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  1. ADHD medications post-op

    I use the daytrona patch I understand that it is the same medication as ritilan I would like to say this works but have only been on it a few days so we will see.
  2. Bloating

    I have cut out milk still happened. I then cut out glucose and still happened I go to the doc on th 20th and start from there. Ugh! I'm sorry for the delay in response back but I did an update on my phone and i couldn't remember all my passwords. I am going to see if I can find the Adriana post but tell me more.
  3. Bloating

    Oh and I've had a hysteromecty so it's not that it's digestive some how
  4. Bloating

    Ok so I'm 6 or 7 years post op and after I eat my belly bloats so big every evening I look as though I'm pregnant. I can not wear blue jeans or anything that would be constricting at all even of they are loose fitting. I am a size 6 and have to wear elastic waist. Anybody ever had this problem? My stomach is flat when I wake every morning and then by evening it's huge.
  5. Baby Dust

    It worked for me! Waiting is so hard and it is one of those things that people will never understand unless they have lived it! You'll get there.
  6. How often do you weigh yourself?

    I agree with above......yes I weigh every day also. I tend to do better weighing every day. I have maintained my weight and my surgery was 6 years ago and I have had two children also. If the scale goes up I can think about what I could have done without and it helps me control head hunger I can think about answering to the scale if I am eating justbecausei want it not because I need it I know this sounds obsessive but I'd rather be obsessive with the scale rather than food.
  7. LADIES, HELP! Cycle is late is this normal?

    Oh my cycle was all over the place about 9 mon after surgery! Emotional because your hormones are crazy from the fat leaving your body.
  8. Lupus and gastric bypass

    I know this is an older post but thought it could help others that stop by to read. I had GB in 2006 and was healthy other than I was overweight and I was unable to get pregnant. I had two children after loosing weight and they are 18 mon apart now 2 and 3 years old. In late 2010 I was told I have lupus. My joint pain is awful. When I get moving it helps to stay moving when I first wake up I hurt so bad I don't know that I would hurt more or less with the weight on me. In my situation it is really hard for me to get better from a cold or any situation where I need to heal so I would be afraid to see how long it would take me to recover from weight loss surgery.
  9. Boobs! Lol

    Me well lets just say I had GB and then two children I pumped and fed both children after each child. My boobs looked amazing after each child but now they look like socks with rocks or door knockers! Lol I liked that one. But with clothes on I'm a size 4-6 and I am happy with the way I look. With no clothes on though not so much.
  10. 2 days late- soooo not preggo

    My hormones went through major changes and I was not "regular" at all! Frustrating I know but I would skip a month and then bleed for months it leveled out when my weight leveled out.
  11. Glucose Tolerance Test

    My first baby I did the test without thinking about dumping. It was awful the liquid left my body so quickly there is no way the teat could have been accurate. With my second baby I told the doc I do not eat sugar and I will cut back carbs and just eat like I have gestational diabetes rather than taking the test. You have the right to refuse any test you want but It made me really sick and like I said it the drink came out so quick there is no way it was accurate.
  12. 10 years post op-pregnant help!

    Any changes? How is it going?
  13. Ladies Who Had Babies After Wls....

    Breast feeding was no problem for me. I pumped and gave them bottles I did not actually breast feed but li produced plenty of milk and I think it even helped me loose a little more after I had each one! During pregnancy! I had much complications due to WLS. I had my intestin twist with my first pregnancy and I had to have surgery while pregnant to untwist it because I couldn't eat. That is ok though I had two healthy babies and would do it all over again.
  14. How much weight did you gain?

    Gained 13 with first, 17 with second... I had a doc that I told him I need to be accountable for my weight gain and he told me 15-20 would be great for me up to 30-35 is ok and then he said anything more than 35 is an excuse.... It may sound harsh bit that is what I needed lets face it I had to have surgery to lose weight so I needed a doc who would be frank with me and I did well I was wearing my regular clothes home from the hospital.
  15. 2.5 yrs post op, 15 wks pregnant tomorrow... questions

    There is a chewable prenatal vit hard to find. It is a perscription. Miralax! Worked for me when I was pregnant. I found some dill chip pickle flavored chips I think they were Pringles and when I felt the morning sickness coming on I ate a couple of them. I don't know why but it worked to calm my tummy I did not get past the morning sickness with my son I was feeling like I was going to get sick on my way to the hospital to have him. It lasted the full 9 mon! However the sill chips helped.