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    New Bedford, Ma
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    I love to do lots or crafts. I always love to meet new people. I am interested how I will look once this whole journey really begins..
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    Dr Colacchio
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    Tobey Hospital
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  1. Nikki2629

    Post Op

  2. Nikki2629

    San Fransisco

    OMG.. you are amazing..
  3. Thank you guys so much.. I have been trying to update my pics but the gallery always says my pics are to big. But when I resize them they are so tiny.. lol I cant win.. I am doing ok. I just went to my 3 month check up (even though I am closer to 4 months) and Doc says evrything is good. Which is a huge surprise to me cause I am struggling w EVERYTHING.. But all my labs were good. I have not been working out at all and I am slacking on alot. I have good days and bad days...
  4. Nikki2629


    U look amazing..
  5. Hey, how have you been?? You are hardly ever on anymore, Just checking in.

    1. Nikki2629


      Hello. I know, I am a very bad patient. I am down 110 pds. I hit my 1 year anniversary on Sunday. I am not taking vitamins or ANYTHING.. Ugggh.

  6. I have really been slacking with new pics.
  7. Hey friends. I have not been behaving as well as I am supposed too.. =( I am down 58 pds. Yippee..

    1. ciwi04


      Congrats hun!

    2. DGV


      congrats keep up the good work !!

    3. SlimSmitty


      58 pounds is awesome!!!! :D

  8. Nikki2629


    U look so TINY... and beautiful as usual
  9. Nikki2629

    No caption

    Your face is so beautiful. love this pic..
  10. do u still have the same phone number?

  11. hi babe how u doing??

  12. Hello sorry it took me awhile to get back to you.. So your from NB too that is so cool. I am now a little more than 3 months out. I have lost 58 pds so far. I am not doing anything right though. I dont take my vitamins all the time or drink protein. i dont know what my problem is. It is nice to meet you. ")

  13. I had the same surgeon as you I am also from NB :)

  14. How are you doing Nikki?