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  1. gnaed

    5 year surgiversary!

    Wow. Five years! Happy, healthy, not necessarily a model patient but I weigh 143-145 most days, eat like a "normal" person for the most part, although I still don't use straws, eat rice, or drink carbonated beverages. I try not to drink with meals. I do drink wine. Mm that's about it. Enjoying life.
  2. The bellybutton cut is the cruelest cut of all\

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      ~ GetSlimQuick ~


  3. Home from hernia repair. I must have blocked out the pain from the WLS because this seems worse.

  4. gnaed

    Hernia update

    So, my fear that I was wasting Dr. Clarke's came half true, maybe even 3/4 true. There was just one small umbilical hernia but he did fix it since he was in there anyway. I am consoling myself with the fact that I am not the one who diagnosed me. I just told them my symptoms and they did the rest. I have 5 incisions, one right on top of my bellybutton so that's a new one. The rest are in the regular places. Three years ago I was in the hospital two nights and on good drugs, so I must have missed all the real pain, because this seems worse to me, at least during the last hour before I can take more painkiller, which is making me itch all over, but I'd rather itch than be in pain. The nurses at the hospital were surprised that I'm post WLS. The one reviewing my meds didn't think I was really taking bariatric vitamins. sheesh. Karen
  5. Pre-admission testing today, hernia repair tomorrow

  6. My surgery is scheduled for Thursday. Research tells me recovery is 1-2 weeks. Are they serious? I am not staying home that long! Now I'm worrying that they won't find anything and I'm wasting everybody's time.
  7. gnaed

    Three years

    Hard to believe it has been three years already. I went for my three year check Friday and finally mentioned the stabbing knife pains I get just to the right of my belly button and the separate pain and bumpy spot just in back of said belly button. They are apparently both hernias (I can't settle for just having one), so I need to schedule lap surgery to fix it. I asked about diagnostic tests before we get drastic but apparently it's hard to see unless your small intestine just happens to be strangling itself at just the right moment, so they just dive right in due to the high risk nature of it. And here I thought they were going to tell me it was just gas pains in a weak spot in my intestine My iron is a little low but being bad about taking it will do that. Otherwise, my cholesterol is 167 and my other vitamin levels are okay. I eat pretty much like a normal person variety wise, just not quantity wise. I still go to group meetings and find them pretty useful. I have some fantastic friends that I met there so as annoying as it can sometimes be, it's still totally worth doing. I'm actually helping facilitate tomorrow's meeting ( as I have helped out this way several times before and they must not hate the way I do it because they asked me to do it again). We're going to discuss the ways we can use our food choices to help energize us and raise our moods because let's face it, this winter is starting to get to everybody and we're all people who use food like a drug so we might as well find out how to do it constructively, Today when I was feeling like curling up for a nap at 10 in the morning, I had fresh strawberries and almonds and it did perk me up. More on this after the meeting. I hope I'll get lots of ideas for using the right foods to keep me feeling happy and full of energy or at least not grouchy and lethargic. 3-5 well, now, I was expecting to hear that my procedure ( a much less threatening word than operation) would be at the end of the month some time, but it's tomorrow. There have been times this winter that I wished for a little slip on the ice that would keep me home for a week but I wasn't serious! Ah well I have books and knitting. My biggest fear is actually that Dr. Clarke will tell me there was nothing wrong and I wasted his time. Karen
  8. Hey Lisa, I just found out Friday that I need to have exploratory lap surgery to fix what is probably an internal hernia and they'll fix an umbilical hernia at the same time. I thought I was just being a big baby over gas pains but apparently sharp stabbing pains are a symptom of internal hernia. They don't seem to think its urgent yet though. They said it might be a month before they can fit me in. I'm glad to hear it was a quick in and out for you. I was worried about that.
  9. I never get tired of looking at pictures of Elizabeth! I love the saying "I believe in love at first sight because I am a mom."
  10. It was wonderful meeting you, too, and so sweet of you and your husband to drive all that way to meet me. Ellie is adorable! My coworkers loved the candies! It really does show you that this forum can be much more than just a wonderful resource. It's also a place to meet people who can become long term friends even before you actually meet and no matter how far apart you are. Next time we add in Switzerland!
  11. gnaed


    Progress Pics
  12. gnaed

    Thinner Times Logo

    It starts out thick and gets thinner.. I find that rah-ther clever.
  13. gnaed

    2 Years - wow

    It's great. And great to see you! I find you pretty inspirational (and entertaining) yourself!