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  1. pre & post op

    2 weeks before surgery- at my heaviest 318 lbs. 6 weeks post op at 271 lbs. 4 1/2 months post op at 236 lbs. 6 months post op at 225lbs.
  2. -100lbs!!! what a feeling!

    1. SlimSmitty
    2. Kris10boo


      Thats amazing!!!

    3. Lori88


      Congrats! Now I am going to be singing "Oh what a feeling" all day! :)

  3. me at 199lbs!!! yay

    awesome job!! congrats on making it to the 100's by your 1 year! i hope to do the same!
  4. 6 months out and im feeling dizzy almost daily... anyone else dealing with it?

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    2. MaraJayne


      I'm dizzy often. My pcp told me it was because of my blood pressure. It was always GOOD before WLS and now it runs low causing me to get dizzy. It got REALLY low while I was in the hospital last week (70/40 ish) and I've been trying to drink more water to bring it up.

    3. NewLife4Me11


      about 3 weeks ago, i about passed out at work. Had to go to the nurse at work and here my blood pressure was extremely low. I went to the doctors the following day due to being dizzy again (i had been dizzy for a few days prior) and once again blood pressure was low. Drank lots more fluid and i mean a lot of fluid and havent had a problem with the dizziness. Hope you get better!

    4. erinlopez1


      Thanks for all the advice ladies.. glad to know I am not alone.

  5. realizing exercise does make a huge difference! time to work it out!

    1. Lindsay


      It does!!! I just got back from the gym and feel sooo much better than I did before I went. : )

    2. Dale~Marie


      Today is the one "off day" I allow myself each week. I very much dislike "off days" always makes me feel slightly off.

  6. so happy to enter April in the 220's.

  7. my collar bone surprised me while looking in the mirror today... a pleasent surprise!

    1. Lady G

      Lady G

      one of my new fave body parts!

  8. New

    yes!!! really great!
  9. New post op pics in my gallery! i can't believe its me!1/2 months post op.

  10. -80lbs. 4 months out!

    1. lessoflisa


      Wow thats Great!!!

  11. HEY!!! thanks for checking in with me! I come on every once in a while but Im slow at this new profile thing. lol... thanks for the encouragement! Hope you are doing well.

  12. Seeing my surgeon today gave me the motivation I needed. Time to shift gears!

  13. GURRLLLL! you are doing so well! i'm hardly on anymore, not sure why but i had to look you up and say HELLO my Dear Friend!

  14. I just had the biggest stall ever! I was stuck at 245 for almost 2 weeks. aye!! very frusterating!

  15. my husband tells me yesterday that my feet are smaller. hahaha.... feels good to be losing from everywhere!

    1. nanny is thinner now

      nanny is thinner now

      mine shrunk, my shoes flop off me, and then i put my boots on for the first time this season and they really flop, they are 9.5 think i shrunk to about an 8, they are not sooo fat