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  1. Update: I really didn't think I was going to find anyone who has the reversal so I had given up on coming back. I'm glad I decided to check. To Runtly and OnaStarTrek I am so glad you both posted. Even though I don't wish complications on anyone, it's nice to know I am not alone. The article you linked Ona was very interesting. It's amazing how many things mentioned I am going through. To Kyra - not the gallbladder, I had that removed several years ago before the bypass. My weight loss has finally slowed down. I am now 11 pounds BELOW my goal weight, but I did make my goal very conservative. I just wasn't expecting to be at that weight in only 4 months. I am no longer taking all the nausea meds/suppositories. Is the nausea completely gone? no, just manageable. I truly believe the last endoscopy done was the biggest factor in helping. It was my 3rd time and even 3rd doctor doing it. The difference was two things; one - he was able to fully dilate me to normal size, and two - he injected four spots around where I was constantly restricted with steroids. After this I was able to start to eat softer foods without throwing them up or extreme pain. I still can not eat most meats without the pain... chicken and beef products being the worst. I have been able to eat some meats that come from pig like pork, ham and sausage. The funny thing is those were on the don't eat list you get from you nutritionist I'm guessing because of possible high fat content. Personally, I'm just happy I can eat any kind of meat at all. I still have days where I can't get any meats down without extreme pain. Even something that the day before went down okay can cause me extreme pain and even come back up the next day. The meats must be extremely tender and basically dissolve in my mouth. I feel like a cow how long I chew my meats. If it's not breaking down, I spit it out so I don't get the pain. My main diet still is soups, but I have found a rice dish that goes down well most of the time. As to vitamins, we are still keeping an eye on things. I am waiting right now for some levels to come back since they take up to 3 weeks for some of them to get reported back to my dr. My potassium as of right now is stable, but I really work at finding items that are high in potassium I can get down. Unfortunately, one of my favorite fruits bananas have still been trouble for me. And I am really missing salads and broccoli. I occasionally try to gnaw on one, but they usually cause my pain. I know the last time my vitamins came back besides the B1 or Thiamine being low, my vitamin A was now deficient. And my vitamin D levels were still in the okay range, but had dropped. One of the biggest problems I have now, is that I feel my IQ has dropped and I am sure that it is related to my vitamin levels. I have trouble remembering things or coming up with things. I tend to stutter trying to come up with the word I'm looking for or even what I was saying in the first place. For me this has been very frustrating especially when I am at the doctors, because I think of something I want to ask AFTER I leave the office. The other main problem I am having now, is that my back pain has increased. In the link Ona provided it mentioned weakness and leg problems. I am so weak right now sometimes opening doors is a chore. I went to see back specialist and he said all my movements were 70% decreased range of motion. When they tried to raise my legs, they would feel like numbness and shock radiating down them. He had them do and MRI of my low back and it turns out I now have a tear in my L4-L5 area and leaking fluid. He believes this is most likely caused from all the sitting I have been doing since surgery and even before surgery. Any walking or even typical motions like cleaning the house cause me pain and severe headaches. I am seeing a physical therapist, but I am so inflamed we are just working on trying to get that down, which is hard since they want me on an anti-inflammatory and those all are NSAIDS which bypass patients are suppose to avoid since they can cause ulcers. So at this time, I am still wishing I had not done the surgery. I am not attempting at this time to have it reversed...but it's still a possibility for the future. It will depend on whether my vitamin levels can stabilize and if I continue to progress with my eating. Though I am glad I am not dry heaving 24 hours a day anymore, the not knowing how much pain will I be in today when I eat is hard and I don't want to be dealing with that for the rest of my life. I am still giving it time and since my weight loss has slowed I do have more time. Thanks again for the responses. I wish everyone the best in whatever troubles they are going through.
  2. Still looking for someone who has had a reversal/revision to their gastric bypass. I appreciate the couple of people who responded. Unfortunately, this isn't a case of just a little nausea. I have undergone 3 endoscopies now with a stricture each time. I am now down 80 pounds in a little over 3 months which comes down to around 25 pounds a month. If this continues I will be under 100 pounds in 2 months. I have been trying everything to be able to eat solid foods including acupuncture. I have been deficient in Potassium and Thiamine and have been given Thiamine drips. I try to take my vitamins and eat, but most of the time it comes right back up... and sometimes its very painful. And no its not because I am eating wrong foods. I mainly eat soup broths with a few noodles or mushy potatoes. I have not given up on the surgery... yet, but I like to be informed. If by the end of this month, I am still loosing almost a pound a day I will need to seriously think about reversal/revision. That's why I want to find someone who has had this done. So I can ask some questions so I am informed. It's a stupid person who waits til too late to ask the questions. Unfortunately, it appears anyone who has had this done stops coming to these forums and I have tried searching other sites for answers too. to obchargegirl - I am so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I hope they can find a way to help you, but with what I have been through with Dr.s I suggest you make sure you get second and even third opinions. If it wasn't for a nurse advocate that is a friend of my sisters, I would still be vomitting 24 hours a day. My surgeon didn't think I needed an Endoscopy and it turns out I did. So don't be afraid to go elsewhere for advice. Good luck.
  3. Hi there, I am in need of some serious information from someone who has had gastric bypass then had it reversed. In particular, I am looking for someone who had it reversed because of severe nausea/vomiting. I need to know if after the reversal the nausea went away and if there are still vitamin deficiency issues with it. I have done everything to make this nausea/vomiting better. 2 Endoscopies, ct scans, Fenzian treatments, nausea medicines, and I will be trying acupuncture this coming week. I am down over 70 pounds in a little over 2 months and am 17 pounds away from my goal. I can only keep liquids down and when I try to move up to things like applesauce they come back up and I have pain. The nausea is 24 hours a day with dry heaves the worst in the morning. So far the only blood work that is down is Thiamin and Potassium. I got my Potassium up a little by drinking gatorade and they just gave me a Thiamin drip at my Endoscopy today. But I am worried that things will only get worse since I can't keep things down and am eating so little. I am still trying to work through this nausea, but this is really no way to live and if I keep loosing weight at this rate it will become very dangerous as well as the health risks of me not getting the nutrients I need. So if anyone has had the reversal or knows of someone that has, I would love to hear from them. Thanks for reading my story.