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  1. you know, I saw the earlier post and I wasn't going to reply.... because I feel like I have a special set of circumstances.... at least that's what I am telling myself........ IT FAILED or I did, big time.... I didn't want to discourage anyone who is thinking of having it, because maybe Im not the right person to compare with? I did have it done, and all went well.....Dr said he tightened everything up with lots of stiches. After surgery, I was on liquid only for 35 days.... and in that time, there wasn't any hunger to speak of... It wasnt a intense as the first around. Im sure I had only 300-400 calories a day, usually one protein shake, maybe 2.... All I had was protein shakes and soup. I lost 14 pounds in that time. But, for me...Once I started on solid food again, I started gaining ...... and have gain back the 14 pounds I lost,. ( in about 2.5 months now) My circumstances are this.... 2 yrs now I have been dealing with no thyroid, lost it to cancer. And my TSH levels are really on & off, and Im just not feeling right.... so I think that is partially why this revision really did nothing for me... I swear that there is something wrong, I don't eat enough to gain that much.... I don't eat perfectly either.......... I have yet to find a Dr who will do more tests to figure this out........ I am eating less than before... sometimes I can eat more, some days less.... I wish I could share a success story with you......... just beyond frustrated.
  2. Im going to Brigham & Womens for the Revision actually - Dr Thompson is doing it.
  3. Well, seems like there isn't too many of us out there yet? The opening at the bottom of my stoma is 3 times as big as they like to see it, so food is just passing through way too fast. Hence, hungry more often. Top that off with the removal of my thyroid due to cancer. So my Apollo Overstich surgery done endoscopically has been scheduled to Nov 9..2016 ! Will keep all posted. Still hoping to hear from others that may have had this procedure done? 45 days of liquids ONLY after the surgery... that in itself, should cause a significant weight loss......... Gonna miss Thanksgiving dinner though !
  4. Just had my endoscopy yesterday, and its been confirmed that the opening from my pouch to the intestine is too big. Next step, consult on the Overstitch procedure. Not til April 11, 2016. Would love to hear from anyone else that has had this procedure done???
  5. Just checking in to see if anyone else out there has had this type of revision? Im looking into it myself. I have my first appt next week. I lost my thyroid due to cancer last yr, and have put on 25 pounds in that yr. I didnt lose all my weight after gastric bypass. Lowest weight was 174. Now its getting up there again. Now with no thyroid, and I turned 51 this year, menopause is just around the corner! Hello weight gain! Wondering the success rate of a revision?
  6. I've recently started taking a thyroid medication, due to surgery to remove my thyroid because of cancer. But one of the side effects is insomnia. I was wondering what sleeping medication is best for us to take? Im close to 3 yrs post surgery. I've tried the OTC stuff, like melatonin, nyquil, stuff like has the opposite effect, keeps me even more awake!! I hate to start taking sleeping pills, but Im starting to get desperate. Help !! Kim
  7. I have a girlfriend who had gastric bypass surgery about 4 yrs ago. She says her Dr gives her a prescription for her multi vitamin and Iron........ She pays like 38cents through her insurance vs my $80+ a month for my bariatric advantage stuff. Im not 100% convinced that she is getting the right stuff, but her blood work is good she says. Thoughts? If anyone has a precscription, can you tell me what its called? Dosage?
  8. Morning all! I have a girlfriend in Canada who has been having a hard time with buying her vitamins, and I think buying them online is her best option. What Canadian Websites do you use? I know the USA ones, because I use them, but they can cause all kinds of problems, with high shipping costs, as well as excise and duty taxes. Most of the time its just not worth it for her. Any suggestions?
  9. Sandy, We certainly have somewhat similar stories. However, I did not have any issues with my thyroid. My levels were fine, no idea what they were, because up until this point, I had no reason to really care? ....however as for it effecting my weightloss, no idea, and I did not get down past 174. Losing just stopped for me. and now gaining a little here and there. Thats why I am more worried about gaining more weight! As for the thyroid surgery, it was pretty easy. Its a day surgery. I had it on a thursday morning around 10 and I was home by 4 pm, and I took friday off and saturday and sunday and was back to work monday. Your neck is still a little sore, but not bad, a little hard to swallow like a sore throat. They prescribed me 40 percosets!(sp?) I didnt even fill the prescription, I just took Extra strength tylenol. Now, I dont have any little kids running around, so it was easy to relax. I work from home, so again, was easier than if I had to go into the office. I tend to tollerate pain pretty well. I listen to what I am told to do, and do it. Just like all the rules before and after GBS. The liquid bandage is just starting to come off my incision now. It does not look pretty, let me tell you. But I still have "purple" on my neck under that bandage from the marker, so until it comes off, I cant tell 100%. There are no stitches on the outside. Hope that helps a little ! Kim
  10. I had 1/2 my thyroid taken out 13 days ago.... because I had a large nodule on the right side. An earlier biopsy came back inconclusive, so it was recommended they take out half oy my thyroid instead of the whole thing, that way no medication would be needed. Got the nodule tested... hoped it would come back clean. But it was not to be, its cancer, so I will be going back to have the rest of my thyroid taken out in about 10 weeks. I need to heal completely from the first surgery. UGH what a pain, I took the chance and lost.... so be it. Its very treatable, so Im not so worried about that... more about gaining weight !! Good luck to you
  11. Anyone have input into Thyroid medication after gastric bypass? Does the surgery effect dosage? I am meeting with the endicrinologist tomorrow, and my fear, and yes I will mention it to that she has no clue about gastric bypass and the medications, or how they are absorbed. I may be wrong, but I thought I would ask. Thanks Kim
  12. Update - Well, I ended up having suregry and taking out only half my thyroid, because the biopsy was "inconclusive"... my surgeon said why take out the whole thing if we are not sure? There was no right answer, other than some of it had to come out because of the large nodule. ONce the nodule was out they send out for more advance testing. Yesterday, I got my results. I have thyroid cancer, and now I must go back and have a 2nd surgery to remove the rest of my thyroid. UGH what a pain! After that, I will be given a dose of radioactive idodine to kill any other cancer & thyoid cells that may be left. Its a very treatable cancer, and almost 100% success rate, so Im not too worried. But I will have to start thyroid medication and take for the rest of my life.
  13. I was recently diagnosed with a large nodule and several small nodules in my thyroid and now I scheduled for surgery to remove my thyroid.... anyone out there had to get their thyroid removed after gastric bypass? I am close to 3 yrs post op now.... Im worried about how the medications will work because of my bypass surgery... weight gain hormones, you name it. Anyone have their thyroid out?? Issues?
  14. Cinwa - I did pick up a Super B complex vitamin pill..from NatureMade. Then I was looking at my Bariatric Advantage multi vitamin, because I need to order more along with my iron pills, and I noticed that my Multi - has Complete B complex in it, the label says: Complete Multi formula, with 1000 IU VitD3, Complete B Complex, and essential trace minerals.... The back shows B1 400%, B2 200%, B6 200%, & B12 1667%... anyway, now Im thinking I shouldnt be taking another B Complex separate from my Multi... Thoughts?
  15. I have recently been diagnosed with a large nodule in my thyroid gland, and I am now scheduling my surgery to have my thyroid removed completely. (The biopsy was inconclusive for cancer, but because of its large size, we are taking out regardless) Anyone else have there thyroid totally removed? Issues? Weight gain? I am also wondering about medications, since I will be on them for the rest of my life. Hope someone has something to share. I am 2 yrs post gastric bypass surgery. Kim