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  1. Guess I need to up my calorie intake according to my nut...just not feelin like eating

  2. Def normal, I remember going through the buyers remorse it was awful! Now I have no regrets as of yet. Hope ya feel better soon, it does get better!
  3. Been super tired lately as well as feeling quite unhappy, depression perhaps?

    1. Last Memory

      Last Memory

      i know the feeling

    2. **KaRySa**


      Me too! Hope we all feel better soon :(

    3. TamTam
  4. TamTam


    lol thanks, so do ya'll!!! I'm in a stall right now tho and gained?!?! ;;;(((
  5. awesome, HATE stalls!!! Glad you broke through it! I'm hoping once I get my exercise routine down I'll lose the weight quicker...
  6. You look AMAZING!! What did you do cuz I want your arms! lol mine have always been gross and jiggly;(!
  7. TamTam


    taken on August 3rd 2011
  8. TamTam


    Before pic is me in the green which was taken in December of 2010 and the after was taken about a month ago I think
  9. TamTam

    face before And after

    You look amazing!!! It's looks like two completely different people!Congrats
  10. I miss the more simpler times...

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