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  1. Death by laxative - TMI

    I have been using Miralax once a week since my surgery (jan 2010) and it is just enough to keep things regular. Miralax is not a laxative and it is not going to work immediately. It may take a day or two the first time and then taken once a week (for me) - no problems.
  2. Services Not Covered....

    I wouldn't go by what documents say. You need the doctor to submit your medical condition to the ins company
  3. Clothes Not Fitting Right...Ugh!

    Your body will catch up. I have been the same weight for one year but I am still changing shape, maybe because of the 2 to 3 miles I walk every morning. Just te other day at a Xmas party several said, Wow, you are still losing weight!. NOT. But i am not gaining and it does make a difference wearing my size 8-10 pants and medium shirts. Life is so wonderful.
  4. Never is a long time. My goal in this process is to return to a normal life having learned the value of our now most important word - moderation. I eat all of those things, carefully, and within the parameters of my current calorie, protein, and carb restrictions. The one area that will rarely ever return is sweets - my body doesn't like them now, and that is fine by me. This doesn't mean i started eating these things right away. I am almost two years out and just recently added occasional bread. Rice is still the most dangerous for me, but if the recipe is right i can handle it. Pasta is my favorite, has never been a problem. But when I have it it is usually in the form of a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones meal. Good luck to you.
  5. New life update

    I am going to Disneyland next month with my family, including two young granddaughters. I have declined every invitation before this because I knew I couldn't keep up. Now I am so looking forward to it. The best of luck to you.
  6. New life update

    Hi everyone, I have not posted for quite a while because, frankly, I have a brand new life and I don't think about being a GBS patient very often anymore. But I wanted to give some idea to the newbies what they have to look forward to 1 1/2 years out. I am 70 years old so don't worry about age! I have lost 124 lbs from start of program, and 170 lbs from my all time high. I am 21 lbs below my doctor's goal of 175 and haven't quite reach my own goal of 150. It is always there just a few pounds out of reach. Before surgery I could not walk a block, took a myriad of medications for all the usual stuff, and was told by my PCP that my kidneys were startilng to fail. NOW, I am either off the medications on taking minimum doses. I walk 2 - 3 miles every morning. I have a closet full of new clothes. I have energy to do all the projects I use to put off. My husband tells me I beautiful, my friends still compliment me. And this was a surprise - all the arthritis I thought I had - wasn't - I just had too much weight on my frame. It is ALL gone. I have always been open about my surgery and I can count the negative comments on one hand. I see so many people now that are overweight that the word needs to get out about this wonderful solution. However, I have never approached or mentioned to a person that they consider it - that is such a incredible invasion of privacy. About what I eat - I eat pretty much what I want - except for any kind of sweets. I get hungry, but am quickly satisfied. I make no special request at restaurants. I order full meals and what I don't eat I take home and eat two or three hours later when I get hungrey again. I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks every day. I start the morning with a protein shake made in the blender with frozen strawberries and 1/2 a banana. My surgeon wants me to have one or two shakes a day, still. And since I have found a delicious combination it is no problem. My husband has lost weight too, just from the morning shakes and our daily walks. So, life is more than wonderful, and I wanted to share that with you, especially those waiting for surgery and those recovering from surgery and wondering why they ever did something so drastic and permanent. Lots of Love, Jo Anne
  7. Something stuck in pouch and can't throw up!

    I had this (with chicken, too) and just had to wait it out. Very painful, and have been careful with chicken ever since. I always have some kind of sauce or moistener with the meat. Good that you called the doc, though.
  8. Mio

    Drinking some right now. I like the Berry Pomagrante(sp) and the Fruit Punch. I also like Snapple Diet Cranberry/Raspberry, but only have it for a special treat because it has Aspartame and my doctor says "No, No" to Aspartame. We also drink Propel.
  9. What's your ideal weight?

    Don't get too hung up on clothing size. I wear everything from medium to xlarge depending on brand. My surgeon didn't set a goal , he wanted me at 27-28 bmi. I am at 25 now and my PCP says don't lose more. I carry around a lot of extra skin/flab and my "girls" look like tube socks, but at age 70 I am just thrilled to be healthy again and I love to go shopping!
  10. Have I waited to long

    I was 69 when I had my surgery in January 2011, so 70 now. I have lost 124 pounds and the only complication I have had is the normal hair loss that almost everyone goes through. I have not suffered from "dumping", I am off most medications, I exercise and walk like a new person, and my doctor said "don't lose any more weight!" Never in my adult life has anyone said that. Before surgery I thought I had very bad arthritis - I do not have arthritis, I was just too heavy for my frame. I was suffering moderate kidney disfunction, high blood pressure, high cohlesterol, etc. All mostly gone now. You are not too late. For me life begins at 70, and I am loving it. I wish the best for you.
  11. New Wow Moment

    124 lbs lost, BMI is 25!!! Not even overweight!!! Today went to Curves, then walked 1 1/2 miles home - one full hour of concentrated exercise. Life is good.
  12. Terrified Of Being Denied

    Don't let fear stop you, just jump in there and give it a go. All they can say is "no", and then you just keep fighting till they say "yes". Good luck to you, dear.
  13. Would you do this all over again?

    I have the same story, no complications, good weight loss, medical problems gone, except that I just turned 70 and feel like I am in my 40's. Congratulations to all these great success stories.
  14. Hi, I am in Yuba City north of Sacramento. Everyone here is rooting for you. Ask questions, use the search feature, this is a wonderful support group and research tool. Jo Anne
  15. Whats Normal?

    It always amazes me that some people do not receive detailed, be week, food plans for after surgery. At 4-6 weeks you should still be in "pureed" mode with "soft" food next. None of that includes meat, except maybe tuna. Make sure whatever you are eating is VERY moist, using sauces, etc. for the meat. At 13 months out I still cannot eat much meat, especially dry meat. Good luck to you.