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  1. I beg for help, no one seems to be able to find the antidepressant that "should" work for me! Nobody knows enough about anxiety and how to treat it. I want to look into a hospital in Rochester NY, that is really my last hope.
  2. Update: everyday my mental health is worse and worse. I beg for death. Nothing helps, nothing works. The controlled substances aka Xanax and adderall do help with panic and chronic fatigue, but you can all guess how addictive substances help me. I am looked at as a drug addict, an abuser when all I want is to survive. My throyoid and adrenal are "fine" but I know something is wrong. ...
  3. Thank you both for replying. I feel in my mind that my current psychiatrist is the right fit, she has been the first and only to bring my surgery up as a possible reason that medication isn't working. I originally went to my primary when the anxiety and depression started, she tried a few SSRI's then told me I needed to find a psychiatrist. I had to pay out of pocket to see my previous one because even though I work for NYS it's hard to find providers who take the insurance. Any ways she tried a bunch of other meds which did not work or I couldn't handle the side effects. She then told me she did not know what else to do. This past October is when I started seeing the one I see now. I felt hope because she did blood work and sleep study. I told her how nothing has worked, I have anxiety everyday no matter what, I go through bouts of depression and am chronically tired no matter what I do or how much I sleep. My sleep study was fine and blood work showed low vit D and very low iron. I've been dedicated to taking my supplements since. Nothing has changed, nothing works. If I had known this would be my life I honestly don't know if I would do the surgery again. At least before I could go to work everyday, I had energy, I did not have thoughts of not knowing how much longer I can do this!! I agree I need to see my surgeon, but I am so scared that this can't be fixed and chronic anxiety is my life.
  4. Hi, it has been some time since I've been on here but I used this forum all the time after my gastric bypass. I had surgery in December of 2010, everything went fine. Before I had the surgery I did not suffer from any diagnosed mental illness but I do know eating was my comfort. I have since suffered the perils of "transfer addiction" discovering alcohol took away any negative emotions. That of course stopped working and landed me in legal trouble. I have been sober for 3 years now and have come to learn a lot about myself. Anyways this post is because I have always had some issues with anxiety but it never affected me or my life too much before surgery. About 2 years post op I began having severe anxiety and on and off depression. I have tried what seems like every med there is to no avail. My psychiatrist thinks I could not be absorbing the medication. This extreme mental health issue is causing me to regret this surgery!! I struggle now everyday to ffunction. My job suffers because I call in feeling unable to go. Everything is falling apart and I don't know how to fix it!!! I feel I have made a deal with the devil, trading obsesity for my mental health, I just pray there is an answer some where because I don't want to live the rest of my life controlled by this constant fear!!
  5. Has anyone had any expierence with having to tell someone your dating about having weight loss surgery. I'm two years out and have lost about 100ibs I am not the same person I once was. I'm scared to tell the guy I'm seeing though about my surgery I guess I just don't want to be judged or have him think I took the easy way out when all of us know this journey is NOT easy!! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  6. I don't even know how I knew this was right for me. I always worry about other opinions and kind of depend on them to make my decisions. WLS though was completely different I decided I wanted it, went to all my appointments and the meetings myself and did it!! I wish I had sought out therapy though before hand and after as I am an emotional eater. I hid a few road blocks after surgery where I got off track because there does come that day where you can eat what you once loved. I feel if I dealt with my reasons for emotionally eating sooner this could have been avoided. Good luck to you on whatever decision you make. You'll feel it.
  7. Just put mine in the oven! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, I find it so easy to get off track when I don't know what to cook so I always apreciate new recipes!
  8. The other day I made edamame pesto!! Yum yum it was amazing!
  9. Im considering giving up meat, I was a vegetarian many years ago but I was young and not very good at it. My cooking skills have grown so I feel like I could give it another try. So for those of you who do not eat meat what foods are in your diet?
  10. Me too! Glad others have this problem too. I asked my nurse practioner and she had others who had complained of this and she would check my blood that was over 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything so I hope it's ok
  11. I didn't have to do a liquid diet and I did have a last meal. My moms home made spaghetti sauce and sausage. It's my favorite but who knew after the surgery I am still able to have this I just don't eat spaghetti with it which is fine with me because all I care about is the sauce and sausage with some riccotta cheese.
  12. Cottage cheese. Hopefully this island has some peaches on it because my fav is cottage cheese and some peaches!! Mmm
  13. People don't like fat people, well unless you can compensate with a really really good personality. It is sad and unfortunate but true, look at all the posts we have posted about how when we see overweight people we just want to scream at them to have this surgery. Everyone thinks they are lazy couch potatoes who just sit and eat junk 24/7. We all know most of the time this is so far from the truth. Americans just really don't like anything or anyone that is different we are a country who just wants everyone to fit into the perfect mold. Now that we all do we don't make people uncomfortable we don't stand out so people treat us like well like people!! Eh it's sad but im just going to with it and enjoy it.
  14. I agree! There is a guy who works at the local gas station and it's a small town so I see him often. He has always been really nice but he is nice to everyone and he is super adorable. Well one day maybe a month or two ago I went in and he noticed I had lost a lot of weight and he said I looked good!! I tell ya I nearly screamed in the store. That right there was worth it!!
  15. Can I take OTC iron pills. I've been out of my celebrate ones but I can tell I'm anemic. I had my blood drawn today but I know this feeling.
  16. I really enjoy it!! This is probably my favorite recipe. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Quinoa-and-Black-Beans/Detail.aspx
  17. When I cook salmon I like to broil it. I salt and pepper it and drizzle some olive oil on it sometimes I'll mince some garlic and put that on top. I broil it for 6-7 minutes depending in how thick your piece is. Also you might try tilapia it's notoriously a non fishy tasting type of fish.
  18. Your also a lot further out, I'm not trying to say having a food in moderation is bad because your correct we've all done it but I feel it's a little crazy to be starting at two months out! At two months out I was eating plain tuna or egg salad it was probably not until my 7th or 8th month that I even thought about trying pizza.
  19. I'm sorry I'm probably going to get in trouble for this but just because your Dr doesn't ban food doesn't mean you should eat it!!! Seriously pizza is probably how we got here in the first place, at least it's how I did. It's been said a million times on here that this surgery is a tool not a fix all. If you continue to eat the foods from our previous lives the weight will come back maybe not tomorrow or even in a year but it will.
  20. Why are you eating pizza at two months out?? Protein should be your main focus.
  21. Also unjury has a new protein it's a cheese sauce. 21g of protein in a serving. I can't stand sweet protein drinks so I think I might order it and give it a try. I'm far enough out where I get my protein through food but if it's good who can pass up 21g
  22. Nope haven't had any issues with it coming out at all. I use a tampon applicator to put it in because that way I know it is as far as it can go. I think that's where the problem of it falling out comes from because people don't put it in far enough. Also if it ever did fall out you have three hours where you are still protected.
  23. Your probably holding onto water weight from having your period. I was in the pill when I had my surgery and I was only suppose to get my period once every three months and I got it right after surgery and it lasted a month straight. I use nuva ring now because my periods were so erratic. My doctor said it was because if you don't take it at the exact same time or miss a dose it doesn't work properly.
  24. Hey just wanted to say welcome!! I never had issues with my insurance but I'm from Syracuse as well, who are you going to see??
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