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  1. Today is my 43rd birthday and I can't believe how much this year has changed me. I am so grateful for this surgery.

  2. Aww. Thank you Cinwa!!!

  3. OMG!!! I just realized that my BMI now shows I'm only overweight and I am no longer obese.

  4. Finally broke this month long stall. Dropped 4 pounds....woo hoo!!! 170's here I come.

  5. How are you doing? I had the VSG the day before you did and I am stalled. How much weight have you lost since surgery? Have you had any problems?

  6. I have been totally stuck in the mid 180's for like 3 weeks. I have upped my protein and water and nothing. I'm starting to really get frustrated.

    1. Xeniak


      I know how you feel! if you have been doing everything right without any cheating i might have some bad advice for you.. make one day a bit higher calorie intake.. or a couple of days.. to get your body out of the routine of saving energy.. then get back on your diet hardcore and exercise :) its all so hard! this is a battle

    2. stephoria


      that is not bad advice at all...sometimes I skip my protein shakes for a few days even

  7. The Sheriff presented me with my new badge today and gave me the welcome to the team speech and the don't abuse your power speech too. Lol I didn't even mind the pictures. I was so proud of myself but I think it was more because I didn't mind the pictures. This surgery changes your life. No one at my new job knows I had it done.



      I feel so much more confident in myself!!!

    2. NewMeNow2010


      I am so very happy for you! That is just too awesome :) You must be thrilled!

    3. JuliaB
  8. What did your doctor say about your weight loss at your 3 month check up? I'm losing slowly also and would be interested in what he said. I don't have another checkup with my doc until November and I am worried that I'm not losing fast enough. Any information or advice he gave you would be greatly appreciated if shared....

  9. How are you doing? I had my surgery the day before you. I feel like I am losing really slowly. How much have you lost since the surgery? I am really struggling. It's hard to know what my stomach will allow me to eat some days. Are you having any problems with food at all?

  10. I'm in the 180's. I can't believe this...this is awesome!!!!

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    2. sylevans


      Congrats! I can't wait to be there soon, I hope!

    3. sylevans


      Congrats! I can't wait to be there soon, I hope!

    4. sunshine54


      Soooooo happy for you!!! I cant wait to see you at our next meeting!!! I HOPE that I will be able to tell you that I have my date by then :) Fantastic job young lady on your progress!!!

  11. How much weight have you lost since your sleeve? Not the pre-op weight loss but after. I'm losing really slowly.

  12. It seems to me that I am losing so slowly. I have a stall every other week. I'm going on 7 weeks post op and I've only lost 24 pounds. Trying not to get down on myself about it.

    1. Phatlady


      Reality check 24 pounds in 7 weeks is huge!

      I did an average of about 6-8 pounds a month looking back over my weight loss record for the first 14 months.

    2. gnaed


      That's more than 3 pounds a week. Could you have done that before?

    3. NewMeNow2010


      I could have gained 3 lbs a week before! LOL! Girl you are doing amazing!!!! You are in onederland!!!!!!!!!! Your weight loss is great, don't compare it to others, everyone loses at totally different rates with different amounts to lose and different plans to follow! :)

  13. Got the Sheriff's Dept. Job. They made the formal offer today and I accepted. I start in two weeks. Awesome!!!

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    2. MHall624
    3. lcrogers99



    4. sunshine54


      Congrats to you on your new job! My 2 Nephews are Sheriff's! So proud of them!!!

  14. I passed my physical for the Sheriffs job. My blood pressure was 129/79. That's awesome. I'm expecting them to make the formal job offer tomorrow!!

  15. Found out that I passed my background check for the Sheriff Dept job.....yeah! They called today and I have to go for a physical tomorrow. That's the last step before the job offer. I sure feel a lot better about the physical being 47 pounds lighter. I love my job now but this job is more money, more retirement, and a big step up in the County. Wish me luck!!!

  16. I'm 6 weeks out today and I'm stalled again. At least I'm under 199 pounds. Very frustrated with what I can eat. It seems that everything protein is making me sick...ugh! I can't survive off of cucumbers and mangos.

    1. NewMeNow2010


      So sorry to hear about the complications with protein :( maybe contact your NUT and see what some suggestions would be? Below 200 is AMAZING!!!! SO happy for you!

  17. Took my son to the Sacramento Airport so that he can go back to the Air Force. We had a nice visit. He will be deployed next month to the middle east, not too happy about that. Couldn't find anything to eat at the Airport that was healthy. Ordered a childs pinto bean/cheese/salsa burrito. Ripped it open and ate the insides. That worked!!

  18. First day back to work since the surgery and I definetly have to keep up on the eating. I get busy and forget. Some people said that I looked good and some gave you compliments that were really insults, if you know what I mean. Some people are just nasty and negative but since I hit a major goal this morning...I'm not going to let them bother me. I didn't get mad at all!!

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    2. Lyl


      good! afterall, it doesn't matter what other people think as long as you are happy with yourself!

    3. Ladybug sweets

      Ladybug sweets

      Ditto , congrats on your great milestone!!!!! People are nasty sometimes.

    4. Tray Tray

      Tray Tray

      Some people just don't know when to open and close their mouths! I find it kind of stressful when people ask how much have you lost now.. and I haven't even had the surgery yet.. :)

  19. OMG!!!!! I'm at 199.8 pounds.....I'm in wonderland being in onederland!!!

    1. Lyl


      OOOHHHHH.... is that what that means. I wasn't getting it lol

    2. Lyl


      OOOHHHHH.... is that what that means. I wasn't getting it lol

    3. Val


      Said the same thing yesterday...totally surprised to be at 199.7, onederland really hit me when I weighed again this morning at 197.4!!!! Wishing you continued success and many more pleasant scale surprises!!!

  20. Tomorrow I return to work after a month off. Went and bought a new lunch pail with different little storage containers and one soup container. I'm also making crust free quiches that are full of protein and freezing them so breakfast at work will be easy this week. I need to plan out my lunches and snacks now. I can do this. Any work lunch ideas?

    1. NewMeNow2010


      I've made crust free little quiches without surgery, yumo!! I use muffin pans, microwave one and eat it before work! Maybe some Greek yogurt for lunch??

    2. tfinster


      Look t the recipes on this site. They look awesome!

    3. LindseyL821


      yummm the quiche sounds good!

  21. I did go to the vitamin shop on Pelandale that you recommended and they were great. They have a really good selection of products. Thanks for the pointer.

    1. sunshine54


      Hello TBMODESTO

      Its been about 7 years since I met you at the Kaiser Bariatric Group meeting! Time sure flies!!! Just wanted to see how you are doing! It sure would be nice to have a Bariatric partner close by!!! Hope too hear from you!!!


  22. Today I am 1 month out. I go to see the Dr for my checkup tomorrow in Fresno. My tastebuds have changed. My favorite foods taste like crap. Sometimes my favorite smells can turn me off. At first this really depressed me and I was like what did I do to myself. Food gave me so much pleasure and that's why I'm fat...so now I chose to look at this as a blessing. Food doesn't have a hold on me anymore.

    1. Lori88


      Great Outlook!

  23. It's been 3 weeks today since my surgery. Still get really tired easily. Still having trouble figuring out what my pouch likes and don't likes. Sometimes just the smell of something can turn my pouch upside down and make me not want to eat. One thing my pouch likes is mangos.

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    2. Joyfulgirl


      Having WLS is like relearning how to eat. All the sudden things you loved before don't sit well. It's just trial and error. I was incredibly sensitive to smells at first but that went away with time.

    3. AmyLou428


      give yourself time...it took us time to put it on and it will take time to adjust :) you will get through it!



      Thanks guys.....

  24. I'm only 2 weeks out and I'm already at a stall?

    1. jessica_white


      i think i may be too.. im visiting my inlaws but im not feeling like im losing. we will see for sure when i get home friday.

    2. mego5dzgrc


      It happens to almost everyone about 2 weeks to a month out. Its just your body adjusting to your new digestive system. Don't worry, you'll start dropping weight very fast really soon.

  25. I made dinner for the kids last night and it is amazing how many times I had to stop myself from tasting. No wonder I got so damn fat. The truth is having the sleeve is a real eye opener in regards to food and how I have to be so mindful now.

    1. cinwa


      I did that more than once without even realizing it - ended up having to spit down the garbage disposal. Totally gross! LOL!



      Me too. My daughter took me to the store and I still had about 15 minutes before I could drink again and she handed me her water bottle and I took a swig without even thinking. I had to make her pull over so that I could spit it out. Not very lady like...lol

    3. tfinster


      For the first few days of my diet I kept going to refrigerator and opening door out of habit. Bout drove me crazy. I was shocked to realize how many times I use to go to the fridge.

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