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    I love to do lots or crafts. I always love to meet new people. I am interested how I will look once this whole journey really begins..
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    Dr Colacchio
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  1. Nikki2629

    Post Op

  2. Nikki2629

    San Fransisco

    OMG.. you are amazing..
  3. Nikki2629

    A Little Over 3 Months Out..

    Thank you guys so much.. I have been trying to update my pics but the gallery always says my pics are to big. But when I resize them they are so tiny.. lol I cant win.. I am doing ok. I just went to my 3 month check up (even though I am closer to 4 months) and Doc says evrything is good. Which is a huge surprise to me cause I am struggling w EVERYTHING.. But all my labs were good. I have not been working out at all and I am slacking on alot. I have good days and bad days...
  4. Nikki2629

    Right before surgery and surgery day

  5. Nikki2629


    U look amazing..
  6. Nikki2629

    A Little Over 3 Months Out..

    I have really been slacking with new pics.
  7. Nikki2629


    U look so TINY... and beautiful as usual
  8. Nikki2629

    No caption

    Your face is so beautiful. love this pic..
  9. What does this mean???? I am so frustrated. I can't upload any new pics. HELPPPPP!!! Please. =)
  10. For some reason I can NOT for the life of me get these to upload on my profile I am so frustrated. No matter how small I make them it still says to big. I have contacted John and I have gotten no reply. So if anyone knows how to fix this prob please please help me. I haven't been on in awhile cause I cant update my pics. I have more too.. Thanks Friends..
  11. Nikki2629

    Do you have a Blogspot??

    I followed everyone. I am still new to blogging. But I really like it. I think it is cool to follow other people and see a little bit into there lives and I don't feel so alone with all my struggles. I have to figure out how to add some progression photos even though I haven't progressed to much.. Lol
  12. Nikki2629

    Do you have a Blogspot??

    Hello my friends.. I was just curious to see how many people on here have a blogspot blog. I know a couple of people have there url in there signatures. I have one and am looking for new people to follow. I am not a very good blogger but I try.. Lol
  13. Nikki2629

    any new post op's here?

    Hey, I am so psyched we have the same date... I have been looking for a surgery buddy but everyone around my date was done a few days before me.. Lol How are you doing? I am hanging in there. It is really hard mentally more than anything. In my opinion. I am trying to get all my liquids in but I cant seem to find something I like drinking enough to get to 64oz. I have tried a ton of different sf drinks and nothing thrills me so far. It is a working progress I guess.. Well it is really nice to meet you. Welcome.. Nikki
  14. Nikki2629

    stress, sadness, and trasfer addictions

    Hey Xan, I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad. I can't imagine how hard that must be. I of all people know how easy it is to cope with the pain but using pills. Like another poster said Try not to let them put you on methadone. As a few people know I am currently on it and it does allow me to live comfortably BUT it is harder to kick than the actual pills them self. I am only on 5 mg. But if I were to stop cold turkey I would probably withdraw for 2 weeks to 3 months. Everyone is different. I wish I would have know all the facts before I started. I am bringing myself slowly off of it but at some point I will have to withdraw. Even if it is only 1mg. I think a lot of it is mental too. Well for me anyway. Once you get used to doing something whether it is good or bad it is hard to stop. When you try to quit you physically get sick and at that point you have to keep doing it just to feel "Normal". I am sorry all of this has happened to you. But you are a strong person and it will get better. At least you know that you have a problem and you are addressing it. A lot of people who get addicted to pain meds don't think they are addicted because they have real pain. Well it doesn't matter how you got addicted once you are you will have pain when you try to stop and I don't think they understand that. My worst problem when I went into withdrawal was I could not sleep and I felt like I was trapped in my own body. It is a horrible feeling and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. My thoughts are with you. Any questions you have please feel free to ask. (((((((( HUGS)))))))))) Nikki xoxoxoxo
  15. Nikki2629

    Back in the saddle again...

    I am so excited I have my friend back again.. Lol yippee