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  1. TeresaC

    one year ago today

    I was terrified, looking for a reason to back out. Then when my sugars didn't come down right away, I was afraid I had made a big mistake. Well today I'm down 104 pounds and more importantly my diabetes and cholesterol labs came back normal. That is an incredible thing to see. Thank you to all who gave me support and advice and answered my questions.
  2. TeresaC

    1 year today!

    Great job!
  3. TeresaC

    Runny nose and sneezing when full?

    Ok, so I googled this and apparently it is actually quite common in gastric bypass patients and has to do with vagus nerve stimulus. Guess I'm not crazy after all. Well, at least now I know and can pay attention to the signals.
  4. Ok, Up till now I thought it was a coincidence, but does anyone else NOT get a full feeling, but instead a runny nose and sometimes sneezing as a warning? This is my only clue that I had better stop eating. And lord help me if I don't heed the warning. I mentioned it at my last appointment and the doc looked at me like I grew a second head.
  5. TeresaC

    TMI question for the ladies.

    Yes, to everything you said. Exactly like that.
  6. TeresaC

    My Wife Is A Blabber Mouth

    My husband and I have actually had words about this issue. He thinks It's like lying not to tell someone who is asking questions. I told him in no uncertain terms that I don't owe the world any explanations about my life and certainly am entitled to keep my healthcare private. I do not intend to have to discuss my surgery at every social event and family function in front of everyone. I think after I started yelling he GOT it. I didn't sign up to be the gastric bypass poster child. I'm just trying to find my own way through it.
  7. TeresaC

    Sugar alcohol

    I rarely dump, but I had a think thin bar yesterday with 11 grams of sugar alcohol and I was SO sick for almost two hours. Never again.
  8. TeresaC


    Your surgery was one day before mine Rick and your progress is incredible. Great job!
  9. TeresaC

    Is This All There Is?

    I had surgery in June 2011 and I'm in the same boat. The weight loss has really slowed down. Maybe only 3 to 4 pounds a month and yes some days it goes up! Very frustrating.
  10. TeresaC

    Goal Weight?

    I never was given a goal weight, but I recently had my 6 month check up and the doc I saw said he didn't want to see me go much below 155 because he thinks I would start looking like I needed to eat something! Do you guys think that's a good place for me to stop??
  11. TeresaC


    So my MIL calls me yesterday and asks if I would wear corduroy pants. So I said yes, if they fit I probably would. She then says well I put a pair on today and they were HUGE! So she told my FIL she was going to give them to me. We weigh exactly the same! This is not the first crack she's made at my expense. Am I just being sensitive?
  12. TeresaC

    Fellow June Losers

    Hi, Stopped in to see how all the june people are doing. I feel really good. Tomorrow will be 6 months and I've lost 72 pounds. Seems like not enough compared to some, but I'm thankful. How are you all doing??
  13. TeresaC


    Wonderful! Congrats.
  14. Tomorrow I will be 5 months out and have lost 62 pounds. Now I have been in a stall for 2 1/2 weeks. In fact I gained a pound. Didn't even lose after my time of the month. My stepfather died, and I started back to work after 5 years off. I'm not eating excess calories and have changed nothing. I just keep thinking Please god, don't let me be done already. And on another note, Both of my knees are hurting me. Why would that start after a 60 pound loss????? Just needed to vent. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks everyone for listening.
  15. I tried on my wedding ring today (which I have not worn for twenty years) and it FIT. I was speechless. My husband has bought me many rings over the years, but I'm amazed at how much it meant to me to wear the one that started it all when we were 18. I'm not usually a sentimental person, but this was a good day.