came off so quickly. I was expecting it to take much longer than this and I was preparing myself for some stalls in weight loss but none to speak of yet....I am blessed that everything is going so well. I will tell you however that I follow my doctors instructions about diet and everything else...so that might have something to do with it. I love the fact that I dont feel hunger any more, that is the great part to the sleeve.
  11. I just wanted to update everyone and let them know that I am doing great....No complications to date. Feel really good. This is the thinnest I have been since I was in my early 20's. I think I actually weighed more at my wedding than I do now. I am so thankful for this surgery. I was feeling so bad prior to surgery, its amazing that I feel so good now, sometimes I think " wow is this person in the mirror really me". I have such an increase in energy and activity level that my kids are loving the new me. I am no longer the "I'm to tired mom" to do things with them. I love this! For anyone that is on the fence about this surgery, all I can say is that is was the best decision that I ever made for my life.
  12. I had my three month check up and things are still great....I am in a size 12. I almost cant believe that I can say that. Dr says that I am his poster vertical sleeve patient. I have no issues to speak of. I don't get sick, I eat how I am suppose to. I feel that I am a better version of the former me. I have tons of energy.....I have absolutely no buyers remorse at all. I still do not have any hunger pains. I am still constipated several times a week and have to take a stool softener. I am having some weird food allergies surface now, and am seeing an allergist on May 3rd. I am back to running and working out. The weight is coming off so fast that I do think I will need a little plastic surgery in a year from now. I feel so blessed to have been able to do this for myself. I feel like I have saved my life. Thank y'all so much for all the great advice and encouragement. This is really a wonderful site.!
  13. I have seen people swell after surgery, however, there is not a lot of detail to your recent weight gain. Do you have and heart issues or high blood pressure? I would suggest that you call your surgeon and ask him what you should do. He is the most familiar with your health issues. You know a lot of the broth's that you drink are loaded with sodium.......buy lower sodium broth, that might help.
  14. Well my first vacation since I got my sleeve in January went very well....It was a little difficult at times when the family would go out to eat. I found it easier to just tell the waiter that I wanted water , instead of repeating that I don't want anything to drink. I stuck mostly to fish, requesting a clean plate from the restaurant and then getting about 3 oz of what ever my family ordered. The hardest part was sticking to a schedule....instead of 4 meals a day I only got 3 in...and never seemed to get enough water...I did however enjoy a protein smoothie from tropical smoothie...so at least I got some whey in...and I lost more weight....who can say that on vacation...lol. I felt great and was able to play on the beach with my kids, which was great....used to be so tired that I just laid there. I am really lovin the sleeve.
  15. No big secrets....just walk, walk, walk......and do everything the Dr. tells you to do...I stay on the schedule he gave me.