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  1. start weight : 215lbs lapband operation 16th December 2010 - weight : 200.2 lbs 1st refill : day/month/year 25/02/2011 weight : 190.3 lbs 2nd refill : 26/05/2011 weight: 175.3 lbs TODAY: 11/08/2011 weight : 160.6 lbs Goal weight: 143 lbs 17.6lbs to GO!!
  2. i am up to 5 cc in my band.. and omg it feels much better, i am not craving anything.. the thing is i dont feel hungry at all.. and if i was supposed to only eat when i am hungry i am down to one meal a day nithing seems to bother me though i can eat almost everything carefully chewed weight now:175.3 lbs
  3. Good luck Tabcat, i am satisfied with the pounds i lost so far, i know i want to lose more but keep reminding myself not to rush it and give my body the time to adjust
  4. i am not sure what restricted means.. do you mean in the future i will be eating less? i had one fill so far and planing on getting the second one next month i guess
  5. hello everyone finally the weekend how many calories you have during a day? and do you exercise regularly? i am on 1200 calories i usually split them between 2 meals i dont exercise much, buti am trying to find some motivation to do.. since from now on i know i need IT
  6. that is great, i was scared too.. but i didnt feel a thing, my Doc made me lay down and hold my head up for 2 seconds, and that was it he asked me to be on liquids for the first meal only; then the rest of the day just normal food
  7. according to my doctor, only liquid allowed after a lapband is milk skimmed (occasionally), water, and sugar free tea you can have black coffee as well he actually told me to eat solid food only and no drinking with that (i cheat sometimes) so the way i see you are doing is have smoothies & snacks and no actual food dont snack.. drink your water and when ur hungry fill your plate with solid food and eat, that is what i have been doing the last 3 months and am actually full by having 2 meals a day, and losing pounds.. good luck
  8. and woah.. well to be honest i felt like eating a lot last month and i was afraid to go on a scale i had my surgery 3 months ago, and first refill was on 25th of february till the first refill i lost 24lbs (191lbs) , today i held my breath and stepped on the scale and it was actually 179lbs i am happy since i am really not getting hungry, tho first bite in the first meal of the day causes me some minor pain especially if it was meat i dont know if i should get the second refill now, i eat twice a day, and i eat a full plate.. with meat i have to chew carefully and take small bites i ne
  9. thank you everybody for the nice words and support.. i was able to go home 3 hours after my surgery.. the surgeon actually warned me that i will be having gas pain and i did.. lots of them and still having them till now.. it is my last day of strictly liquid diet, tomorrow i will start with pudding and creamy soup (no solids) and yogurt for the next 4 days. i can say that i dont feel hungry at all, but my stomach is kinda angry so far i lost 8 kilos from day 1 pre op diet till day 4 post op diet total of 2 weeks
  10. last day of my pre op strict diet, and tomorrow is the big day and i will have my BAND! excited and overwhelmed, cant help it but i am worried about how i might be feeling after the surgery they told me i will be home in the afternoon.. will i be able to walk and move? wish me luck
  11. that was very helpful thanks, for safety i will check also with my doctor
  12. are we able to have MRI after having a lapband?
  13. i am on day 7 of my pre op diet and i my doctor suggested i use Boost for diabetic 4 a day with 1.5 liters of waters can be mixed with crystal light, plus a cup of salad a day and a cup of diet jello 10 calories.. and that is what am doing.. so far i am only having 3 protein shakes a day and it tastes good, already lost 10 lbs
  14. thank you everyone, i appreciate the support my goal is to reach 126Lbs but my doctor said it is too low and the reasonable weight for me would be 170 after a year how much did u lose and in how much time? i am starting with 205lbs
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