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  1. big


    hi everyone I had my band fitted on dec 8th so far so good ive lost 25pounds so im delighted.But im finding myself very moody for so reason one minute im on cloud 9 the next im rock bottom for no reason its putting a strain on me and my marrige.Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?could it be my diet?im doing everything i was told to do.My first fill is jan 6th i cant wait but will the mood swings keep happening?
  2. big

    I did it to myself again!

    Oh my god food gets stuck?where does it get stuck?how do u free it?getting my band in 4 days now im really worried:(
  3. big

    Worried about gastric band op

    When i have my meal in the evening im eating weight watchers food only hopefully that and the slim fast diet will do my poor overworked liver a chance to recover after years of abuse.Why does bad food taste so nice if a salad tasted like a quater pounder with chese i wouldnt be in this the cravings for food stop when the band goes in?Im craving food i dont even like im finding it so hard but im so close now only seven days to go i dont want to fall at the last hurdle.I think mc donalds talks to me has i drive by:DThanks for all your help i didnt realise how muuch of a problem i had with food till i tried to give it up im so happy to have finally found something to help me with my addiction:)
  4. big

    Worried about gastric band op

    Thanks for your help its slim fast for me for a while.Its going to be a hard christmas this year
  5. I was wondering can anyone help me.Im getting my band fitted in ten days and im worried about my doc is in Belgium and im in Ireland i e-mail him but it takes ages to get a reply and the clock is ticking.He told me to go on a low fat diet but is this enough?I was thinking about slim fast is this allowed?