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  1. wondering if my panniculectomy supposed to leave me with a hard center belly? looks like im about 3-4 months preg in the center lol...binders are not keeping swelling down but im draining 0_o

  2. i had the panni done feb 14th....i got my right drain removed last week. my left is still in.... my stomach is wierd looking an hard at center. no belly button which i pay no mind lol. my bypass scar is so low above my pubic line.and i hope this fluid and pain goes away im ready to work out again
  3. in tears over the results of this panniculectomy. thank god i go in wednesday now at 845 am. :( waiting 3 years at 23 to get this now i dont wanna leave my room

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    2. Njjenny62


      It will take six weeks for all the swelling to go down. You will love it eventually! Happy healing. Jen

    3. prettyeyez_08062


      thank you.....hope these side planks go away lol

    4. prettyeyez_08062


      thank you.....hope these side planks go away lol

  4. well im 3 years basically taller than most females lol, i dont look my weight. and since i lost 13 pregnancies before n after surgery i dont have no worries on any sagging skin. plus im only 23 since the surgery i became very active. i was supposed to actually get the skin removed last june i backed out cause i wanted to learn more and ask from personal experiences i had this surgery 6 months before my 21st birthday..... im n happy at this weight... i dont want to be too thin
  5. panniculectomy scheduled for Feb 14th YAY!

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    2. Njjenny62
    3. SRB527


      HAPPY Valentine's Day hun!!

      Good Luck

    4. prettyeyez_08062


      thank you!!! :D ill keep yall posted :) hope everyone is doing great

  6. i will be having a panniculectomy on the the 14th of this month. i have a few questions not married but engaged would they let him stay overnight with me? 2.what was the check in process like? 3:what diet did you follow after? 4: was it worth it? 5:did you have a muffin top? lol 6.were your relationships altered in any way? you show your scars (im 23) did you feel during the process? did people react to it? 10... in what ways did it give you confidence an closure of having the loose skin?
  7. i lost my baby last jan...i found out christmas morning i was expecting. i went to the hospital few days later spotting they put me on bed rest.. few days later, i lost the baby. 6 months after they did a d&c and she found polyps and removed those.... now its december and she is keeping me on nuva ring w/ bc pills incase i spot. she wants me to store blood. im 23, that was my 11th miscarriage.... i had test everything was fine. saw so many doctors and specialist they say im it worth trying when the time is right? i feel like a monster. sad part, i love children,. i cry everynight trying to figure out why...i need advice please
  8. has anyone got approved? if so how long only took 2 wks for them to say yes to the bypass in 2011