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  1. Hi everyone!! I have not been on the forums in a long time. I apologize for my absence I need serious help. I have gained a lot of my weight back. It's horrible My Dr had me get upper GI done to see if my pouch has expanded. It has not! But, I am able to eat larger meals then I used to. I know I have a grazing problem and have been working on that big time for a long while. But, no weight loss. Also, I am not exercising So, my question is this: Aside from getting back into a serious exercise plan what kind of FOOD plan should I use. I need structure so if I can follo
  2. Hi!! Thanks for writing me And yes we are ready to start a family. But, my health has to be first. For many reasons other then weight and childbearing.... As for the revision - my insurance isn't rejecting it. I have not even gotten to that point yet My surgeon won't do a revision unless I have a Fistula. I had the CT scan on Tuesday so I am hoping to know the results about the fistula and my hernia. I am blessed that my hubby works for Siemens (largest single employer in all of Europe last I heard) and so working for a big company like that we can get awesome health care. We
  3. How 'processed' is imatation crab? I know for the first month I would get SO sick eating anyting remotely processed.. Now, I am okay - but WHOA my first experience with that was AWFUL! Hubby and I are at Costco - they have food cooking stations and I tried what was supposed to be a true chicken nugget with next to no 'processing'. OMG. I could not run to the bathroom fast enough! And Costco is huge!
  4. Well, the grocery store is on my list of to-do's so I will find out As now I am cravig it and will get it hehhehehe
  5. When I had my RNY my surgeon said 6 months. Exactly 6 months. I was totally freaking out up until then. I was calling the office a few times asking if this was normal.... And at 6 months my hair did stop falling out. It is so strange how it is scientifically 6 months. Maybe different for others - but my surgeon tells everyone 6 months out and at six months I stopped losing hair! YAY!!
  6. Ditto... I love it too. But, I have not had it in a while and am not sure on the protein content? Now I am thinking about it and will probably get it on my next grocery store visit But, is the protein good for imatation crab? I hope it is!
  7. Oh, I do have the RNY. not the lapband. I put lap as a short for I had my surgery done laparoscopic not open...
  8. This is a concern for me as well. I know we would wait way past a few months to start trying. But, for women that are over 40 it could take me months and months to even get pregnant anyway. But, we would never take anything like this lightly and would wait until I am physically much better (losing most of the gained weight). And I am currently researching all over the place about women with RNY and pregnancy to see more results on 'when' to start trying after RNY for someone my age Things change SO dramatically (fertility wise) when you turn 40. Your chances of getting pregnant are
  9. Xan, No worries! I never thought your thoughts were mean at all or trying to discourage me from the revision I am the kind of person that wants to hear the truth of things whether I want to hear them or not. My surgeon did talk to me about going back to the basics. Measure out 5 ounces etc.... That I have no problem with (I say that now but after I start it I may disagree with myself! But, would going back to the basics work for someone who has enlarged their pouch so much? I guess that will be found out by doing the 5 day test... I am 5'x5" and honestly do not know my ex
  10. Carolanne, We have not tried to get pregnant yet.... I own my own business and due to the economy has taken a deep decline financially. So, I was SO successful and busy before that it just did not seem like the right time to get pregnant. Now I am trying to revive my business desperately. My husband is a senior mechanical engineer with Seimens (his specialty are gas turbines that run power plants). So, he travels A LOT. Months at a time sometimes. He is really gifted at what he does and he is also multilingual so that makes him in demand even more! But, I have no known infertili
  11. Thank you Xan I will definitely do the 5 day pouch test. I read a lot about here too. What I am now researching is about how soon can we start trying for a family after the revision. My husband is the best MAN on the planet and wants my health to be priority. He says I am his second half and he cannot imagine life without me How wonderful is he?!! I am so lucky Him being the best person, best husband and best friend would make me feel so devastated if I cannot get pregnant. Because of my grazing and regaining. I have a good friend who is a OBGYN and she has told me that
  12. Hi!! Okay, so I had my original lap RNY in December of 05. I have gained a significant amount of weight within the last 2 years. I do know a lot of it is from me grazing I work from home so it's easy - not an excuse though Went to see my surgeon last week for a few reasons. I feel like I have an ulcer and was pretty certain I have a large hernia. So, he put me on nexium and scheduled a CT scan and blood work. He did schedule the CT to see if I have a fistula as well as he thinks I 'may' have one due to my rapid weight gain. I did ask him about doing a revision of my original
  13. Well, I met with my surgeon Dr. Kim last week and his conclusion is that I do have a hernia. And it's not in a good location from what he 'felt'. He was pressing so hard on my hernia that it HURT a lot for the rest of the day And, he suspects I may have a fistula. I have regained a lot of weight in the last 1.5 years.... I just thought my pouch got a lot bigger due to the fact that I was NOT following the rules at all I asked him about doing a revision on my RNY and he said that because of the increased potential of having complications he does not do revisions. Unless it's for a
  14. Hi!! Kind if worried and scared here.... I posted below that my surgeon is certain I have a type of hernia that must be repaired. Not an optional hernia repair because of it's location. He also thinks I may have a fistula. He said he would have redo my RNY surgery. At first I was thrilled about the possibility of getting a revision so it can help me shed SO much weight I have gained back But, he is a very frank, stick to the facts kind of guy. He said the risks for post-op complications go up a lot rather then the first RNY. And, that the mortality rate goes up to 2% instea
  15. Hi! Well, I know I have a hernia in my upper abdomen area. My gastric surgeon says it could be at ring (called it something and for the life of me cannot remember where he is very certain it is). He also suspects a fistula due to other symptoms I am having. He ordered a CT scan for both. I read something just now online about someone getting a MRI to find a fistula. So, can a CT find a fistula? Or should I call my surgeons office and request a MRI instead? Thank you all so much
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