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  1. hit my goal weight of 120 ( actually 117) in 363 days. I am still exercising like Lance Arnstrong and holding strong at 116-117. Good luck to all those beginning their journey or still on it. Life is good!!! Keep the faith.

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    2. WorthTheWeight


      needed this today! Thanks

    3. Leona5


      Congrats on your success!!!! :D

    4. Lori88


      Great job! So happy for you! Congrats!

  2. Holy hillbilly! You look like a different person. Amazing!
  3. Who is this person?!!!! Amazing. I adore your dog too. Great pyrenees are my favorite!
  4. It's official today. I jumped on the scale and I am now 130 pounds less than I was 9 months ago. I am almost 1/2 the person I was!!!! I cannot believe it. The rigorous exercise and commitment to my diet has paid off. 19 pounds to go!!!!!

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    2. Xeniak


      wow big congrats!

    3. Caffe


      Wow, amazing! Congrats!

    4. NewMeNow2010


      That is absolutely fantastic!!! SO happy for you!!!!

  5. I am almost eight months out from surgery. Down 123 pounds in that time with 27 to go! As of late, the hair loss has been horrific. Sounding vain, I would hate to sacrifice my hair for the sake of being thin. I have been on 5000mcg of biotin daily. Folks, when does the hair loss stop? I am panicking!!!!

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    2. spanish angel

      spanish angel

      This is what terrifies me the most!! I'm only 3 weeks out but I'm sooo scared to lose my already very thin hair!! From what I read on here it normally starts to grow back about 9 months out of course its different for everyone but upping your protein intake is a good idea!!

    3. Goddessfit4life


      You are amazing. I don't know about the hair loss situation. I lost a lot of hair when I had radiation for cancer. I cut it really short and sported a scarf until it grew back. Good luck with everything.

    4. Xeniak


      big congratulations!

  6. I know I possess alot of excess skin but I still have an awful lot of midsection fat to contend with. Realistically, I could probably stand to lose another 20. I am just disgusted because I work at it so hard and the scale is my foe right now. I am a person who needs visual gratification. The scale does that for me.
  7. I, too, was bypassed in January 2011. I have lost 118 pounds in the first six months wuth strict intake and a fervor for exercise. That being said, I am at a stall as well. I have 31 gruelling pounds to lose and not enough exercise can force the scale to budge. I am so disgusted.
  8. Coudl you email pictures? I have a daughter who could use these dresses. After my copayment for my surgery ( $5500), I am stone-cold busted. Thanks so much. heartfixx2@aol.com
  9. I am stalled! Help!

    1. cinwa


      Just keep going babe - stalls are part and parcel of the WLS process. Do a search on "stalls" - you'll see plenty of threads about it.

    2. Heartfix


      Thanks. It is incredibly disheartening but good to know I am not the exception.

  10. Don't get too discouraged............my surgery weight was #244. I lost #25 with my mandated four week Optifast immediately prior to the surgery but truly, I exercise religiously. I will not deny the fact that I am having trouble getting in my food alllotment. I have pain whenever food hits my pouch and often times I vomit. I am living on hummus, yogurt, protein bars and cheese. Meat of any type, to include fish, causes extreme pain and immediate vomiting. That being said, I think my total caloric intake in about 700-800 a day. I think that exercise contributes a lot to my loss and my general activity level at work/home has doubled. I see the doctor for my three month check on the 13th, I'll see what his feeling is. That being said, I think post-op, our weight loss is pretty similar...don't you agree?
  11. I hit Onederland on Saturday!!!! 199 finally. 79 more to go!!!!!
  12. I'm feeling the same way. I had to be on Optifast for four weeks prior and droppped 25 pounds. That being said, I am seven weeks post-op today. I have never dropped a ton of weight in one week. I have been steady at 4-4.5 per week. Including my four week Opitfast, I have dropped 58 pounds. My physician is pleased. He said an average of 3 per week was great. Don't get discouraged. My big weight loss came with the Optifast which shocked my system. Remember, it's a marathon, not a race...and none of us got fat in one day!
  13. Tomorrow will be two weeks post op for me. Went back to work Monday, slight fatigue. Lost 11 pounds so far. Is this a normal weight loss for the first few weeks? When do you start to feel like your old self again?
  14. 0730 tomorrow is the big day..(if I can make it through the bowel prep). Cruel and unusual punishment, I say. Good luck to every one having or having had surgery this month.
  15. Went to my four hour post-op boot camp yesterday to learn when needs to be done AFTER . As I've said before, this bariatric group requires Optifast for 2-? weeks depending on the amount of weight you need to lose. I've been on Optifast for three weeks today with a total of 21# loss. I am saddened and shocked to hear stories yesterday of people who started in my group, paid a lot of money for the stuff ( $125-140 week out of pocket) and refuse to adhere to the recommendations of the doctor. Their thinking is that the RNY will cure all their weight issues. I worry about their accountability and laziness to take chargeon their destiny. Oh well. Just venting. In this day, when health insurance is at a premium, it sickens me to see some people not take responsibilty ( when it is handed to them) and run with it. I know with my insurance, I have to pay 5K out of pocket. Maybe if others were forced to do the same, there may be a little more push for results on their own.
  16. I am so nervous about the aftermath as well. I've been on Optifast for the past two weeks and already find myself bored because I am not eating every second of the day. Food was such a huge part of my daily routine and thoughts.
  17. My RNY is scheduled for 1-13. I haven't told many people except my immediate family. My weight has been a personal struggle for me. Co-workers think I'm on Optifast as a diet for the New Year. Today is my 14th day on Optifast; I am done 17 pounds. I have two more week to go on this stuff. I haven't gone for my 4 hour class on post-op nutrition yet or "what to expect" but am looking forward to answering all my questions. The process has been long in the making...6 months to be exactl. I am SO ready. Has anyone been given instructions on prep for the surgery? Since I am on Optifast and go to clear liquids 24 hours prior, I was wondering if anyone has been told about the dreaded bowel prep? Cold in OHIO...........................
  18. Thank you all!!! 2011 is going to be a new beginning for everyone!
  19. Add me!!!! Heartfixx2 Surgery date: January 13, 2010 Weight starting Optifast: 269 Todays weight: 253
  20. I am on the surgery docket for January 13th. I started the required four weeks of Optifast on Decmeber 14th. My weight that day was 269. Today, I weighed 253. I am on my way! Very nervous though. I am having the RNY. You?
  21. Morning everyone, I started my pre-op Optifast on December 14th; my weight was 269. Today, December 27th, my weight is 253. Surgery is scheduled for January 13th. I am concerned that such a sudden weight loss with the Optifast will hinder my weight loss with the RNY. Anyone have the same experience or concerns? I am to continue on Optifast until January 11th.
  22. Thanks to you as well for the kind words. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Thank you for the kind words. I see your journey has been successful and for that I commend you. Through half of my first day of Optifast...30 more to go. Progress has many emotions. I'll keep you abreast...often. Snow in Ohio...lots of it!!!
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