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  1. Not sure if anyone still reads here... But I'm 6 pounds from my goal.... 169..,. and I've had a tummy tuck. i love my life now. Teri
  2. Great reminder.... although I only struggle with one, it's a big one.... GRAZING
  3. I too have had multiple hernias. I had 2 big ones fixed last year, and two more good sized ones fixed in August this year. I'm prone to them they said. I secretly fear another has already formed. I fell shortly after my last hernia (and tummy tuck) surgery. My GB surgeon is watching it. I'm frustrated. It hurts like the dickens, but thankfully not all the time. I wish you well. I've put off surgeries before. When it got to be to much I did them. But never had the fear of a baby's health too. But as a mom of a nicu baby, I'd do anything to try to avoid that again. Good luck, and please post again. Let us know how you and baby are.
  4. I'm sorry you go through this. My pain is on the right side, and only started recently. I know this must be frightening for you. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep pushing them to figure it out.
  5. True story... I was cooking mother's day dinner for my mom, and the rest of the family. Boiling potatoes waiting to be dumped off (the rest eat potatoes). I went to stand up, to dump the water off, and everything was fuzzy. My mom told me to test my sugar (she tells me later). Said I took it 3 times... she asked why. I told her 31. She made me show her. It was 31, 31 and 33. So yup... to doggone low. She had my teenager grab some OJ to make me drink. I refused. Started slurring real bad. They force fed it to me. Then when i started to "wake up" more... get more with it anyway. They got me to eat peanut butter on a slice of white bread. To carby for every day, but it worked for me. Normally, if I'm only slightly low (70's) I'll grab a protein shake (4 ozs of milk and half a scoop). That works for me. IF I'm real low (and have been on about 6 occasions) it's OJ and peanut butter on white bread. Weird thing is, the days I've had the really low lows, I've been real quiet, and sitting doing crafts and such. I do find my personality changes when I'm sliding down that slope. I get quite angry with the world. Good luck in your search for what to do.
  6. I had gastric bypass on 1-11-11 and then emergency bowel surgery 2-23-11, then hernia repairs (emergent as well) 10-24-11... the only complication I had was the second and third took me longer to recover. Otherwise you should be ok.
  7. I get tons of nausea from my vitamins, so my surgeon's pa prescribed a different type of iron (niferex 150 mgs). I'm to take the anti nausea pill, and take EVERYTHING at once. We're hoping to get away from needing 3 high doses of Zofran. The other thing we're doing, is I'll get B12 shots starting soon, instead of pills. Today didn't go well, as I dry heaved until it wasn't dry, and I lost them. Will attempt again tomorrow. teri
  8. I am 1 yr post op, and one week. I finally got in for my 1 yr check up. I went into surgery at 260.8 pounds on my scale. I see it more often than theirs. And today on my scale I am 184. Yippee! In the year, I have had 3 major surgeries (rny included). I had my gastric bypass, a bowel resection, and a emergency hernia repair. And it now looks like one more in the future. I'm seeing a plastic surgeon for a possible penniculectomy. During that year, I've learned many many things. Vitamins are NOT My friend. I get extreme nausea from them. I am on a special iron now. I'm on zofran for the nausea. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Best choice I've made (For me). I get a "soft" stop when I'm full. That's the term for it, my surgeon says. I don't get a full sensation, I get hiccups. Usually just a couple hiccups and it's over. That's always good. I have to get new photos taken. I went to the lab for tons of labs, but have to go back, because they screwed up two. No charge. Well duh you screwed up the first samples, not me. But I have to drive out of my way. That sucks. But I will go for them, because they're important. I'd love to loose another 20 pounds, but when as a woman will I ever be happy with my weight? Then something to think about... according to the dr I saw today I'd loose about 20 pounds with skin removal. teri
  9. I use that app on my LG enlighten (a smart phone). It's free for anyone looking for one. I love it. And you can set it to track your protein too. Teri
  10. You have been a inspiration to me the entire year. I'm glad to call you a friend. (and I do) You've fought and worked hard to do things right. I too have been stalled for 5 months. Mine has been a lack of activity thanks to a bummm knee. Am working my way through it. Happy Surgiversary.
  11. wow we got newbies I can't believe that we're a year out (some already, so almost)... I'm officially on wednesday. I'm down almost 80 since the morning of surgery... 2 pounds from being 80.... 78 pounds loss... which kindda sucks. I wanted to hit that 100 pound and goal. It will happen, if I work my tool. My knee being messed up really has stopped things. And I'm getting stubborn and starting to do things even if they hurt. I feel like I've wasted the last 5 months. Teri
  12. I get that too... I think it's because they're not used to seeing us in the shape/size we are now. I'm lower than I've been since 6th grade. So I was what maybe 11 or 12? It feels good. Oh and I'm much taller some people told me. I guess my wideness made my height disappear. I don't know, but it sure feels good getting noticed in a good way. I still go into a store to buy size 22W and thankfully I bring family members with me. My teenager actually has GREAT taste in clothes, and helped me get a great outfit for Christmas. Enjoy the compliments.
  13. how was everyone's Christmas? I got a little Snacky feeling but am already pulling that back in check. Hugs Merry Christmas and happy New year
  14. congratulations. I'm still struggling to get to the 100 pound mark, and I'm further out than you (few days anyway). WTG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!