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  1. Hi everyone, I'm extremely nervous because I've done 14 days of pre-op diet (all liquids) but I'm happy because I've lost 14 pds in those 14 days. So I can't complain but I will admitt. I'm scared and nervous all at the same time because tomorrow I finally get sleeved. So I can't wait to see everyone on the loser's bench!
  2. Good Luck mirusakova, and we can't wait to see you on the other side
  3. Jerseylocks, I totally understand how you feel because I'm there. I'm so nervous until it makes no sense. I was originially going for RNY but recently changed to VSG. I was more nervous my doctor would not let me change my mind at the last minute like this but he did. And he did not mind at all. So thank GOD for that b/c if he wouldn't let me get the sleeve, I wasn't going to get surgery but luckily everything worked out...... I'm scheduled to see him on Wednesday (2/9) to discuss the surgery in details. We are one week out and the feeling of anxiousness is overcoming me. But I know we will be fine. Keep me posted as well about how you are doing. You can PM me... Take care;)
  4. Wow Jerseylocks, I'm complaining about having to do a 14 day liquid diet and here you are having to do a 21 day liquid diet. I guess I should be happy that's all I had to do. But you are almost on surgery day, just like myself. I'm getting excited and nervous all at the same time. How have you been feeling?
  5. That's wonderful that everything is rolling right on along with you. I scheduled for 2/15 and I'm starting to get a little nervous only because it's getting closer. I'm more anxious than nervous though. All of my test have been performed. All I have to do is meet with my Doctor on 2/9 (next Wednesday) to over over the surgery in detail. I'm so ready though. Take care and tell me how your journey is going.
  6. How are you doing since you have your sleeve? I'm on day 3 of 14 day pre-op diet. I have surgery on 2/15. I'm getting very excited about it. I can't believe how quick the time has gone. I just hope the last 12 days go back quickly too.

  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to know if there are any February vertical sleeve people on here. If so how is everything going for you? Are you doing pre-op yet? I want to hear from you!
  8. Well Pokey, it's official. I called my surgeon on yesterday and told him I would like to switch to VSG and he didn't argue with me. He told me to continue on my liquid diet (which is still 14 days) and he will see me on the 9th of February when we go over the surgery details. My surgery date is scheduled for 2/15. Wish me luck....
  9. Hi sunsh1n3, Are you nervous yet? I'm getting that way. I have one last appointment on the 9th of Feb and that's when I meet with the Doctor and we go over the surgery and what takes place and all of that good stuff.... I've too gotten everything together for the surgery. I bought everything I need from the vitamins down to the shakes... I'm ready to get it over with so I can be on the loser's side!
  10. Well everyone it's getting closer for my surgery date and boy aren't I getting nervous and excited all in the same time. Today is the first day of a new beginning for me. NO more eating crap and putting bad things into my body. I have been feeling like crap over the last few days because I've been trying to eat all of my favorite restaurants for the last time (at least for awhile) and I've over eaten. I didn't pick up any pounds, thanks to my loyaltyto the gym. How is everyone else feeling as we now have entered February?
  11. Cheryl, I totally understand how you feel because I feel the same way. My husband has been my biggest support as well but some times he doesn't understand what I'm going through. Like this morning, I found myself crying and he asked why, I told him because I'm getting nervous and things like that. He says, "well maybe you shouldn't go through it". I told him, "that's not the answer I needed to hear". I needed to hear, well it will be okay or just not say anything at all. I did not need to hear, "Maybe you shouldn't get it". So I just blew up. I had to go off and apologize to him. He said he understood but I think the whole not being able to eat whatever you want drives you crazy plus the anxiety of getting surgery. I haven't started my pre-op yet but I have changed my eating. I eat a slim fast shake for break fast and lunch and then eat a sensible dinner so that when I start my pre-op (of all liquids) my body want be too much of shock.
  12. Kyra112, You are not a lone because I've been getting so emotional over the last week. I keep saying "maybe I can do it on my own, etc". When knowing in the back of my mind, "I CAN'T" Because if I could, I would have already. We have to remind ourselves that these feelings are normal and yes we are going to feel depress because we are ending a relationship with someone we have been in love with for years and that's FOOD! Food doesn't have to be the enemy any more. We can still enjoy the great taste of food but in a different way and of course in moderation. Depression is something we are going to experience but I think we have to keep being positive and of course involve ourself around people that support us doing this time not the ones that oppose of it. But yes we are ready for this exciting endeavor that is about to happen to us. I also keep telling myself not everyone is able to get WLS and I'm so "Thankful" I qualify to get it. Now that's enough to brighten any bad day! Keep strong and we will get through this...........
  13. I totally understand how you feel because I feel that way too. I'm a complete planner and all I keep thinking about is, how will I get all my protein and fluid in and still have time to work and carrying on daily routine. My surgery date is Feb 15 and I'm starting to get really nervous. I'm starting to second guess myself by saying "Have I tried everything"? The answer is yes.... I've tried every diet under the moon and nothing has worked for me..... Wheww now since I've vented. I think we all are starting to get nervous that surgery is in February. Let's keep one another strong!
  14. Hi Pokey, My doctor does the sleeve as well but he strongly recommended RNY for me b/c I have a lot of weight to lose. I'm currently 268 and I want to lose at least 120 pds and he feels RNY will give me those results vice the sleeve. Is it true that the sleeve you don't lose as much. People say research it but there isn't much to research on the sleeve other than from different forums but not any hard core facts. I start pre-op (all liquids) on Feb 1 and my surgery is Feb 15. Wish me luck.
  15. Hi Sunsh1n, It seems that we have the same Surgery date. We have to keep each other motivated. I start pre op on Tuesday for 14 days. Lucky me! I see a lot of surgeons are different about their expectations for pre-op. I'm glad my doctor has me on the 2 week liquid diet to assure the liver is good and shrunk. Plus I figured if I can't do it 2 weeks before surgery than this procedure isn't meant for me because clearly I wouldn't be ready. But Lord knows I'm ready for this surgery. I can't stand eating so bad any more. I'm sick of all the high calorie foods!