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  1. Keba

    I was told....

    Yesterday we had a bbq for my mom bday! The family was over..we had a good time! I had on some leggings and a shirt I bought out of the Juniors section (MY WOW MOMENT) My cousin did not pay attention to my attire until after a hour or so had passed...she yelled"Wait 1 minute! I just saw you last week and you were not that small! I dont know how much more of you getting skinny I can take!" We all laughed so hard! Then later on in the evening we were taking pictures and my mom looked at a pict we took and she said "This dont look like you! You are so beautiful!" I said "WOW THANKS MA! I GUESS I LOOKED A HOT MESS BEFORE!" She repeatedly apologized and said she did not mean it that way! I told her yeah I know! We got a big laugh out of it!!
  2. You doing great!! Yeah this skin is a bummer!!!
  3. Wearing a size 12 jeans today! WOW 4 sho!!!!

  4. Awww *HUGGS FROM GA!* Hope u get well soon!!!
  5. At work yesterday I went into the kitchen area at work and it was smelling so good! A coworker was toasting bagels. I said "Oh that smells so good. I miss bagels." She said " Why you dont eat bagels?" I said"I had GBS in December so its off limits now!" She said "Oh no..I could never do that!" I said "Its not for everybody!" Then I looked at her meal...she had sliced 2 large raisin cinnamon bagels and smeared a ton of strawberry cream cheese on all 4 slices! I walked out shaking my head...not at the fact that she was eating all that but the fact that I would have been the one eating just like that before. I pray I never get back to those type of habits but I can see how easy it is to slip back into the familiar......
  6. I could care less what people eat or dont follow the rules. We are only responsible for ourselves. I tend to just ignore the ones who ask when they can eat sub sandwiches or drink soda. If they gain the weight they can only blame themselves. I focus on what my lifestyle should be. There are plenty of post here that make me say WOW..but I just keep it moving because who am I to judge. BTW..whats wrong with eating creamed spinach. I think that is a great food choice.
  7. Before surgery I use to take 4 bp meds including a water pill. Now I only take 1. I hate that I cannot take the water pill because now I feel like Im retaining too much water...that may be just in my mind. My bp is still up & down. My doc told me to continue to exersize and take my meds. When I reach goal weight she will watch me closer to see if Im able to stop taking them. She said that I may have to continue taking them because it can be inherited. It runs on my mom & dad side. Even some of those who are not big have hbp. So Im praying I can beat the odds and stop taking my meds once I reach goal weight but if not its a lot better than before!!
  8. You look so different! I agree with the others you need to be a model!!
  9. You can do it!! I tried to rush and eat regular foods at 3-4 weeks and I made myself sick. I also was not losing weight so my doc had me to go back to liquids for a week! I learned my lesson the hard way!
  10. Keba

    I'm Home!!

    Glad to hear everything went great! Around here talking about wishing to pass gas is not TMI...its great conversation!!
  11. COOL!! Glad to know that! I thought weight training build muscle.
  12. I have a very hard time on the weekend staying on track! I tend to have too much time to think about food! I spend a lot of time on the internet so I would not think about food but that does not always help. I was wondering if I start reading books more. I have gotten into an walking/jogging habit finally so that will be apart of my weekend too. I just gotta keep busy so I wont think about food!!! Arrrgg!!
  13. Yeah that was me! but I dont do any weights. I think its just the way Im made. I only do cardio right now.
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