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  1. Thanks Ardita & Sassy, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the great info.
  2. Best of luck Monday from a fellow NC girl! I'm originally from Kannapolis, NC but the AirForce has made GA home. Thanks for the response & again good luck. I can't wait to hear back on your journey after Monday!
  3. I went to seminar today & there was an overview of both procedures, risks, recovery time & success. I'd always considered myself someone that would only want GBS but this really opened my mind to LB. So I'd like to know why you guys chose LB over GBS, if you had it to do over again would you make the same decision. The surgeon said recovery time as long as you were feeling well was 3-4 days then back to work. Is that accurate & realistic for someone that has a part time desk job with no heavy lifting? Thanks in advance!!!
  4. Well I just got back from my visit with my PCM. I didn't straight out get a referral for a surgeon but I signed up for the seminar at the hospital. My PCM is concerned about me not qualifying & thought it best for me to go to the seminar & see if I am still interested in going through with it, if so she will start the referral process. I know I would have had to go to the seminar at some point any way so why not now? I consider this is a win for me, despite not getting an immediate referral. Luckily there is a seminar tomorrow @ 6pm. My luck usually doesn't work that way so yay me!
  5. Thanks so much! I appreciate all the support. I have found the information on this forum to be an immense help in coming up with the courage to go through with this. I had someone tell me today that in no way did I need or would I qualify for gastric bypass surgery and that I should really find a diet and stick to it. It's comments like this that hurt. My husband told me that anyone that truly knew me would know all the diets that I have tried and would never be so callus to make a comment like that. After having time to recover from it I rememberd seeing all those similar weights by posters and decided to just let it go. I won't allow myself to be defeated before I even walk in my PCM's office.
  6. I have an appt with my PCM tomorrow to discuss getting a referral. I'm optimistic but still soooo nervous. Could 2011 really be the year that changes everything???
  7. I started seeing a reproductive endo in Jan 2010 & ofcourse they wanted me to loose weight. He put me on Atkins & though I hated it & have since come off & gained back all 40 lbs I lost, it worked better than anything else I've ever tried. He told me that w/ PCOS programs like WW or JC or even just low calorie wouldn't work due to the way my body handled carbs. I felt absolutely amazing, after the first several days it was like someone turned on an energy switch that I didn't know I had. I worked out harder and longer than ever before. My problem was that you pretty much can't eat out, & after making breakfast, lunch & dinner nonstop for months on end I felt trapped & I quit. If you are just planning on doing this for your pre-op diet I would think it would be a great plan & if/when that time comes for me I will probably go with this if my MD has no other suggestions. There are way too many Atkins books so if you do try it I would get the Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, it is around $7. Good Luck!
  8. Happy New Years Eve to all! I have tinkered with the idea of gastric bypass surgery for over 5 years. I went to a seminar on GBS/lap banding & when I brought it up to my then PCP he suggested I try Adipex. I did & within 4 months I had lost 50 lbs. My high blood pressure resolved itself & for almost 8 months I was able to maintain my loss. I got married & since my husband is in the military we moved 8 hours from home, with all the changes I let myself slip & the weight started creeping back on, before long I was back up the whole 50 lbs. My husband deployed & I made up my mind I would drop the weight while he was gone. I started with a new PCP & begged her to give me Adipex but she refused due to my blood pressure being high again & restarted me on meds. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism & PCOS & started on meds for that too. Since my PCP wouldn't give me weight loss meds I decided to try an OTC appetite suppressant. It didn't help too much with that but it did give me the energy to start working out. By the time my husband was due back I had lost 40 lbs & was again back off my blood pressure meds. We tried to start a family on our own but failed so I was referred to a Reproductive Endo who told me my weight was still an issue & started me on the Atkins diet in late Jan 2010. I followed Atkins for 8 months & lost another 25 lbs, getting me under 200 lbs for the first time since 1998! We have yet to have any luck getting pregnant & after struggling with Atkins the entire time I quit. The weight piled back on in record time despite continuing to work out regularly. What brought me back to GBS was going home for Christmas. My brother-in-law had GBS almost 9 years ago. I realized that by watching him & his eating habits that GBS can be a lifelong success. He lost the weight, continued to follow the program & has kept it off for 9 years. That is what we are all hoping for right? I worked up the nerve Mon to call my PCP to make an appt, unfortunately her office is closed for the week for the holidays...ARGH! I have never discussed weight loss surgery with my PCP so I don't know her stance on the matter. I am concerned that by not initiating this until after the holidays that Tricare will think I was trying to beef up with all the high calorie goodies over Christmas. This is not the case, in fact I gained less than 5lbs. More concerns are that I am teetering on the BMI line & I know hypothyroidism & PCOS are not recognized co- morbidities, with my continued exercise my blood pressure has stayed within normal ranges. I have read that Tricare does not go by BMI but by Metlife body scale so perhaps that would benefit me. Either way I have to work up the nerve to call my PCP again on Mon to get the ball rolling. I want nothing more than to lose the weight & keep it off & be healthy. Though I know it would prolong us trying to get pregnant GBS could be the best tool in conceiving & to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I'm hanging my hopes on this & hoping that the gatekeeper at Tricare will see my potential. Here's to a new year, a new life, a new family!