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  1. I've crept up by 10 pounds in the past year. I swore I wouldn't go over 150, then I swore I wouldn't go over 155 and now I'm swearing I won't go over 160. I now totally understand when a "skinny" person says, "if I could just lose five pounds, I'd feel so much better." Five pounds off would stop cutting off the circulation in my waist!! Five pounds off would get rid of the muffin top (not all of it, some is skin). Looking back 10 pounds, I realize that I was probably a bit too thin (hubby complained, friends commented, doctor asked when I was going to stop) and that's when I started to gain a bit. That's also when I realized that my cravings had changed - I was NEVER a salty snacker - always sugary. Now it's the opposite because I dump (although not terribly) on candy and cakes. So just llike "4me", I can't wait to get back on the roads and WALK, WALK, WALK and do some heavy duty gardening. Oh and get rid of the Stacy's Pita Chips - Stacy is BANDED from my house!!
  2. No tips. Just reality. I'm right there with you, Trish. I put on 11 pounds since my lowest weight and I feel it in my waist. I seriously want to start wearing elastic waist pants again, but force myself to button everyday to remind me where I am. I know I need to really start listening to my body, including my pouch, which still works. I just have to remember how good it felt on the way down and how those pounds just sneak up on you on the way up. I've got to get back to basics!! Weigh/measure/count, protein-protein-protein, fluids, detox from carbs. I need to get through this one more holiday. Next real holiday is Fourth of July (not counting Mothers/Fathers Day) Spring weather is here which means gardening and walking and FEELING like exercising. I wish you hope and a new beginning this Spring. Wrap your head around the new you and keep on plugging along!! Be aware!!
  3. I've been wearing the "Genie Bra" which I like better than the "Ah Bra" but mostly just under t-shirts and at home. However, my favorite bra is Maidenform 07549. It's pretty, it has an underwire, it holds up the girls and covers the underarm bulge.
  4. June, there are days that my little pouch is so small that I can't get past the first three bites at some meals. Still haven't figured that out yet and it's 18 months out! And I still have major problems with just plain water, so Martee, I'm envious of you for drinking 44 oz before 11 am. If you ladies have not tried the Medeterrianian turkey patties and you like spicy stuff, you must give them a try. YUM!! That's what got me through the third day. Those recipes that come with the 5DPT are actually pretty good but some of them I modified because they seemed very high in fat. June, you need to get some variety, just like you said. Martee, you have my permission to kick your DH in the knees for suggesting PH and BK!! Don't you have a subway or a Wendy's? At least you could have had chili. Oh and Charley horses can be caused by dehydration, although probably not your issue. I was told that a spoonful of yellow mustard takes the cramp away. I tried it and it worked for me for about 10 minutes but then I realized I was dehydrated so drank a gatorade. Jazzercise TWICE in one day?? Good for you. Too friggin hot in NJ to do anything!
  5. I'm the same way. I can walk on the treadmill next to my friend and we will go at exactly the same pace (and we weigh about the same) and she will be dripping in a matter of minutes. 30 minutes later I'm not even moist. Glad to hear that sweat is not an indicator of intensity. I used to hate to sweat. The only time I do now (since surgery) is if I'm out working in the garden on a very hot day, but only my head and neck. Go figure. I will say that I know I'm dehydrated when I start to get lightheaded so I've been using the low calorie Gatorade to rehydrate quickly.
  6. When I know I need to get back on track, I come to Thinner Times and find Martee!!! in the same predicament as me!!! Too late for me to start the 5DPT BUT I will put down those pretzels!! I'm proud of you all doing this. I can only get to day three and then it seems like I'm eating the same as before the test. I think we should start a TWO Day Pouch Test! LOL. Hope you gals do well!! And glad to see you.
  7. This has been said before on the boards, so I can't take credit, but it is the funniest thing ever said. I went from a 42D to a 36 Long!! Seriously though, they are now the same size as they were 30 years ago and healthy and happily swinging to and fro! A good bra helps.
  8. Day one almost under my belt. I've felt famished all day! What's with that?? Protein shake for breakfast and lunch, home made pea soup with quinoa for dinner, SF/FF pudding with protein powder for later. Walked 1/2 hour on treadmill twice today and also did weights. Been peeing all day!. Tomorrow will be a bit more difficult. I'll have to plan tonight what to bring with me on the road. Doable!! How's everyone else?
  9. So Day One begins with a large cup of decaf coffee (with sugar free coffee creamer) Now working on a double chocolate protein shake with one cup of skim milk. Plan on drinking as much water as I can, although water and I just don't agree. Probably do Crystal Lite.
  10. Just came on to find my last thread when I did this back in January. I'm starting on the 23rd also. OH CRAP!! That's tomorrow!!! Seriously, I'm ready to do this. I've got plenty of protein powder in the house so I know I can at least do the first couple of days without going shopping. Good luck ladies!!
  11. When I first started looking into WLS everything I read said I needed to be 100 pounds overweight. When I figured it out I thought 100 lbs seemed to be too much for me and decided on 150 since I thought I was 5'6" tall. My surgeon has me at 5'4" and my PCP has me at 5'5". 148 was what I weighed at age 30. Surgeon never gave me a goal. So my first goal was 150, then 145. For the past five months I've vasilated between 146 and 149. I'm guessing that 15months after surgery, this is it!! I've been exercising and watching what I eat and can't seem to budge at all. I'm thinking that at my age I need to be satisfied and comfortable at this weight. Size 8-10 pants depending on cut. Brain would love to be 135 but don't think my body wants that. So here I stay.
  12. I went shopping at my grocery store with my husband the other day. I sent him down a different isle to pick up some cans of refried beans. It took him 10 minutes to find me. He told me I needed to wear those bright yellow/green vests so he could spot me.
  13. AnnetteNJ

    heart attack

    WOW. That must have been very scary!! The only thing I can say is that the "damage was done" pre-surgery and it's something that would probably have been worse had you not lost the weight. I'm glad that you took the steps to actually go to the hospital and happy you are on the road to recovery!! Good luck!
  14. Well, well, well!! There ARE people in my boat. I guess we have to get this boat rocking!! I'm almost 15 months out and I've flucuated between 147 and 149.8 (once I was 150 but I WON'T count that) for the past three months. I do get VERY, VERY hungry and have found myself grazing an awfull lot! I also now understand when "normal" people say they can tell when they gain a pound or two. I DO feel it in my pants. Amazing. There are days when I eat my basic foods - greek yogurt, refried beans, etc. that I do feel like it's not going down or going to stay down. But then a skirt steak will just slide right down. I also have been exercising (weights, classes) or walking at least three times a week and since it's gardening time, I'm out there all the time. My surgeon, at my one year visit, told me that if I have to bust my butt constantly exercising and eat minimally and it's not a quality of life that I can sustain, then I'm probably "done" losing weight. Not happy with that and really want to reach 145, even if it's for a nano-second, but I will make sure I don't go over 150, no matter what it takes. I'm learning more about "dumping" and realize that, for me, dumping is sweating, increased palpitations, dizziness and lightheadedness. NOT what I thought it would be - diarrhea, vomiting. So I really have to pay attention and STOP eating those things that make me feel that way. My "head" has still not caught up with my body. I still see the "fat" in places that always had it. AND I really need to figure out what my body is supposed to look like at 60 years old. I can't expect it to be shaped like a 30 year old me. Not going to happen. I need to be satisfied with what I've got - wrinkled loose skin and all. Off to the gym then a long walk and some gardening later. This IS my new life!!
  15. I started this thread in the beginning of the year. You'll find some good points, tips, recipes and support as well as links to other sites. You just reminded me that I need to do this again. I find it best to start on a Monday so that you can schedule your food and time better. As for the Tuscan Chicken and White Bean soup, I'd say go ahead because it's only for a day. But I will say homemade is sooooo much better. I'll be starting this next Monday. Good luck.