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  1. 2008 TT Christmas Card List

    Carla Mattas PO BOX 11663 Fort Smith, AR 72917
  2. TT Christmas Card List

    we could make up a group and add addresses to the database that would make it so much easier maybe. Then each person that signs up is responsible for going and getting the addresses. Just an idea...not sure.
  3. Calories/metabolism

    not really sure but I am sure someone knows the answer.
  4. OMG I'm pregnant!

  5. TT Christmas Card List

    it will be this time soon again. WOW
  6. Hello

    just wanted to say hi and check in. Just got married in September and bought a house on 10/08 so I am stressed out. Hope to visit in a day or so and get all caught up. Carla
  7. getting married tomorrow

    Then going to Vegas. Will be back in a week or so. Send me some prayers on a safe trip and a happy marriage, please!!!
  8. Just me

    Good luck to you!
  9. An odd Wow....

    That was a great milestone wasn't it?
  10. I'm Home!

    welcome home!
  11. Support in Arkansas?

    anyone else from AR?
  12. Surgery is monday...

    hello and welcome.
  13. favorite movies

    I love Shawshank. Watch it everytime it is on. Another one of my fav is the Color Purple
  14. Just A Comparison :)

    you are gorgeous
  15. Happy Birthday Debz!

    Happy Birthday